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Reels Instagram video for your beauty studio

Instagram Reels: a closer look

Instagram Reels appeared relatively not so long ago. Instagram has noticed TikTok's popularity and couldn't ignore it. That's why in the middle of 2020, the company introduced Instagram Reels. This video format corresponds to TikTok's videos. Users can shoot short videos, add various audio, stickers, and GIFs.

Do you remember Instagram IGTV? The service tried to catch some pieces of YouTube's fame. Unfortunately, Instagram didn't succeed with this feature, but the attempt counts. As we can guess, developers tried to launch a handy video platform inside Instagram. In theory, it sounds good, while IGTV is slowly dying day by day in practice. People use this option to save Instagram lives. Unfortunately, that is not the effect Instagram expected.

Do Reels go viral?

You could notice that Reels became much more popular than other Instagram launches. Their success was similar to the highlight's popularity some time ago. Users gladly watch and comment on different digital content, including Reels. It is a convenient, easy, exciting, and trendy way to boost sales. Many business owners have already started using Instagram Reels to promote their stuff. And, it's a great tendency. The more people use the feature, the higher its chances to develop into a powerful Instagram branch. The same as highlights did.

Instagram Reels & Highlights for beauty industry

Some Instagram users feel confused when talking about Reels and Highlights. On the one hand, these options look similar. But, on the other hand, they have different aims and features.

Instagram highlights are short videos that disappear within 24 hours. Users can save them to create a collection on their profile. However, something is missing. That 'something' is that you cannot edit highlights while Reels. They are also shorter and do not appear on the newsfeed as the Reels do.

If Instagram highlights contrast with posts, Reels are the videos that appear on a user's profile similar to posts. They won't disappear unless a user wants to delete the content. If so, the Reel will be stored in the Archive for a month, so it will be possible to reupload it. After that, it'll be deleted forever by the system.

It is good to use them both – Reels& Highlights – for your hair salon promotion!

Instagram introduced the option in July 2020. Then, it became available in the USA. After that, the Reels started to conquer the world. Sure, updates take time, so some regions still didn't get this handy feature. Just wait. There is a guarantee that Instagram will introduce the part in your area. It just takes time.

Open your Instagram account. Click on the central camera icon. Shoot a video or download the one from your gallery. For now, Instagram Reels allow videos that last up to 1 minute. Continue reading to take a more detailed look at Reels creation.

Yes, you can. Download the file and proceed to edit the material. The editing features are similar to TikTok's functionality. There are more of them for the videos you shot via Reels, such as slow motion. However, you can edit recorded clips as well. The only thing is that you may get fewer options for the videos that you recorded in the app.

Please, keep reading, and you will know about the trends in Reels Instagram videos for beauty industry.

How to create your 1st Instagram Reel video

Examples always help to understand how to do something. Let's see how to create a Reel on Instagram.

  1. First, you have to log in to your Instagram account and click on the Reels button.

  2. Then, upload your video or shoot a clip in the app.

    Here, you can add audio and scale the clip if needed.

  3. The next step is combining several video clips or editing the one you've chosen.

    The editing process is the same as with highlights. Also, you can add various audio clips, record sound, add stickers, effects, or text in the upper panel.

  4. And the last step is to upload the Reel. Here, you can select its cover, add location, and even post the video to 2 and more accounts if you have several.

The Reels will appear on your profile the same as Instagram posts do.

Five reasons for beauty salon to start shooting Reels right now

Short videos are viral nowadays. Users consume more than 100 minutes of various video content daily. Therefore, it is a perfect chance to introduce your beauty business via Reels.

TOP-5 reasons to start shooting Reels right now

  1. The feature is relatively new, so the niche isn't crowded. There are higher chances for your beauty salon to be noticed now, then later, when Reels go typical. The possibility they do is pretty high.

  2. More options for beauty studio to promote online. People wake up and check their phones. They come back home from work and scroll the newsfeed. It means social media is a must to develop for any beauty business.

    For now, Reels have no feature to place a link in. Ads can be placed via Ads Manager only. But later, this feature will appear. It is beneficial to master the platform now to sell here later.

  3. Reels go viral, so your business will. The audience is ready to consume video content, so make sure you produce it and stay in the trend.

  4. Short videos boost the account's engagement. Users will gladly follow the profiles they find outstanding. Reels are an excellent chance to stand out by shooting creative videos.

  5. Long texts may scare a part of your audience, short videos – never. You can speak the idea in the video, engaging more people and selling more products altogether.

Creative Reels ideas for hair and beauty businesses

The beauty market appreciates visual content. So the more quality photos and videos you produce, the better the account's engagement will be. We've collected some trendy ideas for your Reels to stand out from the crowd in 2022.

Reels ideas for beauty salons

  1. Shoot skincare routines and select the best beauty products to advise your audience. Such videos are both valuable and entertaining, so they often go viral.

  2. Post daily and festive makeup to teach your followers how to develop their makeup skills. Use makeup products your audience can find and techniques they can master at home.

  3. Upload funny beauty-related Reels. Humour is the best helper when promoting. Users like not only educational content but also relaxing one. If you combine both options, attention is guaranteed.

  4. Film interviews with beauty experts. It will be interesting for a more significant part of your audience and entertaining for many.

  5. Collaborate with reliable influencers to demonstrate your services or products. The most important is to pay attention to the blogger's reputation as it can damage yours if something goes wrong.

Instagram Reels & Beauty salon sales

Reels boost sales if you use hashtags. It means thousands of new users may find your account and follow it. But, then, the main thing to do is to keep the audience interested and prepare these people to buy from you.

What's the best way to turn followers into clients?

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