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Opening keratin treatment salon


Humanity has become extremely lazy. On the one hand, there is nothing positive about this tendency. But, on the other hand, laziness forces businesses to grow. Yes, that's how lash extensions, waxing, permanent makeup, and keratin have appeared. The less time it takes a woman to feel beautiful, the better.

Hair treatment is among the most popular beauty salon services. Healthy, shiny hair is a must-have for any woman. And, the best is that with the innovative technologies and equipment, it is possible for many. Are you dreaming about a perfect Instagram picture? Make it real, getting hair keratin, botox or nanoplastics. Being an expert in hair services is even better. It can help you to grow a prosperous business.

Various hair services are in crazy demand. Females are eager to pay for a flawless look, fantastic hair, and expertise. The market is full of beauty salons. However, there is a chance to enter by offering the best quality and brand-new ideas. It isn't as hard as it may sound. Let's see how to prosper! We will cover hair treatment business expenses, risks, and benefits, together with marketing hacks to get more clients.

The software is essential as it covers most of the common issues. It doesn't matter whether you will start a salon or work alone – CRM is the best way to scale. The key software benefits are convenient online appointments, client base, staff schedule and consumables management.

It is a common question. Read this article to understand how to choose the best CRM.

There are 5 basic steps to start a beauty salon. Come out with a beauty salon's concept. Write down a detailed business plan for the future beauty parlor, then calculate the budget. Select and connect a salon booking system. Welcome clients!

Hair treatment services

There are a lot of hair services to keep the hair healthy, shiny, and good-looking. Among the most common are:

  • Keratin treatment,

  • Botox,

  • Nanoplastics,

  • Bioplastics,

  • Bixiplasty,

  • Semi-permanent straightening.

A great variety of brand-new hair services can supplement the list. The demand decides: clients ask, so the new options appear every season. Anyway, the basis is always the same. Customers come to get a flawless hair look. The way you offer it to them doesn't matter.

The average price for hair botox, nanoplastics, and keratin

The 3 most popular services are hair botox, nanoplastics, and keratin treatment. They are the salon's basis. If you offer these three options only, the chances of getting clients are already high. So, what are they?

Keratin treatment is the service for hair that looks thin and dull. Keratin covers every inch, making it shine brighter. The result is impressive. Clients get healthy and shiny hair for months. They don't need to bother about hairstyles. Every morning routine becomes simpler as the hair looks good 24/7. Usually, it takes twice less time than without the keratin hair treatment.

Keratin is pretty popular. So, there are a lot of different options and prices. Usually, its cost depends on:

  • Hair length.

  • The level of hair damage.

  • Time to deal with the hair.

The average price is about $300. The skillful hair specialists take up to $500. Also, the price depends on the cosmetics and additional services. For example, a client can ask for keratin hair treatment + botox. Then, the service will cost more. Long hair also requires further treatment so that the cost will differ. The best idea is to check the competitors' offers and create the average price in the local market.

Hair botox is a service for hair nourishment. Botox fills the hair, making it look thicker and healthier. Same as with keratin treatment, hair after the service will look much better. A client will style them in a few minutes without any additional cosmetics. The benefit of botox is that the more you do, the better the result is. Hair will look much healthier in a few sessions, and the effect will last longer. However, it'll be better to use keratin for those who want to straighten it.

Botox repairs hair but doesn't straighten it at all. The price is more or less affordable. A beginner takes about $150. At the same time, an experienced hairdresser charges up to $300.

Nanoplastics is the 3rd popular variant. The service works well for highly damaged hair that requires complete treatment. 40% of clients choose nanoplastics. The effect is lasting: for up to 9 months. The minimum price for nanoplastics is $250, while the maximum can be $550.

Hair salon keratin treatment: initial investment

The main expenses are education, rent, and consumables. Let's see what they are in detail.


The price of professional hair treatment courses starts from $200. There are also no limits. The more famous teachers you choose, the higher the price will be. In most cases, an introductory hair treatment course will be enough. Later, you'll add essential information and practice the theory.

After you've got the basis, consider getting another course to grow. The next level will cost about $250. Usually, such training includes creative techniques and trendy treatments.

Another option is online courses. They are cheaper, but you'll need to practice anyway. After finishing them, a beginner will hardly be able to work. Practice takes up to a few months. It is the step you cannot skip. You can find online courses for $30 – 50.

Consumables and equipment

Beauty products take the leading role in any hair treatment. Quality keratin, botox, and nanoplastics are must-haves. First, you can get a set of them. Then, see how it goes and order more. The best idea is to check the client's hair and get the product that suits it. It is often pretty expensive, so some essential quality solutions are more common.

A bottle of keratin, botox, or nanoplastics starts from $200. Of course, you'll have to get at least one of each, so the minimum investment is $600.

The average client uses 60 – 100 ml. So, one bottle will be enough to serve 5 – 6 clients.

Kate — hairdresser

Then, it is necessary to buy the hair straightener: they are of different brands, features, and prices. You can get one starting from $250. Together with this equipment, a hairdresser has to get other consumables like:

  • Brushes,

  • Bowls,

  • Hair clips,

  • Disposable towels,

  • Capes.

All these materials have to be ordered at least twice per month. Another investment is special shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, and other cosmetics. Make sure you have at least $200 to spend on them.

Doing simple calculations, we see that one client requires consumables that cost about $70. The price for one session starts from $150. The revenue is pretty impressive. It is a profitable niche to start, even for those who have no client base for now.


Professional service is the basis of effective performance. What do we understand as a good one? Hair treatment services are peculiar. The cosmetics are toxic when used wrong. A hairdresser has to heat the client's hair to make the product work. Naturally, the smells may be unpleasant for many and toxic for sensitive customers. A hair specialist has to wear protective masks with filters. The good idea is to offer one to clients as well.

Performing the same act at home may be dangerous, especially when kids or pets. In any case, beginners often have no other choice. They start at home and scale to the salon. If you are working from home, open the windows as frequently as possible, use masks, and close the doors to avoid spreading the toxins.

So, what about service in this case? Everyone prefers beauty studios with excellent staff, a pleasant atmosphere, and acceptable pricing. Such trifles as a cup of hot coffee, clean room with fresh air are unforgettable. They are not too difficult to cope with. Think in detail about what your clients want, what they like/dislike to offer the best treatment.

To conclude, we have to say that work from home is acceptable for beginners. However, it is not the best idea for professional hairdressers. That's why rent is the basis.

Rent investments include:

  • The rent itself: $1000 – 1500.

  • Hairdressing equipment (chair, table, sink, mirror): $1500 – 2000.

  • Audio system, TV, kettle, cups, etc.: $1000.

These expenses may look additional. But it is the best way to improve service, scale, and get better revenue. In any case, you'll have to invest in growth. And only you choose when to do it.

How to profit from hair keratin treatment and botox

A lot of hairdressers are afraid to start doing keratin and other treatments. Some think they will fail; others aren't sure whether they need it. That's normal. Every new beginning brings a dash of nerves. Stay calm and persistent. There are several ways to prosper.

First of all, practice – is the top way to success. A beginner cannot make the same revenue as a skillful hairdresser. Primarily because of experience. So, after you master the performance, tell your story on social media. Instagram and TikTok are perfect communication channels. Beauty salon clients appreciate visual content. So, post regularly, take creative photos, and use storytelling. These things will help to satisfy clients and grow.

To attract guests:

Where to get clients?

There are many groups where you can find your first clients. Offer low prices, master the performance, then establish average pricing. Don't be afraid to frighten your audience with the price growth. Those who visit salons just to be a model won't return anyway. Other clients usually choose the average price.

Then marketing and promotion. The first thing you have to do is to use targeted ads. It will help attract first clients. Then the word-of-mouth will work for you.

You better get the software starting a hair salon or working by yourself. CRM is the best choice to automate routines, optimize performance, and scale.

TOP reasons to connect CRM

  • A client base will be automated and systemized. There is no need to write down every detail about a client. Enter the data into the system once, and refresh your memory before each client's visit.

  • Online appointments will be available 24/7. Customers prefer booking out of work hours. Primarily because during your work hours, they also work. So this option helps to get more visitors.

  • Convenient scheduling. The system helps create a suitable timetable, maintain balance in loading, and exclude overbooking.

  • Free booking widget, which you can place on any social network, for instance, in the Instagram bio. It boosts sales and makes the account look more professional.

  • Free website. EasyWeek, for instance, offers free site creation. Moreover, it is incredibly convenient as it saves money and time.

  • Notifications. CRM notifies clients and staff about appointments, special offers, promotions, etc. It is a handy marketing helper.


Starting a new hair treatment salon is a perfect chance to stand out in 2022. We have already understood that the beauty market is over-flooded with various services. The only opportunity to be noticed is to offer the best quality for the average price. It sounds pathetic, but beginners should gain clientele first. Then they can change pricing, add more services, etc.

Hair treatments like keratin, botox, and nanoplastics are top-rated. The upcoming year is preferable for many beauty startups. The principles stay the same:

These notions decide whether your business will succeed. In the case of hair treatment, the possibility is enormous. Use it for your benefit!

Another plus is that the business ROI is pretty fast. Considering all the expenses on education, rent, and consumables, you'll return the investments in 6 months.

Since the upcoming year is expected to be fruitful for the beauty industry, it is likely to start today. Clients are tired of Covid-19 restrictions. That's why quality hair treatment is trending. People have no desire to do healthcare and beauty routines by themselves anymore. They are ready to pay for visiting a beauty salon. Give the customers a dose of a beauty boost. Their satisfaction is your primary way to grow.

Good luck in starting a hair reconstruction business. It isn't as difficult as many think. EasyWeek CRM software will help you in your salon business. Try for free!

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