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Business process automation benefits


  1. Introduction

  2. Benefits of business process automation

  3. How business automation grows companies effortlessly

  4. How to select the best CRM

  5. EasyWeek CRM

  6. EasyWeek and competitors

  7. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

Business automation has become a trend of the last decade. The modern market has set up its own rules. Now, just the perfect product won't be enough. Sophisticated clients require flawless service together with the ideal item. The competition is super high, so a modern businessman has to pay attention to client management.

Does it mean that the quality of the product has lost its importance? Sure, it doesn't. Quality is the basis of good sales. If a business cannot offer a competitive product, customers won't even check the service. However, the end of 2021 has taught us to add convenient service to even the best product. Business automation is among the most effective ways of effortless business optimization.

Today we will cover smart business automation, its importance, and the software to optimize your business. Let's begin!

First and foremost, decide on the concept. Once the idea is ready, start writing down a plan. Well-thought-out business planning is the basis of effective company management. Spend some time thinking about your aims, possible business risks, and never forget to consider the budget. Understanding the financial part is essential. Business is a responsibility. It just has to stay profitable, not only enjoyable. If you still are not sure that your company can afford the business plan you've created, think about investors. The well-thought-out plan will show them that your business has prospects. Take a look at the detailed business plan creation here.

There are plenty of options. 2021 is a challenging period for startups. There is almost no stability as the Covid-19 has set up its restrictions. However, even this difficult time has managed to help online projects to succeed. Internet startups never lose their popularity. The same do beauty salons. Visitors are tired of staying at home. They are eager to spend on professional beauty services.

In theory, you can. Well-developed marketing skills will help to promote any idea and attract investors. However, anyway, a business startup requires a budget. Consider looking for investors if you are not 100% sure that the funds you own will be enough to launch the idea. Usually, a perfect business plan and good communicative skills will lead you to success.

#2 Benefits of business process automation

Business automation optimizes all the business routines. Compare the situations when a manager had to fill in all the documents manually and when the software copes with it automatically. Convenience is inevitable. Plus, staff can spend the time they've saved to work on some other tasks.

Automation software tends to simplify an employee's work, not to replace the human with the computer.

Some business owners are afraid to implement the innovation because they aren't sure that it'll work out and the team will understand the solution.

The right software motivates personnel as it demonstrates the result of every employee. It means that the person who does more will get a better income, and the rest will be motivated to work more effectively to increase sales. Such a healthy competition will refresh the staff, showing them that the result depends on every employee.

The role of the director is to explain the software to his employees. There is nothing complicated. Well, it should be. The first rule of effective automation is choosing the CRM that is clear to staff. Many CRMs look too mysterious but work as simple schedulers.

Small and midsize business automation is pretty popular. The demand for quality software is high as many business owners have just started implementing the innovation. Do you know why it's so popular at the end of 2021?

TOP-3 reasons to automate business at the moment

  1. CRM connection increases revenue. An entrepreneur doesn't need to spend a fortune on managing the routine. The software price is more affordable than paying qualified employees to do the same job. A businessman has to pay only for really important tasks, while a CRM will manage daily processes.

  2. It motivates staff. Working in a new, innovative team is pleasant. It is the first among the main reasons for business process automation's demand. The system rewards not only skillful workers but also forces other staff to grow. Now, you can assess everyone within a click.

  3. The CRM optimizes resources. Since now, a business doesn't require plenty of workers to lead the company. A computer makes a considerable part of the processes, so there is no reason to hire a great staff. Now, you can afford yourself the pleasure of working with professionals only. They will also be pleased as the optimization will help to increase their commission.

And the best benefit is that CRM minimizes human participation, so human error. The computer is programmed to work mistakeless, so it'll save you from many issues and headaches.

#3 How business automation grows companies effortlessly

A business person may lose himself in the ocean of different offers the market has got. The number of CRMs is crazy, and more are ready to appear. The demand has slightly created its supply. The role of a leader is to detect the best CRM, then implement it as fast as possible.

Business process automation is the step you cannot miss. Software selection has to be very well-thought-out. Another way, there is a chance to get more problems than before connecting the system.

Algorithm of business optimization:

  1. Choose quality CRM.

  2. Select the suitable tariff plan, considering the number of employees and the budget you've got.

  3. Customize the service.

  4. Train staff.

  5. Master the system together with employees.

Any CRM system works similarly. The difference is in its interface, the number of functions, and pricing. Usually, other features don't differ. For example, the software allows online appointments and schedules employees' worktables. But, then, the functions depend on the CRM cost and its specialization. Many CRMs work well for various niches. However, some systems work only for one. For example, for medicine, gyms, or veterinary medicine.

Let's talk more about choosing the suitable online appointment scheduling software for your company and saving on it.

#4 How to select the best CRM

Choosing handy CRM software may sound like a challenging task. However, there are many ways to transform this challenge into an exciting game. On the one hand, you will definitely have to devote some time to the CRM selection. On the other hand, it will be easy and effective if you know what to look at.

How to get flawless business automation software? First, analyze the data storage. The two options are available.

Cloud- & On-premises CRMs

  • Cloud-based options are accessible via the Internet connection. Users get the information remotely, fast, and safely. Such CRMs are trendy as they do not require any special IT skills to start working. No additional equipment is needed. All you have to get is a powerful computer, Internet (Wi-Fi) connection, and CRM. It is preferable to use Wi-Fi, as the Internet is a basis for good software work. Usually, service providers maintain the software, while clients pay for it monthly. It is the perfect variant for medium and small companies.

  • If you require a customizable solution, choose on-premises CRMs. In this case, you'll have to purchase servers and hire a specialist to maintain the software. This type of system is also called local CRMs. On the one hand, the service is extra safe, and only you can access it, but you also have to pay more and won't be allowed to access the service from a distance. Now, this option is beneficial only for companies that need a particular CRM. Cloud-based solutions offer better service for less.

Open-source & Boxed CRM

  • Boxed solutions

    Analyze the aims you've written down in the plan, then think about the software type. If you are a startup that has a small budget and no special requirements, choose boxed solutions. By selecting this CRM, a company gets a ready-made service that cannot be customizable. The system will suit most businesses, but consider another option if you'd like to personalize the service.

  • Open-source software

    This option is preferable for businesses that would like to customize the service. By getting such a CRM, a company will get access to the code and will be able to change the system as it is needed. Such customization requires a big budget. It is a common choice of large corporations that are ready to invest in software maintenance.

Product understanding

A clear understanding of CRM is a must to do. Avoid purchasing systems that look complicated. If staff cannot get how the service works, there are almost 0 chances to master it. Usually, the systems that are easy-to-use offer even more features than their complicated analogs.

#5 EasyWeek CRM

EasyWeek is a unique solution for small and medium companies. The service provides only the best functions that we've carefully checked for our users.

We launched the scheduler in 2018. Since then, it has gotten pretty popular. At the beginning of 2022, more than 1000 clients all around the globe trusted the software. Our solution for business automation is available in America, Eastern, and Western Europe.

What services do we offer?

  • Customizable widget for round-the-clock online appointments. The latest research claims that businesses which offer online booking are 7 times more profitable than the competitors who don't.

  • A public page that looks like a landing. No extra payment is required. The system makes the site automatically. We use the information you provide while signing up to make it look like a site. The website has everything you need: a services block, a team module, a section for locations, handy booking, and so on.

  • An appointment link that is convenient to share and add to the bio on various social networks. This option is beneficial for startups developing Instagram and TikTok. Clients can click and make an appointment to see the channel of booking and its optimization.

  • Financial module for staff commission, bonuses, and fine collection.

  • EasyWeek has a thousand service intergations. Starting with Google Maps and up to Telegram.

  • A number of tools for digital marketing: QR codes, client base, notifications, and so on.

Our team updates the software daily. We are working hard to win the rush for a satisfied client. Among the latest updates are:

  1. A brand-new convenient scheduling system. Its interface was already attractive, and now it is simply flawless. We've added department features, vivid colors to the appointment cards, and the ability to hide filters on the desktop. And that isn't even close to the end! EasyWeek is constantly in touch with trends to offer the most modern system features.

  2. Vaccination certificates can be checked automatically via the EasyWeek attributes module.

  3. Transaction cancellation. Clients asked we've added! PS: The feature is available only to the users with the owner's access level.

  4. Now, customers will be able to book several assets simultaneously.

  5. Separate calendar cards for each service will help to highlight and to group appointments.

  6. Anonymous appointments will be handy for the guests who don't want to share their personal information.

  7. Each booking includes explicit customer information, for example, the average check, number of visits, and paid amount.

  8. You can group assets and staff. It is pretty convenient visually.

  9. Inventory & Consumable modules help to maintain goods effectively. The module is also responsible for charging sales commissions to the employees. Everything in one place!

  10. Smart warehousing. EasyWeek CRM tracks the number of consumables to notify you about ordering the necessities.

#6 EasyWeek and competitors

We stand out from the active competition thanks to the affordable pricing and straightforward interface. First, the single-user tariff costs $10, while our competitors charge half more and higher. The second bonus is that the software offers 6+ tariff plans to suit any company. Our most enormous tariff includes 50 users. However, it is always possible to contact technical support to add more slots.

EasyWeek is open for communication. Client feedback helps us to update the service constantly. Satisfying users is the priority of the service.

The 21st-century service market is extra changeable, so choosing flexible software is as essential as never. EasyWeek will boost your sales in many ways. We always prepare a plan B to get only the best results.

Online marketing will also fasten your sales effortlessly. So what do you think about trying EasyWeek marketing tools?

  • EasyWeek digital marketing solutions.

  • Email reminders, SMS, and Push notifications.

  • QR-codes to make bookings.

  • An instant search client base to arrange a powerful loyalty program.

  • A "Thank You" page to please clients and boost sales.

#7 Conclusions

Business process automation is a must-have for many niches. The post-Covid-19 era has begun, and it requires a fast reaction. CRMs are among the most effective solutions.

Thanks to the online appointment scheduling software, any business can forget to waste time on daily routine processes, constant calls, and 24/7 email check-in. Instead, clients can book a service without any help, casually drinking hot cocoa on a cozy sofa.

If you hardly ever tried any CRM, why not start with EasyWeek? Now, we offer a free trial to present the software to the new users. It is a great chance to implement a handy CRM effectively and as affordable as possible. Ready to optimize your work? Contact us, and EasyWeek managers will demonstrate how to maximize your business.

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