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How to automate appointment booking in your beauty clinic


Beauty clinics combine aesthetic procedures and medicine to provide facial and body care services. Managing a medical practice is a challenging task. Whether you work in a small clinic or run a large surgery center, a booking system is necessary. Simplify the work in your business with EasyWeek scheduling software. To learn more about the system's features, read on.

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Main directions: which treatments are trendy among customers?

Let's look at some examples of the most popular treatment directions: they must be repeated regularly, creating a big challenge for the clinic's appointment scheduling.

Derma cosmetics

In medical cosmetics, beautiful, healthy skin is the primary goal. Treatments are minimally invasive and are performed using non-surgical methods. Dermacosmetics are treatments with medical-technical equipment and with the use of active cosmetics. Here we offer mainly facial treatments for the revitalization and rejuvenation of the skin. High-quality cosmetic methods such as microdermabrasion, ultrasound, mesotherapy, or electrostimulation are usually used for natural changes.

Laser cosmetics

Laser technology is for the treatment of various skin problems. These include the treatment of acne scars, pigmentation spots, and wrinkles and removing benign skin lesions, tattoos, and facial and body hair. The procedures of laser therapy vary. However, the basic principle is to direct laser beams of various wavelengths, intensities, and pulse durations at the areas of skin to be treated.

Peeling treatments

Peels are particular acids used to exfoliate the dermis. The treatment removes superficial pigmentary shifts, refining the appearance of pores and smooth wrinkles.

These and many other procedures are performed in different rooms with different equipment. Therefore, properly arranging the work schedules for your doctors, avoiding scheduling conflicts, and booking the same equipment simultaneously is worth installing a system that automatically avoids possible problems with the shift plan.

How does appointment booking work in a beauty clinic?

Booking software transforms your business processes by allowing new and existing clients to connect quickly with your team. Customers can make appointments around the clock. Any device with internet access – smartphone, tablet, laptop – is suitable.

Four steps to making appointments via an online system using EasyWeek as an example:

  1. EasyWeek software adds a booking widget to the beauty clinic website. Your clients can see the availability in the clinic in real time and suitable book treatments.

  2. The selected staff member will receive a notification of an upcoming appointment, and the customer will receive an appointment reminder in advance.

  3. Once an appointment has occurred, the system creates a new client page or adds a new booking to an existing client's card.

  4. The calendar with online appointment scheduling helps customers book services quickly and conveniently. This benefits your guests and you – so your working calendar will always be full of events. Moreover, since customers can arrange their treatments and suitable doctors, they will return.

Programs like EasyWeek have other advantages, too.

Basic features of EasyWeek software for beauty clinics

Powerful software + many valuable features + low-cost maintenance + easy to use = steady business growth without paper.

  • Manage your doctors' schedules online. Beauty clinic software allows you to create and customize team plans easily and control workload efficiently.

  • Keep track of each client and consider their preferences to provide a customized approach every time. With EasyWeek, your team can keep a customer file and personalize each visit, thanks to the information on personal cards. Get to know your customers better to ensure impeccable service every time.

  • Set up integrations with social media and maps. Social media is excellent for growing your clinic practice: users who subscribe to you on Instagram, for example, can quickly sign up to visit the clinic.

  • Work with reports and statistics. The software helps you keep track of your beauty clinic's weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics and analyze sales and marketing campaign results.

  • Set up various payment options. You can use the software to integrate payment options and add other types of online payments. Creating a discount system to promote beauty treatments and product sales is also possible.

  • In any pricing plan, you get the booking function, a professional website for your beauty clinic, and a whole range of integrations for free, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google Reserve, website builders like Tilda,, WordPress, etc. You can upgrade from the free version to the PRO version with Salary, Analysis, Finance, and Products modules anytime. So you can expand your business as needed.

Marketing for your beauty clinic

EasyWeek appointment software for beauty clinics is also a significant advertising and promotion tool. Before opening your beauty clinic, you should launch an advertising campaign through various channels:

  1. Create a dedicated website on the Easyweek platform with contact information, photos, a detailed description of the treatments offered, and the qualifications of the specialists.

  2. Use social media channels to publish posts about your services and upcoming promotions. You can place the automatically generated booking link to any medium and track the booking sources.

  3. Actively participate in thematic forums and advertise online with the booking link.

  4. Distribute business cards and flyers with the booking code on busy streets and shopping malls.

  5. Create loyalty programs with discounts for loyal customers.


Beauty has a high value and will never lose its importance. We wish you good luck in opening your beauty clinic, and to speed up your way to success, we offer you a free 14-day trial of our management software. EasyWeek is new on the market but offers advanced features at a lower price than its competitors. EasyWeek makes it easy to start a cosmetology practice from scratch and attract clients!

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