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How to boost your salon clientele


The Christmas rush is a perfect time for every business. Sales go up, customers buy tons of various stuff, and everyone is satisfied. Then, the big day comes. After the 25th of December sales tend to decrease. The following boost will happen before New Year Eve, and then silence.

Experienced business owners may already know that the two last winter months are dead for the beauty market. Clients have already spent a lot before, so the business stops. Sure, any entrepreneur tries to minimize the damage. And, it is possible!

If you'd like to make the most of the winter, continue reading this article. Together, we'll discover all the pitfalls of the winter season for a beauty market. The journey will refresh your memory if you've already heard some marketing tips. It will also be helpful for those who have just started their beauty salon or SPA. Let's begin!

It all starts with marketing. Promote your beauty parlor online and offline. Launch targeted ads and print leaflets, use SMM and collaborate with reliable bloggers. The choice is simply enormous. It depends on your budget, aims, and audience.

The next day after Christmas usually boosts sales. The 26th of December is the lucky day for many shopaholics. Discounts may go up to 80%, offering the same items for better pricing. Boxing Day is beneficial both for sellers and customers. The first can sell more, and the second may get products for the best pricing.

Yes, it is. Boxing Day is a great marketing event for many industries. Beauty and hair salons aren't exceptions. Frequently, beauty salon owners create special post-Christmas offers to attract clients. Skincare, hair services, and other treatments are the most popular options. Makeups are less prevalent during this period.

Post-holiday blues: boosting sales in January

Have you ever experienced sales wane during the wintertime? If your answer is positive, you face typical customer behavior. Clients rarely buy the amount of stuff they did before the holidays. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about seasonal holidays, cultural or national ones. The outcome is the same. Before the event, customers buy too much. Then, after the celebration, they count their budgets and save.

The beauty industry is among the most dependable ones. Beauty services aren't the main thing to get for many people. They often serve as additional benefits to treat yourself. That's why skipping a nail appointment doesn't sound like a big deal for many women. Especially after Christmas, when people spent vast amounts of money on desired but useless stuff. Unless you have a large army of clients to stay OK with several no-shows and sales going down, you have to do something.

This 'something' we call marketing. A well-marketed beauty salon will barely lose its clients due to post-Christmas blues.

How to market a beauty salon the way it sells well during winter?

The question may be tricky for many. First of all, you have to present the salon online. SMM and targeted ads are the best helpers to do that. After you've done these steps, proceed to offline solutions. They include different types of printed ads.

'Traditional marketing is out of date, no?' – well, yes and no. On the one hand, this type of marketing isn't as effective as online. On the other hand, only traditional marketing can reach numerous local audiences. Indeed, we are working primarily for those who use the Internet. However, beauty salon clients are also the people who prefer other interaction channels. That's why simple leaflets may work as well as targeted ads. This rule works for small and midsized beauty studios.

Bigger businesses can promote themselves on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, etc. In any case, traditional and digital marketing together show the best results. Just check it!

Talking about post-Christmas apathy, the beauty business should pay attention to the clients' moods. If your audience is calm, offer some discounts and special offers. Do not be afraid to lose. Let's look at the salon that provides a 10% discount for the chosen hair services. For instance, a hairdresser served seven people per day, making $75 out of each client. The amount s(he) made daily was $525. If we decrease the price and serve more clients, the revenue will change positively. Helping 10 people will increase sales without harming the reputation. This way, a beauty specialist will make $675, compared to the $525 he made before.

Then, the salon can come back to the regular pricing. Such promotion results are a more significant clientele, better reputation, and sales growth. Those who liked the hair services will come back even when they increase prices.

NB! Do not offer too significant discounts. It won't help to get more loyal clients. 5-10% off is the ideal solution. This way, the salon will still get more guests, it won't lose money, and it won't attract those clients who want only a one-time discount.

TOP-7 successful selling tips you better use this winter

There are numerous ways to save a beauty salon from the January silence. We've collected 7 tips to boost beauty sales this winter.

  1. Think about January in advance. You can offer your staff to work more before Christmas, then have a more extended break after holidays. For example, the team works 6 days in November – December, and then they have a 2-week holiday in January.

  2. Winter is the perfect time to sell more skin- and hair care beauty products. If clients want them, offer them. You can create treatment sets, wrap them nicely, and benefit from selling such stuff.

  3. Work on your loyalty program. The more creative offers you have, the better. November is a great time to optimize your loyalty program.

  4. Offer gift cards. Make them look stylish. Vouchers always help to benefit.

  5. Rise prices before Christmas, not after. There is a temptation to increase pricing after holidays. New Year with new pricing. However, January blues isn't the best time to do it. Consider changing your price list in November – December.

  6. Promote sets of services. Manicure + Pedicure with a discount will attract beauty lovers.

  7. Prepare treats and sweets for your visitors. The tiny gesture will make them like your place more.

Post-Christmas restrictions and beauty business

The government has eased the Covid-19 restrictions before Christmas. However, it led to countless Covid-19 cases, which doctors tried to control with booster vaccines. Together with the Omicron, the situation looks too changeable.

The beauty business should stay flexible. If you've already had a plan B, consider working on plans C, D, etc. It is essential, as new restrictions appear daily, and no one can forecast them.

It is more likely that salons will be allowed to work. However, the cleaning, spacing, and other preventive measures have to stay at the highest level.

CRM and marketing for sales growth

The beauty salon business may suffer from a lack of attention during the post-holiday blues. It is normal, but we can minimize the effect. The easiest way to do it is to combine effective marketing and handy scheduling.

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