What is Black Friday

Black Friday is an event that has become popular all around the globe. It is tightly associated with shopping. However, initially, the holiday has a different meaning.

A short history of Black Friday

Policemen from Philadelphia firstly used the collocation "Black Friday." In the 1950s, things became so crazy that the police couldn't even cope with all the chaos. It happened so because the crowd got used to celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the end of November. It is traditionally celebrated as an official holiday every 4th Thursday in November. So, Friday is still a business day.

Many people didn't even bother about going out to work. They preferred shopping. So the police had to deal with a lot of traffic that often led to the transport collapse. Pretty often, the police couldn't even take a holiday on Thanksgiving Day as people were ready "to shop" in advance. So they came out, shouted, fought, etc.

So, originally the term Black Friday has nothing to do with shopping. Instead, the meaning was rather negative, as it was a dark day for the US police.

Then another date – 1869. The 19th century Black Friday is considered to be one of the worst events of the US economy. Two magnates who ruled a railroad business decided to buy a big part of all the existing gold in the country. So, Jay Gould and James Fisk wanted to increase the prices for train transportation. It was a good plan for two. They planned every detail. The gold had to increase in price so that the grains would be in demand. And, it seemed to be a working idea till the government decided to throw a tremendous amount of gold into the market. Firstly, the gold rate increased by 65%, then it collapsed by almost 30%. It was one of the most tragic events in the economic history of America.

Since the 1980th, Black Friday had grown into a commercial holiday. It is the official start of a Christmas shopping period.

And what about Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is another shopping event. The Monday that follows Black Friday is a peak of online sales.

If Black Friday is responsible for offline shopping in offline stores, Cyber Monday usually increases e-commerce sales. In addition, employees have come back to their workplaces so that they can shop via computers.

Nowadays, Cyber Monday is as effective as Black Friday, mainly because the sales are gone online. Anyway, the Black Friday – Cyber Monday period is the thing of our today's interest.

This time is the best period to offer special discounts, promotions, and so on. Therefore, it is trendy not only in the USA but also all around the world.

This year's Black Friday is on the 26th of November. However, it does not mean that you can use just one day to boost your sales. The optimal period is from the actual Black Friday and up to Cyber Monday. So, it will be three best-selling days.

Of course, no! Even the global pandemic couldn't stop this widespread holiday. On the contrary, marketers spend even more time creating the best offers and promotions.

First, stand out – start Black Friday earlier. Second, inform your audience about it and sell even more. It is high time to be creative and analytical.

Then Launch targeted ads, Notify your clients on social media, Collaborate with influencers.

How to use Black Friday for your benefit

Everyone likes presents. When was the last time you offered a nice gift to your clients? Retaining customers is essential. The best way to do it is to provide something special, but not to push. Black Friday is a perfect tool to boost your salon's sales. Add a loyalty program, a little marketing life hacks, and you've attracted your loyal customers.

This article will teach you how to increase sales in a beauty salon, barbershop, or SPA.

So, Black Friday is an ideal reason to:

  • Remind the guests who visited you at least once about your services.

  • Notify your customers about all the services they can get in your beauty salon.

  • Offer your audience new services at a nice discount.

  • Attract new visitors. For example, you can work with your clients' relatives and friends.

The most crucial detail is to prepare reasonable offers. So now, let's take a look at the promotions to present this Black Friday.

Black Friday and marketing

Discounts attract new visitors. So why not use them? Sure, there is no point in offering a good discount for all the services. Then your business can lose more than gain. The most important is to create a profitable deal both for you and your clients.

  • One discount for all the services.

    The average discount to offer is 15-20%. It will not hurt your business, and the guests will be satisfied. Such sales are also an excellent chance to attract more clients. They will try the service, then come back to get more.

  • Professional products sales: hair products, skincare, cosmetics

    The optimal discount is 10-15%. Selling cosmetic products is not the primary way of income. Often, clients do not even bother to ask about prices for professional cosmetics. They think it is too expensive. So, a small discount is a good chance for them to try it. Statistics show that 50% of people who buy products this way come back if they like it.

  • Discount on gift certificates

    The certificates are in demand among those who want to choose a pleasant present or get full access to many services. Everyone is happy to receive a gift card because they can choose the time, service, and so on.

    There are several ways to sell more certificates. For example, you can use 24 hours of Black Friday or prolong the promo for a few days or even a week.

The discounts can be:

  • 15% off all the services included in the card.

  • Bonus points in case of getting a service during the promo campaign.

  • A free service that goes as a bonus to the certificate.

You can simplify your life by selecting the months when you are less busy. So the card will last during this period. So, the salon will be able to distribute the workload.

  • Discount for complex services

    One of the working ideas is to create a complex of services. For example, when a client gets a manicure, he will get 15% off a pedicure. Then it will be profitable for you and pleasant for customers.

    Highlight the benefit a customer gets when getting a service. People are visual creatures. Visualize the effect and increase your revenue.

TOP-3 benefits of implementing the strategy:

  1. You get a loyal audience.

  2. A client pays for all the services at once.

  3. There is a chance to offer additional services during each next client's visit.

  • Collaborate with another business

    You can work with a local café or gym. These niches are pleasant to combine. For example, offer skincare + a cup of coffee for free.

Examples of special offers:

  1. One massage + one free fitness lesson.

  2. Two sessions with a coach + free nail service.

  3. Manicure + free facial.

There are several benefits: clients receive new experiences and cheaper services. And you get a customer flow.

  • Service as a gift

    A client pays for one service and gets a second as a gift. Sounds nice, right?

This method is beneficial both for clients and a salon:

  1. Clients get a nice gift = you get a loyal audience.

  2. The offer attracts a lot of customers.

  3. You can offer additional services.

  4. Guests often present the free service to their friends. So, there are more chances to scale for you.

Black Friday marketing strategies

Black Friday will be effective only when you prepare your audience for it.

  • Social media

    First and foremost, post the offer on Instagram and TikTok. Use a nice visual and prepare a +5% discount for those who share the information. That is the best way to cover more people.

  • Hashtags

    Add a few hashtags to the post with the offer. So, even the users who do not follow you will reach your account.

  • Email your audience

    Notify your clients about the promotion. Do it in advance. Inform users the week before the event, post the promo details a few days before the sale. Then, remember that personal offers have a better effect. Use the client's name, for example.

  • Handouts

    Leaflets and flyers work very well. Print them, then hand out the material to the locals. They are your primary goal. You can offer an additional discount for those who got the leaflet. It will increase your coverage and sales.

Can I use several options at once?

Sure! It is the best way of advertising. Select the variants that work best in your case, combine them, and double the effect.

Clients appreciate the truth. There is no need to increase the prices before Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then offer a discount. It will ruin your reputation.

Never compromise reputation to the fast revenue.


Black Friday is the main event for all the shopaholics, business people, entrepreneurs, etc. It all started as a rather sad situation. However, nowadays, there are so many benefits of Black Friday.

Some companies even tried to transform Black Friday into Big Friday, but it didn't work out. Nevertheless, we are still in love with the classic holiday, even though it is not official.

Black Friday is spreading worldwide. It is high time to use the event for your benefit. There are no strict rules. The main is to stay honest with your audience.

EasyWeek booking app is a friendly tool to retain the clients you've attracted during Black Friday. We will be glad to optimize your beauty salon and scale together. Contact us in case of any queries or feedback.

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