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Social media for your beauty business

Social media for your beauty business

Top digital marketing strategies for beauty salon, nail studio, barbershop and SPA center.

Statistics show that Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social networks all around the globe. Talking about English speaking market, Facebook leads as the app has the highest rate among the nearest competitors. Instagram takes second place. However, it doesn't mean that this social network is worse for beauty businesses. Concerning beauty companies, Instagram always shows the best results. The main reason is that its target audience is similar to the audience of beauty salons: young people who are in love with fashion, health, beauty, and visual content. More than a million posts are made on Instagram every day and a huge amount of them are ads.

We've prepared an article about the importance of Instagram in promoting beauty salons. Now, let's take a detailed look at promoting a nail salon, SPA, barbershop, solarium, or a beauty salon on social networks. This article is aimed to explain the main notions that have to be mentioned when preparing a well-made promo campaign for a beauty business.

Nowadays, any company understands that the Internet space is super powerful and to be successful you have to present your business there. Social networks are the easiest and at the same time the most difficult platforms for promoting. How is it possible? – you may ask.

Social networks are built on connection as it maps out the relationship between people. So, to succeed it is essential to understand how the platform works, know basic rules of communication in a beauty salon, and how to present a beauty shop online. Plus, of course, have an idea about modern SMM strategies that work well on different platforms.

Once you are ready with all this knowledge, beauty promotion becomes very easy and even enjoyable. Social networks are great for promoting and selling services, managing clients, setting up, and analyzing the marketing funnel. The key goal of any company is making a profit and be sure a well-made Instagram and/or Facebook profile will help your business with it. So, let's start the breathtaking journey into the world of internet marketing. It'll be fun!

How to organize an effective promo campaign

Any brand presentation requires a well-thought plan. It is especially important concerning social networks like Instagram and Facebook. If offline a brand has to have a famous face, specification, catchy name, style, and branding, while working online you also have to think about its presence on the Internet. But, sure, the online market has also a list of advantages:

  • No need to hire a mystery shopper to analyze the nearest competitors.

  • No need to visit a beauty salon owned by a competitor by yourself.

As you understand, an online presence allows you to check everything from home, very often it can be done in a couple of clicks. Isn't it cool that you can evaluate the sales funnel and analyze the usability of any website, drinking a cup of coffee with a cat on your laps?

You have to remember that online presence has to be included in the whole marketing strategy. It is the same, if not more, important as quality services themselves. Social networks, like any other visual embodiment of a business, form a "tone of voice".

Remember! Before driving traffic to the platform, you have to make it perfectly ready for your target audience. Only this way, you'll attract loyal customers and won't just spend money for nothing. You can use as such a platform a personal page in the EasyWeek (works like a mini-website) or an account on social networks.

Profile on social network

An account on social networks has to look pleasant and be catchy to attract potential clients. To catch customers attention you have only 5-7 seconds, so no time to lose!

The information that has to be mentioned in the account's BIO:

  • Who are you: a beauty salon, a hair studio, a barbershop, a solarium, etc.

  • Which services you provide.

  • Who is your target audience.

  • What makes you better than the nearest competitors.

If you succeed in the BIO, customers will take a more detailed look to understand whether the place is reliable. Now, it is time to dig deep into the photos and texts. Posts have to be well-thought, powerful, and informational.

All the important information has to be mentioned in the direct access of the customer. Any beauty products, services, contacts, addresses, ways of delivery are better to be mentioned in highlights (Instagram) or in the Information section (Facebook) + if you have a website/widget for online booking also place it in the BIO.

BIO works well for TOP services, booking link and the main information about the salon.

It is a great advantage if a guest can book a service without any calls, in a few clicks.

Nota Bene! Prices, services, information about the team, and possible hours to get a service have to be mentioned at once when visiting a profile.

Another way, it is more likely (98% according to statistics) that you will lose a customer. Especially, if a client has to ask for this information in direct messages or even call.

Beauty salon website

Landing is a compact website that has one page. Its configuration allows it to include all the information, to work as a showcase of services, a feedback form, a payment form, etc. For a small, narrow-focused business landing works very well! And the best thing is that it is not always that difficult to get such a mini-website. There is a great choice for beginners – CRM systems.

EasyWeek salon booking software offers a personal page that works like a mini-website together with a stylish widget for 24/7 online booking. The company is relatively young and is already trusted by more than a thousand companies worldwide.

EasyWeek offers:

  • A client base that stores all the data about customers: date of birth, preferences, complaints, etc.

  • Demand management as the software allows you to track consumer behavior, bring to the TOP those services that are a lead magnet or bring the best profit.

  • Handy scheduling: no more mess with calls, misunderstanding with emails, and constant rush.

  • Finance module that allows to pay staff commission, reward employees, and collect fines.

  • Consumables accounting.

  • Business analytics: analyze promo and marketing campaigns most efficiently.

Once you are done with preparations: described beauty products and services, set up, and customized the website. Start driving traffic to the platform.

Best SMM promotion strategies

Promotion is an activity aimed at increasing the number of sales, demand, and, as a result, profit:

  • If your company is dealing with consulting sales (for example, business investment, purchasing of apartments or cars), a follower acquisition funnel is better to be used. It will increase the target audience and warm it up to provoke those potential clients to buy products or visit a beauty salon.

  • If your business is dealing with instant sales, those which do not require long thinking before purchasing, the way of buying has to be set up as simple as possible. For instance, if you sell cosmetics, make sure that a potential customer can buy them with a few clicks. It will greatly increase the chance of a sale.

Concerning the beauty business, visual content plays the main role. It is essential to demonstrate services and products, introduce the team, place and results. Fast booking is a must-have for this business.

Let's take a look at some of the most effective SMM strategies:

Targeted advertising

This type of promotion requires a special set of skills, so the best idea is to hire a specialist. Otherwise, you can lose more than gain. However, do not be afraid of promoting with a target, it shows the best result when it is done professionally.

There are several steps when preparing targeted ads:


  1. Set up ad groups.

  2. Research target audiences interests.

  3. Prepare photo and video content using the information about clients' interests. Then warm up the audience, using these materials.

  4. Create a map of advertising messages, texts, and creatives.

Hypothesis testing stage:

  1. Attracting audience, making test groups.

  2. Testing different types of ads on different types of audiences.

  3. Analyzing the results: cost of a click, application, conversion.

  4. Adjustment of the advertising strategy based on the results of the test campaign.

The main stage of SMM promotion for a beauty salon:

  1. Launching ads based on the selected marketing strategy.

  2. Stable maintaining and retention of 3-5 working ligaments (audience + format + creative).

  3. Activities aimed to prevent burnout of traffic sources (change of creatives, ad formats, offers).

  4. Activities aimed to maintain the volume and number of key actions and their cost.

  5. Search for new effective audiences to expand the overall reach of advertising.

  6. Optimization of advertising.

Both Instagram and Facebook targeted ads have to be set up via Facebook. To do it you have to create an active Facebook account, connect it with the Instagram profile of a beauty salon. After, you can start setting up and driving traffic to the platform.

Collaboration with celebrities and bloggers

To get an effective ad you have to find a celebrity or a blogger who has an audience that is similar to yours. To do it, you have to know almost everything about your potential customers: social status, location, hobbies, work, attitude towards children, career, and travel preferences. If a beauty salon is situated in a small town, set up targeted ads only for this area. Also, it will be good if you collaborate with the local influencers. When selecting bloggers, check their statistics to avoid fake stars. The mentioned ads can be paid or done with barter.

In addition to the chosen strategy, it is very good to use these, relatively free, hacks:

  • Collaboration with the bloggers who have a similar target audience (mutual PR).

  • Increasing activity within the community: contests, polls. It is better to avoid giveaways as they work bad for statistics and even can slowly kill the profile.

  • Networking.

  • Use the keywords, when writing posts + remember to add popular hashtags that are related to the topic.

Posts: preparation of scripts and layouts

First of all measure the engagement metrics. If the audience of the influencer is more engaged with Stories, it will be much better to place the ads there. If potential clients prefer posts – situate the ads in them. Statistics show that Stories are in trend. More than 70% of ads are placed there as the results are much better than when they are placed in posts. Same as usual ads, you have to prepare key messages and ideas with photo and video content.

After the promo campaign is launched, you have to analyze its results.

Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the number of new followers,

  • of clicks on the booking link,

  • of real visits to a beauty salon after booking,

  • of messages sent to direct,

  • of comments, likes, reposts.


To choose the best SMM strategy, it is essential to test every aspect and see how it works and which one works better. Select the combination of hacks that will attract customers to a beauty salon and start a promo campaign. Every type of SMM promotion demands a certain set of skills and preparation. This article is aimed to explain the main notions of advertising, but we still do not recommend doing it without preparation and qualification.

The best idea is to hire a specialist who has experience and successful cases of similar promo campaigns. The success also depends on the platform where you drive traffic.

Make sure that the booking link works well, the website looks good, and all the important data is accessed easily.

Try EasyWeek salon booking software to get more customers and stand out among the competitors. It is the best and the easiest solution for beauty and nail salons, hair studios, and solariums. Use our free 2-week trial to see whether it works well for your business.

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