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Best marketing ideas for a beauty salon in 2023


This article will examine the critical notions in promoting a beauty salon in 2022. So let's speak about those secrets that will help you attract customers together with the simple life hacks for advertising a beauty salon.

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Unique beauty salon image

Usually, owners start their business by developing the original brand concept. Only after they care about all the other things like, for example, registration, receiving licenses and permits, etc. You can find the whole list of necessary actions for opening a beauty salon in the previous article.

The corporate image of a beauty shop is that essential detail that helps stand out. A good idea for a business is almost 100% guarantee that your company will be successful. The potential clients will notice you, so your beauty parlour will get more visitors and, of course, more profit. An unusual interior solution, catchy name or slogan, top/unique services, thematic design, and handy software are the steps that'll make you the best out of the best. Just try it! Plus, don't forget that you must create your brand according to the beauty trends. Let's consider some of them:

  1. Mobile beauty services. Modern software helps a lot in our daily life and makes people extremely busy. That's why mobile services are getting more and more popular nowadays. It can be a solution for a beauty parlour that can satisfy all the customers' needs. You'll gain respect and, of course, clients. And the best that everyone is satisfied: customers won't lose time getting to your beauty salon, and your beauty shop won't lose any visitors.

  2. Express beauty services. Comprehensive service is one of the priorities in today's hectic life. It means that your salon offers several services at once. For instance, a manicure with a pedicure or even with some 3rd service like, for example, styling.

  3. The 21st century and its globalisation have brought us a new trend – being eco-friendly. It has influenced the beauty business as well. Customers vote for nature, so they tend to select beauty shops made of eco-materials with eco-safe services and products. In this case, your decor should include antiques and vintage items, the floors are better be wooden, and the walls have to be painted in natural tones that correspond to this style.

    The relationship between humanity and nature has always been complicated. Nowadays, companies tend to harmonize them as it is one of the notions customers appreciate. And here, we have to mention that the main idea isn't in the style or design of the beauty shop. It is in understanding humans' impact on flora and fauna. That's why together with eco-style, we advise keeping eco-standards in providing services (why not to use less plastic, etc.) and producing eco-cosmetics. If you have the ability and, most importantly, the desire to make eco-products, it'd be a perfect idea to help nature and impress clients. Plus, selling such exclusive cosmetics will leave your competitors far away.

  4. Make your beauty parlour a place free of stress. Who wouldn't like to ignore all the problems and just enjoy healthcare? Make a tiny library out of books about fashion and beauty. Or you can also create a small cinema in your beauty salon, so your customers will enjoy their favourite movies while getting quality service. It doesn't sound that difficult, but it's an effective way of attracting and keeping clients.

  5. Another way of attracting customers is making them remember you. You can, for instance, develop a dress code, so your staff will look fancy and stylish. Think not only about beautiful clothes but also about the quality manicure and hairstyle of the workers as it shows how good you provide services.

  6. Sometimes to stand out, there is no need to get any extra details. Switch on relaxing music, and get bright light. Only you can select what will bring your beauty shop a magnificent gloss.

A charming history of a beauty salon

A personal brand is a story of your ups and downs. The roadmap to your success. Being a professional is admired as there aren't many such specialists. Today, people are ready to pay more for the brand, so why not use it to your advantage?

Don't be shy to tell your story to the world:

  • Put the photos of your progress in chronological order.

  • Write a beautiful and the most important true story.

  • Share your past, fears and failures.

It'll make customers feel closer to you and the beauty salon, and it'll surely make them come back.

The beauty salon reputation

  1. Beauty salon attendance dramatically depends on its image and reputation. You have to prove that your beauty parlour is among the strongest competitors in the current market. To achieve this goal, it's better to analyse the work of the beauty shop and show it from the best angle. Why not film a short video about your beauty salon, encourage your loyal customers to write reviews to your website, etc.

  2. The "Before/After" section is a great solution to demonstrate how your customers change after visiting the beauty salon. Visualization always helps to attract more attention.

  3. In addition to the methods we mentioned above, there are many others like, for example, collaboration. You can work with brands that have already succeeded in beauty. It'll show that your business is worthy and deserves attention. Another solution is franchise when you buy an existing idea and open a new beauty shop under a famous name. It's useful because everything is made for you: starting from a business plan and finishing with marketing strategies.

  4. The staff. Your employees aren't just workers. They are the face of the beauty salon. The personnel policy you conduct influences the general impression your salon makes. Adding specialists to your website, remember to attach their photos and provide a short bio with their skills and strong sides. This way, you'll show that the workers aren't robots – they are alive people with their lives, passions, hobbies and failures. We all like to be involved, which gives the feeling of a friendly and safe area.

Website promotion: strategies

  1. To promote a beauty salon, you'll need an effective internet platform, which can be presented in several variants, for instance like a website. There are several tools for creating a website, for example, a website builder. But a site alone isn't enough. It's essential to raise it in the search engines. Website attendance results from a promotion, which involves strategies and methods in the internet space. To be visible via Google, you better set up an account in Google business.

  2. Paid content: Google ads. Before selecting a strategy, ensure you understand the campaign's primary goals. If your aim is getting into the first lines of search engines, contextual advertising is the best choice. Its setting considers the needs of potential customers according to a particular set of phrases entered by users. However, first lines aren't the main thing for a successful beauty shop. If you want to attract "the right" audience that'll buy a product/service, use targeted advertising as it presents the content visually. It'll be cool to attach photos of the works made in the beauty shop for a beauty salon.

  3. Social media has become the 21st-century tool for creating a robust client base. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will significantly help drive your website traffic. Just place a link to the site in the profile description and enjoy the flow of customers. All your followers must do is click on this link and go to the website. You must also remember the proper order of hashtags and a location while posting. Talking about Pinterest, visual content plays the leading role here and makes the audience more receptive.

  4. It's almost impossible to get a good website without a professional copywriter. The traffic depends on the correct placement of requests, which are typed into a search engine. To get a successful website, collecting the requested data and writing all the texts according to the "internet rules" is essential.

  5. You can also promote your beauty shop, using the local media. Tell about your goals and history, provide quality service and be sure you'll get clients.

  6. Understand the principle of building ads. A truly successful advertisement has to meet the following requirements:

  • advantages and opportunities

  • a visual representation of the work that has been done

  • call to action, thanks to which the client understands what to do

  • "the right" daily situations

And, remember that the advertising should not annoy but motivate the potential customer to take the action we want.

Out-of-home advertising of a beauty salon

  1. Seasonal local activities: why not style the main characters of the event.

  2. Collaboration with stars: if you have a good budget, it'll be a smart solution to get more attention.

  3. Referral program: offer bonuses to loyal clients for advising your beauty salon.

  4. Selfie-zone: create a location; remember to add a hashtag of your salon to let the potential customers find you via social media.

  5. Partnership: empower your young business with a strong partner, who'll help with the first steps.

  6. Charity: donate hair to do wigs. It may seem that you don't get anything out of it, but actually, you get the most important - a positive image.

  7. Business cards: give clients business cards with your contacts to make them remember your beauty shop.

  8. Leaflets: it'll be most effective to hand out leaflets in crowded places, like, for instance, shopping malls.

Pricing policy and handy tools for increasing revenue

  1. Retailing goods: it'll double the check because clients will be sure that the product is quality as they've seen what their master has used and advised.

  2. Contests: organize a competition among staff to encourage them to sell and consult more.

  3. Find a balance: constant price increase won't make you succeed, sometimes it's useful to lower the price to keep clients' loyalty and trust.

  4. Divide services into simple and complex: make a set of simple services like cutting ends or washing the head, and complex services like dying hair or making a haircut.

Staff motivation and increasing of the service quality

The key to success in a beauty salon is communication. It's important to stay polite and friendly. This way, you'll show that you understand your customers: their joy and fear. While booking a service, ask a client about the best time, send him notifications about the appointment, etc.

Importance of trial services and products

  • Computer selection of hairstyle becomes extra popular. Why not offer this service to your clients and then print the image you've got. It'll make them smile and, of course, come back to your beauty salon.

  • Add testers to every purchase to encourage customers to buy more.

  • Let them try more! Trial services are the solution for people who are too anxious to visit unknown beauty shops.

  • Create useful checklists for maintaining beauty and place them on your website for free. It'll drive traffic to the site and make your clients happy.

Power of feedback

  • The best way to maintain long-term relationships with customers is to remind them about your beauty salon with emails. You can do it using, for instance, Constant Contact.

  • Another way of keeping in touch with clients is SMS campaigns. To do it, you'll need special software, like, for example, EasyWeek.

  • Considering your price policy, find out the possible promotions and, after, build a loyalty program upon them.

You'll get more visits if the salon is easy-accessible. The best idea is an online booking system, which allows 24/7 online booking and many other valuable options. We offer you to try the EasyWeek scheduling appointment system for free to decide whether it works well for your salon.


Start thinking about your business plan as soon as you are ready to open a beauty salon. And we'll be happy if our tips and tricks help you start this complicated but joyful beauty business.

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