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Salon naming: ideas for cosmetology business


The cosmetology niche is a rather promising one. Beauty salon customers like different beauty treatments. So a cosmetology salon that offers professional services has high chances for success. Sure, if its owners understand how to maintain the studio.

On the one hand, a cosmetology studio has many benefits. Clients come to the salon to get various services. Almost everyone enjoys beauty routines. Especially after the Covid-19 lockdowns. On the other hand, the demand has created active competition.

There are several ways to stand out. One of the best is a mix of quality services and smart marketing. In this article, we'll see how to stand out from the crazy competition by original business name. Yes, the name matters!

Many business people choose their project names pretty fast – they ignore details. It can work, but in most cases, clients go to the salons with catchy names. The beauty industry has its own rules. Selecting a unique business name is one of them.

Sure, you can! Name generators are powerful tools to select a lovely beauty salon name. However, they often offer weird and outdated solutions. So make sure to check the name you get well. Anyway, name generators can help when naming a beauty business.

No, you don't. A person has to finish high school then obtain a cosmetologist certification. Medical education is a plus, but it isn't required. So, don't think that becoming a professional cosmetologist is an easy thing. It is the same as getting a degree. Just in our case, you'll need more practice than theory.

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How to choose a good cosmetology business name

It is not as easy as you may imagine. Creating a catchy name is half of the business. Then, you have to check whether the name is available, original, and suits cosmetology.

The best way to choose the name to attract clients is to think like them. Try to see what guests who will come to your salon want to feel. Emotions are essential.

The emotional part of naming a cosmetology salon

People are emotional creatures. We choose partners to feel safe, work to feel engaged, and friends to stay alive. All the daily processes we even may overlook talk to our emotions.

When choosing a beauty salon name, you can also use human emotion. Well, you'll have no other choice as any name has some emotive side. The best idea of attractive naming is to see how the clients respond to it.

For example, what do you feel when you hear the names "Flawless beauty," "Belle," "MyEstetik," etc.? The feeling must be slightly different, but the idea is familiar. We talk about something aesthetically pleasant and visually satisfying. That's the significant half of the knowledge about cosmetology naming. Choose the emotion to speak to and check how different names work for this purpose.

The methods of the best salon name selection may vary. However, the ultimate way is to follow these five steps.

How to choose a perfect cosmetology salon name?

  1. Make a list of the ideas that come to your mind. Write them down.

  2. In a few days, take a look at the list and cross out the names that seem to be odd.

  3. Show the reorganized list to your colleagues, ask for advice from friends, relatives, etc.

  4. Stop on 3-4 names that you like.

  5. Come back to the 3-4 steps to select a perfect cosmetology name.

Do's and Don'ts of naming a cosmetology

We've already got that you have to rely on client emotions by naming cosmetology. Sure, we cannot see what other people wish, but some are pleasant for many. So why not create a name that consists of the word related to beauty and evokes positive emotions. For example, "Trop Belle," "I am Beautiful," "Skin Paradise."

Now, let's see what you'd better do and what's the stuff to avoid.

Cosmetology salon naming Do's

  1. Rely on the emotions you want your clients to feel. Positive emotions guarantee positive feedback.

  2. Check whether the name is available and original. There are several checkers online.

  3. See whether your colleagues enjoy the name as much as you do. People are different, and you have to satisfy as many as possible.

  4. Use precise words in the language your audience speaks. If customers can't get the name, they'll barely trust the cosmetology salon that owns it.

  5. Make sure you 100% understand who you are talking to. There is no point in generalizing your audience. Talk to real people to make them your actual clients.

Cosmetology salon naming Don'ts

  1. Be careful with unclear words. Even the most beautiful name can work against you if your audience doesn't understand it.

  2. Create laconic names. Short names are memorable and catchy. If you want to switch on word-of-mouth, use short words, not long ones.

  3. Do not use the languages you aren't sure your clients speak. The three popular languages to use in naming are Spanish, French, and Latin. Ask your clients online whether they like and understand the name. It'll save you from many issues.

  4. Be careful with numbers, symbols, and signs. You can use them. Just be fully aware of what each notion you use means.

  5. Try to avoid too popular mainstream names. They may fade with time, and you'll have to change the name of cosmetology. It is a useless and expensive process.

Best cosmetology name ideas

  • First, let's see how a perfect cosmetology name has to look.

  • Characteristics of a good cosmetology salon name:

  • It has to be short and easily pronounced.

  • The name should be unique in the beauty market.

  • It has to be available legally.

  • It should reflect cosmetology values.

  • The name has to evolve positive emotions.

That's the ultimate rule. But, then, you can be creative and choose among the various cosmetology salon naming ways.

Cosmetology salon name types

Classy names in foreign languages. You can use French, Spanish, and Latin names for the English market.

  • Elle

  • Femme Fatale

  • Bella

  • Femme

  • Bonita

  • Aura

Creative names. They can be very different and depend only on your imagination.

  • Cosmic Touch

  • Flora

  • CosmEstetik

  • Original beauty

  • Total Catch

  • Vesta

Urban names. Those that are connected to modern reality and fast beauty.


  • BeautyAvenue

  • Euphoria

  • ModernSolution

  • CrashGirl

  • E-girl

Catchy names. A witty name is the best idea to get remembered.

  • YourBody

  • Improve

  • NewMe

  • The Change

  • Tease Body

  • MyFreedom

Names related to the services you offer. They are beneficial because they show the procedures clients can get at once.

  • LaserEstetik

  • CleanMindBody

  • Queen Cosmetology

  • CosmoPoint

  • Treat Yourself

  • My Aesthetics

Among the famous names are abbreviations and keywords, such as T.Laser or SmartCosm. They may be a good choice. Just be careful as many customers can avoid such cosmetology if they don't get the meaning.

How to use name generators when naming cosmetology business

Name generators are the best free tools to use when you have no idea how to create a name for any business. They offer a wide range of different words to suit your project.

There are numerous options you can choose from when selecting a name creator. However, they are usually the same. First, you enter such data as business type, owners, location, related words, and other essential information. Then the system will generate the names randomly.

There are different generators, so various name quality. Let's take a look at one of the famous name generators.

  1. First, choose the name you'd like to get.

  2. Then, fill in the required information.

  3. Here are the results you'll get.

As you see, the names are kind of random. They do not correspond with the idea of classy cosmetology. However, the more you work with generators, the better your results. We advise using a free tool like this only to boost creativeness. There is almost no chance of creating a nice name using generators only.

Some more examples:


Naming cosmetology, think about your clients' wishes. You create a business for people. That's why their opinion is essential. We have collected some ways to choose the best cosmetology names. EasyWeek hopes you've found them helpful.

After the business is ready to work, make sure you've connected handy salon software. It is the ultimate way to optimize cosmetology and boost sales. Please look at the EasyWeek offer. We are working hard to get you the best of the best.

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