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Salon marketing 2022


  1. Introduction

  2. How branding helps to scale

  3. How to create a beauty salon marketing plan that works

  4. Dozen steps to making a perfect hair salon marketing plan in 2022

  5. Digital & Traditional marketing: what to use

  6. Top-16 marketing do's and don'ts

  7. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

The latest time wasn't the best for many niches. The beauty industry has suffered a lot. Many beauty salons still cannot be reopened after the strict Covid-19 related restrictions. The pandemic hurt almost everyone. However, now things are starting to get better. Step by step, the world has gotten used to the strict rules of modern life. Now, a business has to be pandemic-proof.

It may seem that the beauty salon business isn't among the ones that can work well during a catastrophe. Actually, yes and no. Any beauty studio can succeed even during a pandemic. Only when it has flexible business and marketing plans.

Detailed planning is always a must to do. Sure, the last few years have taught us to change our plans as fast as possible. However, it doesn't mean that scheduling is the thing to forget. It simply has to be changeable.

If you can't change your plan to adapt, you are on the wrong path.

Today, we will cover writing down a marketing plan for 2022, scheduling business, and setting up aims. We hope you are ready. Let's start!

Research the market, your closest competitors, and your target audience. Make sure you know the modern trends. After, sit down and write the information you've got. You can start with a simple essay in which you have to think about the desired aims, possible risks, and ways of their minimization. Then the plan has to be detailed. Never forget to check the budget you have to invest and the final revenue you will get. The ROI is crucial. Do not set unreal goals. Stay optimistic but realistic.

It is barely possible. A business plan still has to be complemented by a marketing one. Presenting a new business is extra essential. We do not recommend risking and opening a beauty studio without thought-out planning. You can easily waste time and money.

No, they are two different papers. However, you need both to start working. A business plan is responsible for a beauty salon business organization. It covers legal requirements, licenses, and permits, etc. At the same time, a marketing plan for a beauty studio is a paper about beauty salon promotion. It includes marketing aims, ways of their achievement, and possible pr risks.

#2 How branding helps to scale

Beauty salon branding is a trendy topic these days. Just a few years ago, entrepreneurs didn't even think about any unique branding. They usually stopped at creating a pleasant atmosphere and some marketing strategy to suit the salon. Things have changed, and now salon branding is something you have to get.

A lot of beauty salons work hard to create an original studio. Then they also spend time posting aesthetic photos about their performance on Instagram and shooting videos for TikTok. The world has understood that the best way to stand out is to stay yourself. So many business people spend weeks thinking about an outstanding idea that will bring them popularity. It can be anything! Maybe you like a minimalistic design? Perhaps your team shares some common values? For example, being eco-friendly is pretty profitable.

First, think about the idea you like. Then, after your team comes out with some concept, develop it. The more details your plan has, the better it will be. Even if later the concept changes, you will have some way to grow.

Original branding attracts clients and helps to retain them. Many customers are so tired of pandemic restrictions. They would like to forget about Covid-19 and immerse themselves in the world of beauty and fashion. That is why offering visitors a place to escape works ideally. Sure, we still have to remember some rules of the pandemic. However, creating an extraordinary design and providing guests with the best services will 100% scale your business.

There are plenty of beauty salons. Think about how you differ and use the feature for your benefit.

#3 How to create a beauty salon marketing plan that works

How do you imagine the perfect picture of your beauty salon? First, start with the big image, then zoom in to see the details. Is it a spacious beauty studio with a lot of windows, bright coloring, and soft light? Maybe you dream about a loft hair salon with minimalistic furniture and laconic decor? There are so many ideas, and all of them can work out.

The main rule to follow is to stay yourself. Only the passion for the salon you open helps to grow.

So, we've got a picture. Now, take a closer look. Who is inside the salon? Are there only young girls? Would you like to offer services for Instagram divas or older adults? What about a male salon, for example, a barbershop? After seeing who is inside, check what they are doing. It will determine the services to provide in a future beauty salon. Then there are many steps to consider. Every trifle is essential on the way to perfection.

Then, after you have thought well about the salon conception, write it down. Or even draw the picture. It will help to boost inspiration and motivation.

Now, we have coped with a preparatory stage. It is not necessary but obligatory for the best results. After you get a clear picture and know what you want, go further and write a plan.

#4 Dozen steps to making a perfect hair salon marketing plan in 2022

The beauty salon marketing creativity is a rather challenging task. There is a preparatory stage, an action, and a plan B.

Let's see how to start and what to do next. So, the image is clear now you have to plan your dream step by step. That is a magical step when your wish becomes a startup.

A preparatory stage:

  1. Evaluate your current situation. Beginners need to see the amount they can invest and clearly understand their professional skills. For those who have already opened a beauty salon, the analysis helps see what has to be improved.

  2. Write down the audience you want to work with.

  3. Mention the services to provide in a beauty studio.

  4. Take a look at the salons nearby. How will you differ?

An action stage:

  1. Set goals and deadlines. No deadlines mean you are writing down dreams, not plans. The aims can include even the most minor things you imagine – the more detailed, the better.

  2. Create a strategy. So easy to write, so hard to do. Let's see what does it include: branding, services, pricing & PR.

  3. Think about marketing calendar creation. There are many holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. Note all of them to develop some working marketing ideas of client attraction.

  4. Add some special offers ideas to the marketing calendar we've just mentioned. There are many ways to attract customers and their retention. You can offer pleasant discounts, offers for mom and daughter, father and son, etc. The profitable ideas are memberships with a 10% discount on the included services and gift cards to present your services to colleagues, friends, and relatives.

Plan B

  1. Decide what the possible business risks are and how to prevent them.

  2. Think about what you will do if something goes wrong. Prepare additional marketing tools.

  3. Set up the deadlines to check your business performance. And the changes that may be needed to boost revenue.

  4. Create some plan B offers to propose in case of insufficient customer flow.

Well, that is 30% of a beauty salon's success. Other factors are business planning and the professional skills of your team. As we are dealing with marketing, let's see what else you can use to increase income.

#5 Digital & Traditional marketing: what to use

However, internet marketing is a powerful tool, the traditional one, still cannot be forgotten. Digital marketing is responsible for online presentation and SMM. At the same time, traditional marketing deals with outdoor ads, print advertisements, direct mails, telemarketing, broadcasting, etc. Therefore, it primarily covers the local audience.

Many business people ignore traditional marketing as they think that digital one works more effectively. Indeed, it covers more customers, but without local ads, it is barely effective. For instance, many clients prefer reading about a salon offline in some catalog or magazine. These people are also your audience, do not forget about them.

We advise mixing traditional and digital ads. For example:

  • Targeted ads + TV advertising.

  • Contextual + Print ads.

  • SEM + handouts.

  • Email marketing + direct mails.

  • Native ads + broadcasting, etc.

#6 Top-16 marketing do's and don'ts

Marketing Do's to:

  • Know your audience. It is hard to sell something if you have no idea who will buy it.

  • Understand your salon's branding. Follow one line to make the desired impact.

  • Check what competitors are busy with. To be a step ahead of the competition, see what is going on in the field.

  • Write engaging content. Your audience has to feel the vibe of your salon while reading the advertising texts you provide.

  • See what channels bring better profit. SMM is fantastic but don't neglect Google Ads.

  • Test and track the performance. Creating a marketing strategy is essential, as much as its further testing.

  • Be user-friendly. An understandable website is the best option for online presentations. Don't make it look like a rocket while it works as a landing.

  • Communicate. Interact with your website visitors. The easiest way is to add a chat to the site's interface.

Marketing Dont's:

  • Quantity over quality. It is good if you have a well-developed blog and active accounts on social media. However, never bombard your followers with low-quality articles and posts. It won't help to scale. You'll irritate users.

  • Spamming. Do not rush and send too many emails or post too often.

  • A website with no updates. Some forget about it, no need. Updating is significant. Why do you have a website if not to share information?

  • A site that isn't readable from smartphones. Mobile optimization is your everything. 70% of your guests will make appointments via smartphones. Make this process convenient.

  • Fast results. Do not spam just for a quick profit. It won't work anyway. Plus, you can be blocklisted.

  • Ignoring professional help. Sometimes you can't do marketing by yourself. Contact skillful marketers to get the best results.

  • Giveaways. They can spoil your statistics. So, people may unfollow your account.

  • Doubtful collaborations. Work only with people you trust even though it is an online collab.

#7 Conclusions

Marketing is fun and games when you know what to do. Spend some time studying the field. Ask for advice from those who know better, and don't be afraid of creativity.

We wish you luck in creating your first marketing plan! Remember that EasyWeek is always here for you.

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