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Salon Christmas marketing ideas


  1. Introduction

  2. How to increase salon sales before Christmas

  3. Why rewarding loyal clients is a must to do

  4. Social networks for Christmas beauty marketing

  5. The importance of online appointments for marketing purposes

  6. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

The beauty industry has resurrected after a few last years of Covid-19 restrictions and related taboos. Clients are ready to spend on beauty services. They are tired of sitting at home and doing beauty routines by themselves. Since the restrictions have softened, there are many chances to get professional services offline.

December is a high time to boost beauty salon sales by offering the best services and exciting marketing ideas. Have you already thought about a handy marketing strategy? If not, do not worry! You still have some time to stand out from the Christmas competition.

Today, we will talk about beauty salons' Christmas sales and their growth, including the average check rise. We have also collected some festive ideas to boost your beauty salon's sales effortlessly. Let's begin!

First, you can increase the prices before Christmas. Just make sure you know how to explain it to your audience. For example, if your employees got some new awards or completed courses, why not? The second option is offering complex services. For instance, add 10% off pedicure to the manicure offer. It will definitely attract attention and new customers. The third variant is selling cosmetics. If you provide some beauty routines, get some beauty products to offer and boost sales.

They both are equally essential. Unfortunately, many business people do not pay enough attention to customers retention. However, it is the same, if not more crucial, as their attraction. According to the latest research, attracting customers is seven times more expensive than their retention. So, now you see why we shouldn't neglect customers retention.

Yes, you can. However, you'll need to make an appointment before coming to the salon. Also, remember that Covid-19 restrictions change every week. That's why you better call the beauty salon you would like to visit and ask them directly.

#2 How to increase salon sales before Christmas

What do you think about growing your beauty salon sales without any significant investments or efforts? Yes, it is possible! And, we know how to help you. Of course, 2021 wasn't the most accessible year, so clients would be happy to rest in a beauty salon. But, the beauty demand is high, so is the offer. That is why 2021 has shown people in business why standing out is crucial.

How to grow sales before Christmas?

  1. Research competitors. What do other beauty salons offer? Check them well and try to be creative.

  2. Think about an original offer. The unique services or marketing ideas are your chances to catch the attention. Decide on a few ways of customers attraction and make sure you don't copy the closest competitors.

  3. Organize the booking process quickly and conveniently. The easier your audience can make an appointment, the better will be your revenue. Make sure you offer handy booking.

After you've optimized a beauty salon work-life, think about catchy offers your audience may like.

15 marketing ideas to differ

  1. Christmas photo zone. Get a tiny selfie corner. It will attract more visitors as guests will advertise your beauty studio 24/7 (and for free).

  2. Add a dash of festive mood to the handouts you offer. So easy, but so effective.

  3. Get "Call to action" business cards. Include there some short client reviews and motivate guests to leave more comments.

  4. Organize a clear showcase and decorate it nicely. Christmas is the best season to sell more beauty products. Customers will gladly buy them to treat themselves or to offer these cosmetics to their relatives.

  5. Create count-downs and advent calendars. The more original the offers are, the higher chance the audience will appreciate them.

  6. Decorate interior and exterior. The Christmas atmosphere starts from the entrance. The merrier you decorate a salon, the better it will work for boosting sales.

  7. Advertise more! Do you have any signboards? Very good! If not yet, spend some time choosing beautiful ones and then create a lot of Christmas wishes for your visitors. A festive mood is your responsibility.

  8. Create a seasonal party. Why not? It is a perfect chance to attract more guests and sell more services.

  9. Collaborate. Local businesses should unite. Choose a salon or café and create some special offers together. It is an ideal opportunity to scale.

  10. Get "Thank You" gift cards with a discount. Cheer up your salon's loyal clients and get a better income. According to the statistics, such small presents create a trustworthy relationship between a salon and a customer.

  11. Pack the cosmetics you sell. Why not offer festive decor to the people who got any beauty products? It has to go as a pleasant gift, so make it look beautiful and chic.

  12. Festive music. Make a Christmas playlist to satisfy every guest. Remember to make it diverse and creative enough not to be boring.

  13. Christmas charity. It is a great season to help! Choose an organization and collect some money for it. Tell your guest about your aim and ask them to join you politely.

  14. Offer vouchers. Never underestimate gift cards. They are extra effective (all year round).

  15. Add some festive cakes to the coffee you serve. It will make your visitors smile and think about some other services to get in your salon.

#3 Why rewarding loyal clients is a must to do

A trustworthy client relationship is beneficial for any business. However, they are mighty for the beauty industry, as the niche relies on customers' loyalty.

Customer retention is a complicated art. However, it is worth doing as loyal clients have to be your priority. There is no point in attracting customers, then losing them after the 1st service. It is simply wasting of resources. So, to use the promotional tools we've just mentioned effectively, make sure you know how to retain clients.

How to retain clients after Christmas

  • During the holidays, offer visitors pleasant discounts for the next visit.

  • Provide attractive memberships.

  • Hand out personalized flyers and special offers.

You can also use all the marketing tips we've mentioned before. The more you try, the better the result will be!

#4 Social networks for Christmas beauty marketing

The popularity of Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have provided entrepreneurs with a lot of brand-new opportunities. Creating a beautiful and professional account is a modern must-have. It is beneficial before fests. Usually, customers look for beauty salons to book online. Make sure they can find your salon by tags, location, etc.

The power of social media is crucial. Nowadays, it is rather hard to be noticed. However, there are still some ways to stand out from the crowd.

How to stand out in the Christmas rush:

  1. Collaborate with Influencers. It can be barter or paid partnership. The more followers the celeb has, the better is the effect.

  2. Organize a competition. You can get the contest for the best makeup, skincare routine, Christmas nails, etc. Involve the audience, and you win.

  3. Reward your clients for creative photos in a beauty salon. You can offer a discount or a free service. This type of ad is extra profitable. The result is worth it, trust us.

  4. Do not overuse giveaways. It can ruin your statistics, so make sure the risk is justified.

  5. Use hashtags. Creating a hashtag or a few will help to group posts and involve more followers.

  6. Adapt your loyalty program to the modern trends and wait for new customers!

#5 The importance of online appointments for marketing purposes

So, you are already a specialist in Christmas marketing. But, do you know how to maximize the effect? Offer visitors convenient appointments and double the profit!

It is elementary but so effective. So, those salons who offer clients a better quality of literary everything win. In our case, we are talking about online appointments.

Business automation conquers the beauty market. Use it for your benefit before your competitors do.

Connecting CRM will maximize the marketing impact you've worked hard to make. Just imagine a client who has to call or even go to the salon to make an appointment. Now, let's look at the same person searching the Internet and booking service within a few clicks. The difference is crucial!

Christmas time is a good chance to implement innovations. Treat your audience with the best quality services!

The benefits of CRM connection

  • Convenient 24/7 online appointments.

  • Ready-made widget and website.

  • A free booking link.

  • A robust client base.

  • Some additional marketing tools.

  • Handy business analytics.

  • Clear financial control.

  • Comfortable staff scheduling.

  • Many types of notifications and reminders.

By connecting the software, your salon gets many valuable tools for clients' attraction and retention. In addition, it optimizes human resources, motivating the team to work better.

  1. Analyze the choice. There are various systems, so look at them and decide on the few you think will work well for you.

  2. Negotiate about the service. Ask colleagues. Never decide alone.

  3. Check whether the service you have chosen offers good tariff plans and whether it has professional tech support. The best you can do is to read customers' reviews.

The algorithm is relatively simple. The most important is not to lose yourself in the world of various CRMs.

EasyWeek stand-outs as the system offers 6+ tariffs for affordable pricing. In addition, we provide a free public page that is landing analog. The option is extra helpful for small and midsize businesses that'd like to save budget without compromising quality.

EasyWeek provides you with:

  • Staff commission calculations, fines collecting, and rewarding features.

  • Free widget, website, and a booking link.

  • A robust and convenient client base.

  • Understandable business analytics.

  • Free push and email reminders.

  • Useful marketing help.

  • 24/7 professional technical support.

#6 Conclusions

Christmas is a perfect season to stand out from the competition, using handy software. With the effective marketing hacks we've mentioned in this material, you will win the festive battle for your loyal audience.

The recipe for boosting salon sales is simple: be creative + offer quality beauty services + provide clients with convenient appointments = sales boost.

EasyWeek team hopes that this article was helpful for you and your salon. Make sure you try some pieces of advice we have collected for you today. And enjoy Christmas time! We hope you've already got some Christmas spirit and marketing inspiration. We wish you a Merry Christmas and some Happy New Sales.

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