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Instagram highlight ideas for beauty

Beauty salon promotion via social networks

Instagram is a powerful platform to promote any service in 2022. Because of the prolonged quarantine, customers would like to get professional beauty experiences via fast and comfortable online appointments. In addition, online booking minimizes any contact, saving health and nerves.

Most beauty salon clients spend a lot of time on the Internet. So engage them into your profile to turn followers into actual clients. According to the statistics, many salons that maintain Instagram profiles are more successful than studios that don't pay attention to this platform.

You can start an account by yourself or delegate the SMM tasks to one of the workers. But then, it would be perfect for investing in professional social media marketing.

There is plenty of aesthetic stuff your audience may find attractive. After choosing a concept, develop the account according to the main idea.

It is better to ignore giveaways as they spoil statistics. It happens so because many people will automatically unfollow your account after you announce the winner. There are many analogs of classic giveaways. You should also pay attention to the number of users that unfollow you daily. When you notice too many "unsubscribe," change content to increase the attraction. Remember, that beauty salon Instagram strategy has to stay flexible to be effective.

Perfect beauty salon Instagram

Let's see what to do after creating a profile on Instagram.

  1. Fill in the profile data. Stay laconic and professional. Talking about the bio section, make sure it shows the services you provide. Then it'd be perfect for adding their photos and pricing in highlights.

    NB! Don't overuse direct messages. For example, creating a highlight with all the prices is preferable to tell it to every user separately.

  2. Choose a style you want to keep, follow it. This way, an account will look like one whole.

  3. Post at least twice per day. It's best to offer your followers 2 or 3 posts daily, and more can be too much. Posting less may also negatively influence the profile – usually, salons post in the morning and the evening.

  4. Add informative highlights. They will help increase coverage as many users will gladly look for salon services and prices online.

Usually, beauty studios highlight:

  • Services;

  • Prices;

  • Team;

  • Location;

  • Works.

How to create perfect Instagram highlights for a beauty salon in 2022

The flawless highlight starts with the cover. You can choose a single style of covers or catchy photos – both options are equally effective.

However, some SMM experts claim that using your photos is beneficial as a salon account will stand out. It makes sense. Mostly, salons use aesthetic covers, which can be too standard for 2022. However, if a studio is minimalistic, why not. Colorful photos can damage the account's concept.

Then the highlight itself. There are no doubts it has to be of good quality and correspond to the profile idea. After all, the account has to sell your services, so talk about them.

  1. Use storytelling

    Telling a story is a trend. Do you think you have nothing to talk about? What about beauty routines, advice from experts, some products you sell, new services, trends, issues, etc. There is so much stuff to mention.

  2. Provoke reaction

    Make followers react. It is as simple as that. Ask them to send you an emoji to describe their mood, work, favorite movie, and so on. This way, the network will notice that people interact with your account.

  3. Promote your personal/ salon brand

    Personal or salon branding is a handy tool to increase clients' loyalty. Tell your followers who you are, your values, fears, and issues. Being honest is essential. Your salon will get followers and clients if the audience feels a good vibe.

How to transform followers into clients

  • Talk to the audience and ask them to respond.

  • Keep your idea and concept.

  • Prepare special offers.

  • Be proud of your clients and show it in highlights.

  • Post daily.

  • Use highlights effectively.

  • Develop quality competitions and collaborations.

  • Involve trustworthy influencers.

Start using the marketing power of Instagram right now! As you may notice, there is nothing complicated. Once you feel good about your profile, add an effective booking channel. EasyWeek is ready to help you connect online appointments. Remember, they double salon chances in the competition and increase your revenue.

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