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Healthcare marketing strategy: Christmas & New Year


  1. Introduction

  2. How holiday sales boost medical business

  3. Beating Covid-19: maximizing Christmas promo effect

  4. Christmas marketing ideas for medical centers

  5. How to keep the sales up after the holidays

#1 Introduction

Christmas is right around the corner. Many customers are still overbuying stuff, feeling energized after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These modern holidays have become great helpers for the world of product and service sales.

Every year more and more people want to invest in their health. Clients are tired of the Covid-19 restrictions that led them to buy many useless things. As a result, caring about yourself, your body, and your soul has become extremely popular.

The 21st century has taught society that almost anyone needs to have a medical check-up. Due to constant stress, overeating, drinking, medical services have become a handy present for Christmas day.

Isn't it high time to optimize resources and work a bit harder than usual to attract and retain patients? Keep reading to find some ideas on how your clinic can be successful this Christmas.

Sure, it is possible. Modern society is eager to spend on self-care services. Show these people that you are ready to help, and they'll visit your cabinet. Marketing and quality service are still the basis of effective Christmas sales, even if we talk about medicine.

It would be great if you could. However, there are many free ways to advertise a medical establishment and cover the audience, for example, video greetings or festive emails. Continue reading to choose the one you like out of many.

It can happen if you don't work with your patients. Invest your time, energy, and budget into establishing a tight connection with clients. Retaining a patients is the same important as attracting new. We cannot afford single-visit clients. They may hurt the business as the service offered at a discount has to be just the first step in getting quality medical help at your center. Another way there is a high chance to get many customers who want to use free or discount procedures.

#2 How holiday sales boost medical business

There is no better option than presenting yourself during the Christmas sale rush. Many clients are ready to spend a fortune on valuable gifts. They seek other options when they cannot find them in the shops and e-commerce stores. Medical services have become a handy present for many.

A doctor who works for himself must be smart enough to present himself on the current market. The number of medical services is crazy, so make sure your offer differs.

There is no need to be too creative or overqualified. Just talk to the people you want to sell. Think about creating a powerful personal brand. Then sure, quality decides.

Christmas special offers are profitable for a medical business as they:

  • Boost sales.

  • Help to attract and retain a loyal audience.

  • Provide a tool to present new, unusual services and test their popularity.

Even though you are not sure whether you are ready to try something new this Christmas, try to improve the existing marketing campaign. The pandemic left entrepreneurs no other way to grow and scale their businesses.

#3 Beating Covid-19: maximizing Christmas promo effect

There are a lot of trifles to remember in the holiday rush we are awaiting. So let's see what any doctor can't skip the brand-new features of the medical market.

7 tricks to keep your patients safe and sound and control the profit growth

  1. Rely on loyal patients. There is a temptation to dive into the world of Christmas marketing, forgetting the critical notions of business management. The first rule is to keep your existing audience satisfied. Then, you will be able to attract new patients and grow organically.

  2. Keep your medical standard high and your medical ethics strict. There is a risk of getting stressed or even depressed at work during the festive rush. Burnout at the workplace is a common thing to happen. Make sure your staff is doing fine, following the rules of medical ethics.

  3. Prevent burnouts. Staff is the heart of a clinic. When your team feels great, your business will prosper. Make sure to offer the doctors you work with a stable schedule, time to rest, and pleasant trifles to be thankful for. The best is to order some Christmas foods for the staff's room, offer the employees an additional day off, etc. Usually, these actions won't hurt your finances. Yes, you'll invest indeed. However, the revenue is always higher than the initial investment in team management.

  4. Offer vouchers. Have you thought about creating gift cards to present your medical services? Yes, it is possible! Even more, it is profitable and worth trying. We advise printing a dozen certificates, checking the performance, and deciding finally.

  5. Stay as flexible as possible. It is the best thing to keep fine in the Covid-19 era. Test new procedures, hire young doctors, give chances to inspire ideas. Medicine is a serious business that requires a dash of changes as well.

  6. Use social media to keep in touch with the patients. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter are your best options. Update the profiles at least twice per week to keep your online presence effective. Include functional materials to make it engaging. And don't hesitate to start. Being shy is overestimated.

  7. Allow personal growth. Offer your staff the pleasure to choose a course to start after Christmas. It can be lovely promo ideas for your business. It will also help satisfy the team, motivating them to work better.

#4 Christmas marketing ideas for medical centers

The holiday season should enter the door of your clinic. It may start with nice festive decor and finish with pleasant discounts. We have collected several variants to refresh a medical business you own right now.

10 marketing ideas for medical business

  1. Shoot a festive video and greet your patients.

  2. Make a calendar with the most important events of 2021.

  3. Create a list of the ideas you have for 2022, post it online.

  4. Offer a photo contest. Let people share their successful recovery stories.

  5. Answer the frequent questions online.

  6. Organize a party for patients. It will boost your sales via many posts online.

  7. Keep your blog festive. Write about Christmas the same as we are doing now. It works as a good magnet for those who enjoy checking the place on the Internet before visiting.

  8. Add a few discounted services for your loyal clients. Let customers feel special.

  9. Contribute to charity. It is good to help, especially before Christmas. Offer your audience to join and cover more people.

  10. Email patients with some festive greetings. It is pleasant to receive personal letters, even via email. Spend some time creating holiday texts and wish your patients well-being.

#5 How to keep the sales up after the holidays

When Christmas is over, make sure to keep the work you were doing before. Then, of course, you can slow down and take a deep breath, calculating the festive income your clinic has got but never stop.

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