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Beauty on TikTok


  1. How to stand out in beauty among competitors?

  2. How to use TikTok for a beauty business

  3. Beauty salon promotion on TikTok: what should you know

  4. How to create an attractive beauty salon profile on TikTok

  5. Original visual content

  6. TikTok tags you better use

  7. Working with TikTok influencers

  8. Conclusions

#1 How to stand out in beauty among competitors?

Have you just opened a brand-new beauty salon? Well done! We can only imagine how much work you have already done. But do you think starting a beauty studio is enough?

Of course, it isn't. After the business is successfully opened, you have to think about its soul. We are sure you've already understood who we are talking about. Yep, about beauty salon customers!

The clients of a beauty salon are its heart. So be smart enough to treat them well.

After the salon was opened, you had better do something to get your first loyal customers. Attracting and retaining beauty studio clients are extremely important.

How to attract first clients to a new beauty salon?

Attracting a loyal audience can be difficult. There is no one way to get attention. However, there are a few options you can use. First, remember that a new beauty space has no reputation, which means no trust. That is why advertising is a must-have. You won't be noticed without a good marketing strategy. It is as simple as that.

"What about vivid banners, posters, and leaflets?" — you may ask. If you've already spent on them, it is good. But do not think they will magnetically lead people to the salon. Nowadays, customers prefer searching for beauty services online. We spend hours scrolling the news feed, checking friends' posts, and posting our content. So, sure, marketing went to the Internet. It just had to happen.

Another moment is that the beauty industry is full of competitors. We are sure you've noticed how many new beauty studios have opened during the last few years. Even the pandemic couldn't stop this fast-growing niche.

The 21st century is an excellent time for those businesses that know how to stand out. Yes, original products and services were popular, but now they are at their peak. So both small and big companies try to offer something unique.

Then how should I present myself?

  • Make sure the quality of your service is at the highest level.

  • Work on online presentation, SMM, and use digital marketing.

  • Get the reputation of a reliable place.

Being active on the Internet is essential. Okay, we've got it, but what to do? Many aspiring entrepreneurs have never even tried to present themselves online. There are a lot of businesses that offer the best services but still aren't popular. And, do you know why? Because the audience has never heard about them and their existence.

Being heard is essential. So, let's speak about presenting your new beauty salon on social media. We have already written about doing it on Instagram, now it is high time to see what TikTok offers.

It is a social network that was created in 2018. The service was launched by Chinese IT developers. Since its start, it has become crazy popular. TikTok allows shooting, editing, and sharing short, entertaining videos.

It is simple — shoot popular videos. The more likes and comments your video has, the higher your chance of being noticed by the service algorithms.

This social network is owned by a Chinese company which is called "ByteDance." The CEO of this popular social media is Shou Zi Chew. Many users think that TikTok is an American startup. Actually, no. It is 100% Chinese business.

#2 How to use TikTok for a beauty business

The Internet space is a stormy area. A lot of startups get viral so fast, then die even quicker. That is why understanding the current situation is important. It means you have to look for the services that just started their work. For example, TikTok. This social network is young and prosperous. It is already popular among Internet users and still has the potential to grow.

TikTok is an ideal space for creating and sharing short funny videos. So easy, but it can make you famous.

Benefits of using TikTok

The latest statistics show that almost 60% of TikTok users are women under 35. Men also use it, but less. So, you see. TikTok will work very well for advertising beauty and related businesses. The audience is fresh and ready to buy products and services.

Young girls, for instance, prefer videos about makeup products, tutorials, and valuable life hacks. Entertaining content is also popular. So what do you think about shooting short educational videos with a bit of fun?

Then, let's talk about kids. As it is known, they are active TikTok users. Does it mean that the ads are not effective, then? Nope, it means that you have to think about entertaining this audience, as children are also beauty services consumers. Even more, they influence their parents, so both can be your clients. Here, it depends on the salon's specialization.

Let's see what the best ways to use TikTok for your benefit are.

#3 Beauty salon promotion on TikTok: what should you know

So, you have already created a TikTok account. What to do next? Followers have to be interested in your content. Just filling all the fields won't be enough. You have to learn how to create visually attractive videos that match the service algorithms.

Once you have got some followers, you will also get real customers. As usual, 25-30% of people who follow you on social networks will be glad to get honest service.

Let's take a look at the main ways of attracting a warm audience:

What is the most important? Actually, everything is critical. If you want to create a selling TikTok account, follow all the simple rules. It is not too complicated but so effective.

Can I choose just one piece of advice and use it? Well, you can, of course. However, then the effect will be unpredictable. There is a high chance just to waste your budget. We recommend implementing all the ideas. It works best in combination.

#4 How to create an attractive beauty salon profile on TikTok

An influential TikTok account has to be not only aesthetically pleasant but also informative. Sure, some users will be glad about beautiful videos with no information about your services or products. But, people will take a look at them and forget immediately. Even the pretty informative and helpful videos viewers forgot in a couple of hours or days. So, if you do not put any "catchy material," there is no sense in posting anything.

The main idea is to attract people to your profile and the beauty salon itself.

How to create a TikTok profile for business:

  • Name. The name of your beauty salon, company, city, etc. Talking about beauty salon promotion, we need the first option. If you want to be creative, use emojis or exciting fonts. TikTok users appreciate them. For example, "Mermaid beauty space 🌸."

  • Nickname (user's name). Usually, it is the same as the leading name. In the case of beauty industry businesses, there is no need to mention the owners' names. For instance, the nickname will be just the same if the salon is called "Mermaid beauty space 🌸." You can also use similar words to play with your audience and entertain them more.

  • Description. Short information about the services your beauty salon provides, its staff, and location. The primary rule here is to explain why the user has to follow you. Maybe you offer attractive services, maybe professional videos about makeup and related stuff, etc. For example, Mermaid beauty space: time to become a real-life mermaid. Beauty inspiration, fantasy makeups, and more.

  • Avatar. A JPG picture that will correspond to your style, concept, and idea. You can use a photo of your team, your beauty salon logo, or any image related to the beauty industry. For instance, a picture that speaks about your beauty salon. In our case, mermaid's tail, makeup, or beauty tools.

  • Links. They are used for clients' convenience. If customers feel comfortable on your TikTok, they will be interested in visiting the place. Offer them a link to do it in a few clicks. Online appointments will be a perfect tool for getting more clients. Then, you can also add a few links about beauty salon performance, employees, and cosmetics.

If you create your beauty salon account on TikTok, following these simple rules, there is a huge chance to get a lot of clients at once. Then, add a few influencers to work with, some original ideas, and voilà!

#5 Original visual content

TikTok uses a deep analysis of the interaction with videos. First, the service shows your material to a few people. Then it analyses how they interact with it: whether they finish watching the post, pause it, etc. Finally, if this audience watches your videos until their ends, TikTok shows the video to more people.

The more interesting videos you post, the more people will watch them. So, they will enrich your audience, then your beauty salon clients.

TikTok ideas for a beauty salon:

  • Makeup tutorials.

  • Before/After.

  • Skincare, haircare, etc.

  • Beauty life hacks.

  • Reviews.

Never forget that the video has to be dynamic and quality. Usually, TikTok users make an impression during the first 7 seconds they watch the video. Your posts have to stay highly professional and engaging due to many competitors.

Select an intriguing cover for every video. It will maximize the effect.

If you want to grow your TikTok account, post a lot of educational videos. According to the latest research, you have to post 75% of educational material and 25% entertainment posts. That is the best combination to keep your audience interested.

#6 TikTok tags you better use

Use tags to maximize the effect of the quality content you post. Tags are the words related to the post you share. To optimize the impact, write a few hashtags under your videos. An optimal number is 3 – 5 tags. Thanks to these words, people find your posts, watch them and react. Users will discover the TikTok account of your beauty salon, and you will definitely get more clients.

Which hashtags should I use?

  • Popular but rare tags

    Choose well-known tags about beauty. Then, enter the tag into the search line to see the most-viewed tags. For example, enter the phrase "beauty salon." You will be shown the exact number of times these words were used before. Then, you will demonstrate the collocations, including the terms "salon/beauty salon" and the number of their views. Finally, select the suitable tag with a medium number of views.

    After that, you can use tags with more special keys. Remember that their views will be lower than the most popular ones. However, they are still worth using. TikTok algorithms will notice that you use unique tags, add quality materials, and your videos are at the top. For example, the tag #manicure is trendy. So those who are looking for nail ideas will definitely visit your account.

  • Trendy tags

    Go to "Interesting" and scroll down till you find the tags related to your topic. For instance, #makeup, #nailpolish, #dresstoimpress, etc. You can use these tags to increase the coverage.

  • Tags your competitors use

    Take a look at the hashtags your competitors use. Big beauty salons know everything about effective promotion. Use the tags they write. Sure, there is no need to copy all the hashtags. However, adding a few will work well.

#7 Working with TikTok influencers

This method can be free or paid. Let's see what's the difference is.

  • Collaboration

    It means that you collaborate with another TikTok user to advertise each other. There are a few rules you have to know before starting this type of collaboration. The first is to find a blogger with a similar audience and more or less the same number of followers. Then you both have to tell your audience about each other.

    There is no need to look for an account related to beauty salons. The best idea is to work with artists, designers, poets, travelers, and, sure, beauty bloggers. An exciting ad is the most important.

    You can find the users to collaborate with using a specific search on TikTok. Using hashtags will also work out. For example, #mutualPR, #mutualadvertising, #PR, #IwantPR and others.

  • Paid partnership

    It works when collaborating with celebrities or famous bloggers. You have to choose the influencer you like, negotiate about the price of the ad and make a deal. The price depends. Some influencers take $5, others $200 or $500. A well-known example is Kylie Jenner, who earns about $1 000 000 per one advertising post. The price depends on the number of followers, the blogger himself, and so on.

  1. Via the special services like TiktokFun, Tiktopers, Perfluence. Famous bloggers offer their services there.

  2. Look for the users you want to work with. It will cost you less and can be even more effective.

  1. Understand what your audience likes. For example, manicure, cosmetology, massage, SPA, hair services, etc.

  2. Search for a beauty blogger who covers the topics your followers are fond of.

  3. Check whether the audience of the blogger you have selected is real. Look at the number of likes and comments under his posts to see it.

The ad can differ. You can talk about the beauty service, do it for the blogger, etc. The type of advertising depends on your imagination. The best is to offer a service to the influencer to demonstrate how the procedure is performed. Then his audience will be interested to copy their idol and do the service he did.

Popular TikTok beauty bloggers:

  • Chris Grave.

  • Charlotte Roberts.

  • Danielle Marcan.

  • Seth Obrien.

  • Iris Leone.

#8 Conclusions

TikTok is one of the most popular and fast-growing social networks in the world. It is a new era of beauty content. Now, even the users, who do not follow your account, will notice it, so your salon.

The audience of TikTok grew up. These people are ready to spend on quality services. So why not use it?

Find the best way to promote your beauty salon on TikTok. And, EasyWeek will be happy to optimize its work while you are busy with more important tasks.

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