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Waxing business plan


Would you like to start the new 2022 year with a brand-new beginning? In case you are reading this article, the answer must be positive. The beauty industry has resurrected after a long period of depression. Launching a beauty business is a prosperous idea, so why not? Waxing studios are among the top choices, talking about new companies in the following year.

Many entrepreneurs wonder whether the waxing business is a promising startup in the stormy market. Yes, it is! Sugaring and waxing salons are in crazy demand. Clients go there to get a professional service, save time and effort.

These services are pretty old. They belong to the gold classics of the salon's offers. From ancient times humanity has appreciated self-care. Body hair isn't the best thing to demonstrate in modern society. But, of course, this process is natural. That's why many modern beauties spend a lot of time getting rid of unwanted hair. The body ideal is changeable. However, soft and gentle skin stays desired all the time. So isn't it a sign to try waxing or start a sugaring business?

There is a stereotype that self-care is for women only. However, males care about their beauty the same as females. It is normal. That's why modern waxing and sugaring are trending among men and women.

The waxing business is profitable! Small initial investments and fast ROI make the niche attractive for many. Finishing courses and starting work also won't take much time. In general, you'll need about two months to learn the basics. Then practice till you master it.

You'll have to obtain a license. For this, all you need to do is to get a high school diploma, then start a particular course. Then, a business license. Obtaining this paper takes time. However, it isn't too complicated. After getting it, you can proceed to business planning, finding the right location, etc.

The name has to align with your marketing campaign, aims, and style. There are numerous ways of naming a beauty salon. We have collected the best of them. Click here to read the article.

Software selection is an important step you'd better take before opening. The best idea is to research the market, choose several options that look good for you. Then sit down and compare your expectations to the features the CRMs offer. Afterward, ask colleagues and friends. The more you consult, the higher are the chances to find the right solution. Finally, take a look at the EasyWeek offer. Clients consider it to be one of the strongest players on the field.

Waxing salon business plan

After you've chosen the business niche, consider the startup's planning. You can either do it by yourself or consult a specialist. Anyway, understanding the main processes is the key to business success.

What is a business plan for a waxing salon?

A waxing studio business plan is a paper that includes all the data on your business. It has to contain its aims, risks, budget, strategy, etc. Starting the business plan, think about:

  1. The market. There is no point in offering the waxing services where they are already in use. The fewer competitors you have nearby, the better.

  2. Consider whether the attendance depends on the season, staff, services, or other factors.

  3. Calculate the budget and the services you'd like to offer. The best idea is to start with the basic set and add the other when you can do it financially.

  4. Consumables. The cosmetics and equipment have to be of high quality. It guarantees that the salon will do the service well and without issues.

  5. Marketing campaign. Take a look at competitors and think about how your studio can stand out.

  6. Pricing. Make a list of all the services you can do and think about fair prices. There is no need to offer too low pricing or overestimate the salon.

  7. Business management. Working with clients is an essential part of any beauty salon performance. Salon CRM is one of the most effective solutions.

  8. Make a plan of expenses and revenues relying on taxes.

It may sound a bit complicated. However, the waxing business is easiest to start without long preparation.

To start a sugaring studio, you have to:

  • Hire professional waxers and an administrator. You can do all the services by yourself or work as a team. It depends on the budget, size, and goals of the salon. Then, you will also have to hire an accountant.

  • Rent premises in the center or residential area. Both variants will work very well.

  • There is no need to study for too long. Short courses, and you are done!

Waxing salon location & premises

The best option is to look for spacious premises in crowded areas like shopping malls, a city center, etc. First and foremost, the room for rent has to be well renovated and big enough (at least 30 sq.m.).

Then, make sure there is a transport hub nearby. Clients will mostly come to you by metro, bus, or car. So, both transport hubs and parking space are essential. If, for some reason, you cannot find the place with the best location, convenient transport accessibility, and spacious parking, consider selecting the one in the residential area.

Sleeping areas are beneficial as they are pretty comfortable to visit for locals. A girl or a boy can call the nearest waxing salon and ask for a service. If it is your studio, you gain a new client.

If you rent premises in a business center, ensure a separate entrance. It is the ideal way to accept all the customers who'd like to get the sugaring. If there is no such handy option, check whether clients will pass security control fast and when they are allowed to enter.

The perfect location looks like a spacious studio on the first floor or in a separate building: the less competition, the better.

Another detail to pay attention to is the audience itself. Success chances are low if you start a luxury salon in a residential area. If you launch the same project in the business center, they are much higher. Consider the site and the clients who visit you. The two notions have to correspond to each other.

Things to know before opening a waxing business

  • If you are planning to scale, rent spacious premises at once. For example, in the beginning, you offer wax and sugaring only. Still, after you'd like to do manicure services, haircuts, and massages, it will help avoid the rush and overpaying when choosing the new location if things go up.

  • Pay attention to the interior. The style is essential. Premises are better to be bright. A beauty salon is a place to relax, so making it as attractive as possible is better.

  • The studio has to be very well-equipped. A convenient waiting area, main room, and a bathroom are must-haves.

Equipment and furniture for a waxing salon

  • Waiting area furniture

  • Hangers

  • Convenient tables and chairs

  • Reception desk

  • Coffee table

  • Mirror

  • Water cooler

  • Cabinets, shelves, a big table

  • Waxing equipment

  • Lamps

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Consumables

The average investment to start a waxing business in 2022 is about $10 000, including rent, renovation, paperwork, and other essentials to cope with before opening. However, you can save by selecting intelligent ways of getting furniture and consumables. Take a look at this material to learn more.

Monthly investments

  • Rent

  • Salaries

  • Utilities

  • Marketing

  • Consumables

  • Taxes

Another option to save is to choose budget quality solutions. They often cost much less than the famous brands with the same features.

When everything is ready, think about client management. Waxing salon software is an ideal chance to scale effortlessly. Connect the one that looks best for you and increase the revenue in a snap.

Documents to start a waxing business

LCC and sole proprietorship are the two options to start working legally. Well, you have no other choice, so choose the one that suits you more. LCC is preferable for waxing salons of all sizes. This way, you will pay a bit more taxes but can scale any second. Of course, a sole proprietorship is fine for those who work alone. But, if you open a single-waxer studio, why not?

How to register the waxing studio?

First of all, you have to consult local authorities. They will offer the way to do it. There is no one standard option as the laws depend on the state. In most cases, obtaining a business license takes you about a month. Its price is about $200. In many states, a waxer isn't required to have a medical license, so medical education. A course will be fine. Choose the resources that offer certificates and are accepted by the local authorities. Taxes also depend on the state, legal form of business organization, and size. Numerous tax consultants offer professional help. Firstly, you may consider using their advice, then do taxes by yourself.

Some clients worry that the procedure is dangerous. If salon masters do it correctly, waxing and sugaring are safe. Others wonder whether it is as hurtful as it seems. That is an individual question. In most cases, the feeling isn't that strong. Sure, we are still dealing with hair removal so that a client will feel something. But calling this emotional pain is greatly exaggerated. Many customers compare the experience to laser epilation services. Both are considered to be safe and not too hurtful.

How to attract clients to the new sugaring studio

We have already written a complete guide on beauty salon marketing. Click here to take a look at this article. The waxing business has its peculiarities, but the marketing principles stay the same.

Tips to promote a waxing business

  • Be careful with details. Create a pleasant atmosphere starting with the waiting area. Offer your clients delicious treats, hot tea, and coffee. Make sure there is access to clean water.

  • Beauty salon clients like to post on social media. Use this trifle for your benefit. The easiest way is to create an aesthetic corner for Instagram photos. There is a high chance guests will mention it, so advertise your salon often.

  • Keep the premises as clean as possible. Waxing is not a medical service, but it still has to be clean and pleasant. We advise choosing washable surfaces to clean the room regularly.

  • Invest in marketing. Attracting clients is expensive, but it is worth doing. The best option is to post ads online. Use Facebook or TikTok, for example. Even the post itself can be a good helper in business growth. Cover your followers with exciting topics, and don't leave the users for too long – post at least twice per week.

  • Never compromise quality. You will grow, and the temptation to do more to earn better too. But never decrease the service rate. It is the way to lose clientele and reputation. Consider offering popular services for a bit higher prices, by adding some brand-new solutions, etc.

  • Study the competitors and make sure you know why they succeed. It is crucial to use a similar strategy to grow your business.

  • Be available 24/7. Waxing studio software offers round-the-clock appointments. It doubles the profit and attracts new visitors.

Top-5 ways of waxing business promotion

There are a lot of options to scale the waxing business. We have collected the TOP-5 to boost your inspiration and sales.

  1. Sell cosmetics. Clients will buy it anyway, so offer them the best beauty products and make money.

  2. Offer additional services. There are numerous beauty salon treatments to add to waxing services. Start with manicure and pedicure, and add the options you can do best.

  3. Collaborate with famous waxers, offering them to work as guest specialists in your salon.

  4. Offer free or barter promotional services to stars and bloggers.

  5. Perform creative waxing services. Fantasy hair patterns are popular. Why not?


EasyWeek wishes you the best of luck in starting a brand-new waxing business. Use our life hacks to scale as fast as possible. And remember that waxing software is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue, attract and retain clients and keep in touch with the latest trends.

Look at the EasyWeek waxing software if you want to:

  • Automate waxing salon routines.

  • Optimize the sugaring business.

  • Motivate staff to work better.

  • Scale without compromising quality.

  • Exclude human error.

This year will be yours, sure if you know what to do. We hope this article will help to launch the startup of your dreams. Everything is possible when you are smart enough to try persistently. Try EasyWeek for free and boost your waxing business.

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