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Beauty influencers on social media


A beauty salon business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Have you managed to open it? Congratulations! But what's next?

Starting any beauty-related company is a risky thing. However, once after opening, it seems that everything is done. You've selected the best location and premises, worked hard to hire the most professional team, purchased quality equipment, etc. That is very important, but it is just the beginning.

Simply starting working isn't enough anymore. Nowadays, to stay successful, you have to invest in marketing and promotion.

Why is advertising essential?

The answer is prosaic – without advertising, no one will ever know that you've started working. Sure, if you want to work only with locals, it is more or less possible to cope without ads. However, even in this case, you'll attract fewer clients.

Talking about small and medium businesses working with influencers is essential. Simply because without them, people won't know about your salon.

There are suitable old methods like leaflets, posters, TV ads, and so on. They still work, and we don't even doubt them. But time flies, and now there are better ways to advertise a beauty salon.

Online ads are at the top. They seem to be one of the best in the current market, mainly because the coverage is enormous. If you have an Instagram account, you will promote the new business there. But imagine that a famous beauty blogger is talking for you, for example, the influencer with a million audience. As it is understood after such ad the number of your visitors will increase significantly.

We've written this article to collect all the working methods of online promotion and bloggers' involvement.

There is a shortlist of the popular questions beginners wonder about:

The most effective way is to satisfy your client. Therefore, we recommend mixing promotions, discounts, average market prices, and social media activity.

Of course! The best would be the usage of location and hashtags related to the service you demonstrate. Never forget that hashtags are important, but their excess won't work. Add a few hashtags related to the post, then add its location and perfect.

The number of clients depends on several factors. The basis is quality, pricing, and your reputation. For the new beauty salons, the importance can be problematic. The place has recently opened, so naturally, there are no reviews or an army of clients. In this case, consider implementing a loyalty program, adding exciting services, and establishing affordable prices.

Instagram was and stayed the best way to advertise any services related to beauty.

How influencers can help beauty salon promotion

Influencers make money thanks to ads. So, usually, they are eager to advertise any product.

There are several types of ads you can order:

Alive beauty salon presentation:

  • detailed overview of the place;

  • unpacking the beauty box or demonstrating the service;

  • test drive of the cosmetics you sell;

  • reportage from the place of service.

Graphic or text ads:

  • photo;

  • infographics;

  • stop motion.

Tagging a beauty salon (SPA center, barbershop):

  • in highlights,

  • in profile,

  • in BIO.

Live with your specialist:

  • A blogger can ask a few questions, your staff will answer.

  • A post or a story with a review of the service a blogger has tried.

Interactive advertising:

  • marathons;

  • giveaways;

  • contests.

How to choose a blogger to promote a beauty salon

A beauty blogger is a person who is interested in various beauty services, products, and gadgets. They aren't required to have any special education. However, communicative skills, energy, and professionalism in the field of beauty are essential.

To select the proper influencer, pay attention to his audience, the number of followers, comments, and likes. Your potential clients are his followers, so study them.

To choose the influencer to promote your beauty salon, you have to:

  • Understand the portrait of your client, then look for bloggers with similar audiences. First of all, pay attention to the local stars.

  • Make a list of at least 30 possible variants you'd like to work with.

  • Study the involvement of the blogger's audience. Pay attention to likes under his posts, comments, and coverage.

  • To check the coverage, contact the blogger or his manager and ask for it.

  • Select 3-5 the best options.

  • Email the blogger with your offer, ask for his honorarium.

When starting a beauty salon, choose bloggers according to your conception and budget. Then when you understand your needs better, select influencers, considering price/quality relevance.

The most popular female beauty influencers on Instagram:

  • Huda Kattan – 48.5 million

  • Nikkie de Jager – 14.5 million

  • Zoë Sugg – 9.2 million

  • Shayla Mitchell – 2.7 million

  • Thuy Le – 1.9 million

The most influential female beauty bloggers on TikTok:

  • Abby Roberts – 16.3 million

  • Mari Maria – million

  • Charlotte Roberts – 8.3 million

  • Lani Baker – 5 million

  • Makayla Nogueira – 4.9 million

The most famous male beauty bloggers on Instagram:

  • Jeffree Star – 5.8 million

  • James Charles – 4.7 million

  • Manny Gutierrez – 4.6 million

  • Gabriel Zamora – 4.2 million

  • Patrick Star – 148k.

The most influential male beauty bloggers on TikTok:

  • James Charles – 36.1 million

  • Bretman Rock – 10.3 million

  • Hyram Yarbro – 6.8 million

  • Dr.Shah – 5.8 million

  • Seth O'Brien – 4.6 million

Working with influencers: how much does it cost

Among the variety of bloggers, you'll find the one to promote your business. A significant part of the success depends on your budget. A big budget almost automatically means a successful start.

How much do bloggers' ads cost? It depends on the influencer you've chosen. First, let's talk about Instagram ads. This social network is one of the best for beauty salon promotion. A good example is Kylie Jenner, who isn't a beauty blogger, but she is one of the most influential girls in the beauty industry. If you want to work with her, be ready to spend at least $1 million just to be posted on the profile of this celebrity.

Sure, you don't need to spend so much. Many bloggers will agree to advertise a product or a salon for less. The best way is to check influencer's followers. There is a theory that every 10k followers cost $10. Then, of course, talking about ad honorariums.

The next thing to consider is the format. On Instagram, the most effective are highlights and posts. Both of them cost differently. When selecting the blogger, think about the following notions:

  • Does he have enough likes and comments?

  • Does he relate to the beauty world?

  • Does he advertise beauty products/services at all?

The questions are pretty simple but very effective in choosing the proper blogger. The other thing is the honorarium, don't be afraid to ask how much the person wants. Sometimes the price depends on the influencer more than on the statistics. For example, a blogger with 10k followers can ask more than the one with 100k. So ask, it saves your time and money.

TikTok bloggers work similarly. You can use the same rules that we've applied to Instagram.

How to work with bloggers effectively

To work with influencers, you have to remember a few rules of their world. There are many trifles, but the most important is to choose the blogger that suits your concept. Never collaborate with frauds or people who advertise every product they are offered. The best idea is to select the influencer related to beauty and promote only quality stuff.

It will save not only your nerves but also will increase sales. If people trust the influencer, they will be sure that your beauty salon is a worthy place to visit.

There are a few ways of working with bloggers:

  • Offer a blogger your services or products for free so that he will do a review on them. The price of the procedures and cosmetics can be included in the blogger's honorarium or not. It depends on the terms of collaboration you've agreed.

  • Also, you can choose co-promotion of a beauty salon and an influencer. For example, you can tell that the particular blogger is reliable and trustworthy, while he will tell the same about your beauty shop.

  • Barter. You offer blogger beauty services in exchange for reviews on Instagram or TikTok.

What should I know when working with influencers?

To promote a business effectively, please use the following rules:

  • Calculate the amount you can spend on a client. Sometimes even a small increment can positively influence the effect of ads. You should always measure the average number you can spend on one client.

  • Then calculate how effective a particular client is for your beauty salon. For example, analyze the services he paid for, purchased cosmetics, friends he brought, etc. This way you'll see what has to be changed.

  • Measure how much one customer influences your beauty salon. It is similar to the previous item, but here clients have to be measured in a system. Research how one client influences sales, then how 2,3 of them do the same. After that, see what you can improve to get better revenue and satisfy customers.

Plus, you can analyze the price of a lead and a sale. They are also crucial for understanding your business.

  • Lead price should include all the expenses you've had to get the lead. Add all the marketing expenses, bloggers' honorariums, etc. Then divide the number you have gained by the number of clients who have booked a service. It will be your price for a lead. Then compare it with the next month's progress, etc. It is effective when done regularly.

  • Then the price of one sale. The mechanism works similarly to the lead's one, but here you divide expenses on promotion by the number of actual clients who paid for the service.

Both numbers are significant to track and analyze. Once you've got your ideal numbers, think about improving them without losing quality.

Pitfalls of beauty salon promotion by bloggers

Even if you've found an excellent option to advertise you, a set of problems can appear.

The most frequent problems when working with influencers are:

  • They can say "no." Some bloggers reject the products they don't want to advertise or don't know, etc.

  • Even the best ad can't guarantee that you'll get many new clients. Luck comes to the game.

  • The ROI of the ad can be pretty slow.

  • An influencer can fail, make a mistake, etc.

There is no one general rule to fit every situation. Analyze the blogger you would like to work with, his audience, prices, and it must be alright!

When you do everything right, influencers bring many clients for a friendly price. Plus, they create a positive image of a beauty salon. Add to the list billboards, leaflets, and TV ads, and you win.

Then be ready for the flow of clients by installing a handy CRM with online appointments and intelligent scheduling. EasyWeek team will be happy to help you with any questions related to the online appointment scheduling software we offer.

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