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Beauty salon targeted advertising


The main goal of any beauty business, whether it is a hair or nail studio, barbershop business, or solarium, is attracting and retaining new clients.

It is complicated as any district nowadays has a great offer of various beauty salons. There are even situations when you can find a few of them in one building. However, the business is in demand, so, naturally, the number of competitions multiplies every week, and there will be even more of them.

Another problem is that many clients are attracted only by special offers, after which they never come back. Sometimes people get used to one beauty master and don't want to look for anyone else. So, there are many hidden rocks in the beauty business industry.

Some time ago, a catchy beauty studio name, colorful leaflets, and beautiful signage could help to attract attention. Unfortunately, nowadays, people rarely notice what is around them. Instead, they stare at their phones, looking for almost everything via the Internet. However, it is not that bad. On the other hand, it is very convenient for those businessmen who know how to attract clients via online offers and without any real-life interaction.

Targeted advertising is a great way to create an effective sales funnel via social networks as fast as possible.

Compared to contextual advertising, targeting works much better as the cost of a client is lower. It is the best solution for low-budget beauty salons.

Targeted advertising for the beauty industry

Social networks are among the most effective sales engines. The 21-st century taught us to book everything online via smartphones or laptops. That is why more and more people tend to select products and services using the Internet. So, offer them the ability to buy online and increase your profit without any complicated solutions.

Beauty services are among the most popular offers that are sold online. SPA, manicure, haircut, massage business, and much more are at the top.

Features of beauty salon targeting:

Today's variety of ad formats and placements allows for creating unique offers suitable for almost any client. Setting up targeted ads has the following advantages. It is possible to:

  • Warm-up audience before the launching of essential ads.

  • Motivate users to text you for more detailed information.

  • Increase the engagement by motivating people to leave comments and put likes.

  • Increase the number of sales and online orders together with generating leads.

Your target audience is people who are in love with visual content. So, offering it to them will make you win. Targeted ads on Instagram, for example, allow to set up the content individually so that it will work for every user. This option isn't available when talking about contextual ads. Plus, targeting works very well together with chatbots.

Professional targetologists will increase the conversion of advertising campaigns, so it will definitely be worth the effort.

Targeted ads will also help with generating leads. The potential clients whom later you can send individual invitations to visit a beauty salon. A handy CRM system will significantly help in this case. We've written an article about selecting the best booking system for a beauty salon, so make sure you know what to do.

Another great advantage of targeted ads is the ability to retarget – remind your website visitors about the services and products you provide. And, again, it helps to build a long-term organic relationship with your target audience.

Let's find out how to set up targeted ads for a beauty salon most effectively.

Variants of advertising campaigns for a beauty business

The aims of advertising a beauty business can differ. Among the most popular goals are:

  • increasing traffic,

  • lead conversion,

  • lead generation,

  • increasing coverage,

  • increasing engagement.

Lead generation is among the most efficient ways to promote a nail salon, hair studio, solarium, barbershop, or multifunctional beauty parlor. This way, your beauty studio will get online appointments from the Instagram audience attracted by the visual content and creatives you shared.

However, direct motivation to book a service isn't always working. First of all, you have to warm up the audience unfamiliar with your beauty shop, services, and products.

The best way to cope with this task is to launch a customer engagement campaign.

You can share:

  • Videos about your team.

  • "Before/After" creatives.

  • A video business card of a beauty salon where you show the beautiful and original salon interior.

  • A few helpful posts about hair, skin, nails, etc. For instance, tell your customers how to keep their blond hair healthy.

  • Posts about cosmetic products, brand new cosmetics, and skincare.

Content has a lot to do with a beauty salon's reputation, so pay attention to the quality of your posts. The relevant posts will not only entertain and retain your loyal customers but also attract new ones.

Instagram and Facebook ads are set up in one place – in Facebook business account. To check the effectiveness of these ads, we advise creating creatives with different content and parameters.

Selecting audience:

  • Location: set the radius of ad engagement.

  • Age and sex: for example, to promote a barbershop, choose men.

  • Social class: understand who can buy your services and products.

  • Related interests: fashion, sport, fitness.

  • Placement: feed, recommendations or stories for Instagram or right column, feed, recommendations in the case of Facebook.

  • Also, you can make personal selections: birthday this month, zodiac sign, etc. Then you can offer this audience a discount or a special offer. It works very well for attracting new customers.

Retargeting as the key to success

Businesses use retargeting for a warm or even hot audience. So let's see how it works.

A warm/hot audience has the following features:

  • It is active on your social networks: likes, comments, and contacts you via direct messages.

  • Booked a service but canceled or didn't come.

  • Warm audience consists of clients who visited a beauty salon at least once.

To work with those who have already visited a beauty parlor, you'll need a CRM system. For instance, EasyWeek salon booking software will help create and manage a client base and advertise your beauty salon online. You can upload a client base from EasyWeek to the Facebook space and set the needed parameters to work with this audience.

Working with existing clients is very important. It helps to form a client base, retain customers and get a loyal audience.

EasyWeek booking app will significantly help with this as it offers notifications before and after the visit and informs the administrator and specialist about every new booking.

Advantages and disadvantages of targeted ads

We have already mentioned the main advantages of targeted ads. Let's conclude. Targeting is helpful as it:

  1. Cost less than contextual ads.

  2. Influences the client more efficiently.

  3. Creates a sales funnel via social networks.

  4. Is suitable both for big and small companies.

  5. Together with a handy CRM system is an excellent tool for retargeting.

However, there are also a set of peculiarities. They are crucial to consider when setting up targeted ads without a targetologist.

Be ready to produce a lot of quality visual content

There are services like Canva where you can find functions for free to edit photos and videos. Plus, there are also some templates to save time and nerves. To get the best results, you will also need to plan professional photo sessions, make collages and use motion design.

Get used to working with a cold audience

Targeting helps attract many new users, but usually, all of them know nothing about your beauty salon and the services you provide. So, an attractive profile is a good tool to retain clients and form a loyal client base.

Get used to frequent changes of creatives

You should change the visual content very often because ads work well only for a short period. Even if you have created the best creative, it has to be changed with a new one in a week. The modern world requires fast changes. It mainly concerns social media and sales via the Internet.

Spend time on selecting the right targetologist

It is perfect if you find a professional at once. However, people often spend money and time hiring the wrong staff and, sure, it wastes resources.

Selecting targetologist

There are several strategies for creating targeted ads. You can:

  1. Learn by yourself using free resources like Youtube, Facebook, etc.

  2. Find a freelancer to set up targeted ads for you.

  3. Select the targetologist with the help of word-of-mouth.

  4. Choose a marketing agency and sign an agreement with them.

The strategy depends on the aim and budget. Before creating or offering your plan, take a look at successful cases. It will help to avoid mistakes and minimize the risks.

If you have decided to work with a marketing agency, always sign an agreement – mention all the tasks, goals, and commissions.

Deciding on creatives and offers

Special offers are trendy among the beauty salons that want to attract new clients. It is very important to retain the customers who came to your beauty parlor at least once. Sometimes, it can be even more difficult than attracting new ones. A good way is to calculate the Life Time Value (LTV) in advance. So, you will see what to do to maintain a beauty salon more effectively.

You can select from the following offers:

  • Bonuses for some services. For example, offer a glass of champagne, a set of sushi, or a slice of pizza. Be creative! There are no rules, just make sure your budget allows it.

  • Free service or offering a big discount. For instance, for the clients who book a manicure together with a pedicure, add a massage as a gift.

  • Quizzes. Prepare tests or questions and offer a free service or consultation with a specialist if the client answers all of them. Even if there are some mistakes, provide the service/consultation as a reward for participation.

  • Think about friends and relatives – offer a discount if your client advises the beauty salon to a friend, relative, or colleague.

  • You can also create a unique offer for active followers on social networks who have never booked a service yet.

Conclusions or what to do when you are not hitting your sales targets

Opening a beauty salon is hard work. You've found a location, premises, got all the licenses, and hired a professional team. Well done! Just take a breath and understand how much you have done for now. Of course, there are many hidden rocks and complicated processes, but the most important is staying honest and respecting your target audience.

If there are any problems with sales, don't be too pessimistic. It often happens with new salons. Targeted ads will help to promote a beauty salon, but before setting them up, it is essential to cope with the following details:

  1. Select a handy CRM system that suits your company best. Once you did it, make sure that everything online booking is available. The ability of online appointments will significantly help to get more customers.

  2. Stand out among the competitors. Think about what makes you unique. Maybe you offer original services, hire the best hairdresser in the city, have an cozy interior, or offer better prices than all the nearest competitors.

  3. Find a good targetologist. It will solve half of all the possible problems. Make sure you hire a professional and then trust and let the targetologist implement ideas.

  4. Pay attention to how fast your staff answers clients. It influences the sales and together with an online booking will help to get loyal customers.

  5. If you promise anything in the ad, be ready to do it.

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