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St. Valentine’s day: ideas for beauty salon


The beauty market loves holidays. Happy customers mean satisfied clients. More and more people visit beauty salons to treat themselves, get a nail or hair service, etc. It is the most effective way to relax.

As a beauty salon owner, you have to pay attention to this detail. If clients like holidays, offer them a handy option to celebrate in your SPA or waxing salon. Just try, and you'll see the difference.

Today, we'll talk about the Day of eternal love and how to market it well. So keep reading to dive into the beauty salon marketing and St. Valentine's selling ideas. It'll be fun!

There are several ways to market a beauty salon in 2022. We have written an article about the best salon marketing tips. Make sure to read it to learn more about handy selling hacks. The main are: discounts; special offers, collaborations, targeted ads.

Beauty salon clients enjoy engaging visual content. So, decorate your salon, paying attention to details. Make sure to be creative and never copy competitors.

First and foremost is to present your salon online. Smart SMM and targeted ads are essential. Once you submit the salon on the Internet, your first customers will find you. Then maintain the aesthetic picture by constant posting and quality content. Also, don't forget about about beauty salon online appointments.

St. Valentine's Day: marketing value

Saint Valentine's Day is the second-biggest marketing holiday after Christmas. Customers have already spent a lot on Christmas presents. They had the whole of January to rest from the shopping craze. So naturally, February is the perfect time to get more practical, and not much, stuff. Beauty and related services are also at the TOP.

Couples would be happy to get an attractive certificate for their beloved. Singles would joyfully relax in a beauty salon enjoying the self-care day. The main thing to remember is to offer your clients the chance to celebrate St. Valentine's Day in your salon.

Some business owners still don't pay enough attention to the international Day of lovers. That's wrong. Valentine's Day is the ultimate solution to attract clients to the beauty salon and increase your profit. Use this lovely holiday for your benefit. We'll show you how to do it effectively.

Top-10 Valentine's marketing tips to attract clients

Now, let's see how to prepare your beauty salon for the main lovers' Day. It is fascinating and not too complicated. We've collected ten tips you can use all together or separately. Let's get started!

Top-10 beauty salon Valentine's Day marketing tips

  1. Decorate a beauty salon the way it looks festive. An attractive look is the best ad. So spend some time selecting colorful Valentine's photo zones, creative decor, and pleasant trifles to make your beauty studio look as romantic as possible.

  2. Digital marketing is beneficial, and the traditional one is crucial. Unfortunately, some beauty salon owners forget about leaflets, outside decorations, and other conventional marketing hacks. Be smarter. Use marketing at its full power. The best to do is to set up some Valentine's Day-themed ads outside, hand out leaflets, and other stuff.

  3. Create sets of services. The 14th of February is the perfect chance to treat yourself. Offer your visitors pleasant sets of the most popular services, such as manicure + pedicure, with a 14% discount. It will be festive and will boost your sales. Also, make sure to create special offers for male and female guests. Women often buy gift certificates for their BFs and husbands. Offer them some choice to make the most of Valentine's Day.

    Good marketing point: Create sets of the most popular and lux services. The clients will love the first, and the second will widen clients' choices. As usual, customers rarely choose luxury services. So make your guests try them.

  4. Offer sets of products. Same as services, goods sets are pretty helpful. Usually, clients don't want to waste much time on gift selection. Prepare them 'ready to present' collections and voilà! Just keep it simple. There is no point in uniting too complicated products. Customers can ignore the offer, as they won't understand its benefits.

  5. Vouchers. We've already mentioned that clients enjoy simplicity – especially men. So offer your guests gift cards to present them to their beloved. You may also include a discount for some services in the offer. It is the perfect idea to attract those who'd like to present vouchers and those who want smart savings.

  6. Collaboration with local businesses. There are many coffee shops, flower places, and other joy-related spaces. Why not work together? This tip requires good coordination, but it's worth it.

  7. Advertise. Easy tip, right? The more people know about your services, the better the income. Launch advertising campaign 2-3 weeks before the 14th of January. Prepare your online audiences for a holiday, encourage them to visit you, and enjoy a self-care day at your beauty salon.

  8. Work with Influencers. Trustworthy bloggers can influence your business positively. Collaborate with beauty experts online. Allow them to be honest. It excites people. The 4.5-star review with objective facts is much better than a 5-star with a sweet lie. Stand out by being authentic while working with influencers. It is a good tool for success.

  9. Offer your guests coffee or tea with a piece of aesthetic cake. They will be happy to try the treats and share the photos on their social media. Free ads and a good reputation are guaranteed.

  10. Use email-marketing. Email your clients about the upcoming events. Inform them and make sure your loyal audience feels special. So effortless, so cool.

Pro-tip: Use Valentine's Day to attract couples and singles. Many of them hate this holiday because of too many romantic ads and couple-related stuff. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't advertise. Just make it brilliant. The idea of 'self-care my day' is a perfect opportunity to treat every guest. We all need love. It is the basic need. Love for someone or yourself. It doesn't matter.

Salon software for St. Valentine's Day marketing

Beauty salons are pretty famous, so the competition is enormous. However, salon software helps to stand out by simplifying the booking process. According to statistics, salons that offer online appointments are more popular than those that book via phone.

People don't want to waste time and call to get the service. It is much easier to look for a salon online and to make an online appointment in a few clicks.

CRM software deals with online appointments, staff scheduling, business analytics, etc.

We want to present you EasyWeek salon software to serve small and midsize businesses. We've already got a lot of satisfied clients. It makes us move forward. Every day the EasyWeek team works to get better results, so higher revenue for our clients.

Sometimes, it is beneficial to work with a startup as the team knows the path and all the pitfalls. We care about every customer and offer the best not to profit from it. Business is business, but we'd like to grow the successful EasyWeek family.

Our users use the service for marketing aims too. You can create marketing emails, notifications, and other handy helpers utilizing the software. They are good to use daily and for holidays like Valentine's Day.

EasyWeek salon software offers:

  • Online appointments.

  • Website, widget, and a booking link.

  • Staff scheduling.

  • Business analytics.

  • Real-life online calendar.

  • Instant-search client base.

  • Reminders for staff and clients.

There are no hidden payments. You won't even have to pay for website creation. Usually, it is an additional service, which we've managed to make accessible for our users.


St. Valentine's Day is the second marketing event after Christmas. The beauty market should use this handy opportunity to attract new clients and boost sales.

The best you can do right now is decorate your beauty studio, prepare handouts, and advertise your parlor online. Traditional + Digital marketing is the ultimate duo to increase any business sales.

Always remember about your audience. You are working not only for couples but also for singles. So, advertise this Day as a lovers day for couples and a 'Me Day" for singles. And, remember, to optimize your salon for the upcoming customer flow. Try for free EasyWeek salon software to boost sales as effectively as possible.

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