Cosmetology unites skincare and medical treatment.

Both small and midsize businesses face similar problems. But there is a solution. CRM will optimize any cosmetology, automating the processes you had to do manually.

Cosmetology software may be of different types. The choice depends on the size of a salon, its client base, and its aims. EasyWeek, for example, has plenty of handy tools for managing a cosmetology business effectively.

Cosmetology launch is similar to opening a beauty salon. The only difference is that if you are going to provide medical treatment, there is a requirement for a medical license. Then, the steps are the following:

Yes, it is a rather good niche to start. The average revenue begins from $30 000 yearly. However, the equipment is expensive, so the ROI isn't the fastest. The period of investment return is about 6 months.

The cosmetology niche has resurrected after the Covid-19 pandemic. The last few years have been somewhat challenging for the field. Nowadays, the demand has renewed. Cosmetology is popular again.

Cosmetology CRM software

Customer Relationship Management is the full version of a well-known CRM abbreviation. Clients all around the world get used to making appointments via stylish widgets, apps, or websites. It is comfortable, fast, and looks very professional.

That is why out-of-date solutions do not work anymore. Unfortunately, there are still some beauty salons that have no desire to implement innovations. However, the beauty industry is primarily open to new technologies. According to the many pieces of research, cosmetology that offers convenient and quick booking wins over the one that does not provide online appointments.

It happens so because guests are ready to pay for a good service. Especially women who usually come to cosmetology not only to get a procedure but also to relax.

Offer visitors convenient online appointments and good quality beauty service, and your cosmetology has already won the competition.

The benefits of connecting cosmetology software

CRMs are popular because of the handy features you get connecting the software. The main idea is that the service automates routines. For example, you own a small cosmetology cabinet in a residential area. First, there is no need to hire an administrator because the software will work out. Clients will book a service online, and then you will check their confirmations before the visit. The additional advantage is that CRM also reminds about the visit. You can set the system the way you need to notify your audience about even the tiniest changes. Clients appreciate it, trust us.

Among the advantages of cosmetology CRM is:

  • Customer management

    The software has many tools to work with cosmetology's audience. A client base is one out of many.

  • Online booking

    Round-the-clock appointments are a great reason to try CRM.

  • Widget

    Cosmetology software offers a widget for appointments.

  • Website

    If you have no time or power to create a personal site, get it by connecting a CRM.

  • Marketing tools

    CRMs are good at creating loyalty programs, promo campaigns, and special offers.

Such a profitable niche as beauty salon software couldn't stay out of supply. A cosmetology owner has a massive choice of various CRMs. However, the variety misleads entrepreneurs. First, let's take a look at the possible options the market offers.

A list of popular cosmetology CRMs

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Fresha

  3. ChiDesk

  4. Bitrix 24

  5. MioSalon

  6. Acuity Scheduling

  7. Booker

  8. Super Salon

  9. When I Work

  10. 10 to 8

  11. Phorest

There is much more software you may look at when selecting the best one for your business. CRMs are popular, so demand creates its supply. Talking about the 2022 CRM trends, there are a few must-haves for a sound system.

2022 Cosmetology software trends:

  • Intensive use of AI

  • The importance of an understandable interface has increased

  • Integrations as a key CRM module

  • Marketing and CRMs go together. The software has to provide at least some marketing help

The market has scaled. There are more than 650 CRMs to choose from. So, the competition is unreal. Then, how to choose the best cosmetology software if there are more than 600 CRMs?

The answer is pretty simple. Do not consider only the famous options. Analyze different variants to get whether they suit your needs. It means that if your first option is the best-selling but useless for your business CRM. And the second one is the startup with fewer reviews but more handy features. Choose the second one. It may sound crazy, but many entrepreneurs do not even worry about the real-life usage of the software. On the other hand, your team and you have to work with it every day, so check the system well before buying.

How to select the best cosmetology CRM?

  1. Analyze your business, think about the functions you will use daily.

  2. Compare the features you need to the ones that CRMs offer.

  3. Ask for colleagues' advice while choosing from the selected options.

  4. Test the final choice. The best option is if its developers offer a free trial. A week or two will be enough.

  5. Scale cosmetology with the best CRM!

How does EasyWeek differ from the competition?

If you are already here and reading this material, you may know that the software already has a lot of positive reviews from more than a thousand satisfied clients all around the globe. We work in Europe and the US, offering the best service for pleasant pricing.

EasyWeek started as a promising startup back in 2018. Since then, the team has scaled.

7 reasons why EasyWeek is your choice

  1. Track customers. Using the CRM, you will be aware of all the clients who visit your cosmetology. Know your guests to provide them with the best service. EasyWeek offers many tools for loyalty program creation. It allows making personal discounts and exciting promotions based on the customer's preferences.

  2. Online appointments. We offer a website and widget to maximize your sales. Clients will be satisfied with flawless booking and quality cosmetology service. There is no point in overpaying for website creation. Connect EasyWeek and get it for free.

  3. Manage appointments in real-life. Clients can edit their bookings. It reduces no-shows and creates a positive image of a beauty salon.

  4. Integration with social networks. Instagram and TikTok are very effective in cosmetology promotion. EasyWeek provides you with a booking link to place on any social media and attracts more clients.

  5. Business analytics. The managing business became easier together with the software. We offer a dozen reports and financial analytics to simplify the bureaucracy and increase your sales.

  6. Variable payment methods. EasyWeek has a few options for payment integration. It allows adding almost all the existing ways of payment, starting with online and finishing with offline ones. You can also create any discount offer and use it as a template.

  7. Free start. EasyWeek is still a young and promising software. We have prepared many bonuses to attract our first customers and keep them satisfied. Free trial is among them.

How do online appointments work?

Many business people still wonder how online booking works. There is nothing mysterious.

4 steps to use the online appointment feature on its full power (using EasyWeek):

  1. Add an EasyWeek widget and set it up.

  2. Connect the software to any online calendar you use (Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, Icall).

    That is all from your side. Then:

  3. A client opens a widget and makes an appointment.

  4. EasyWeek sends a notification to the employee that and the customer.

EasyWeek suits any business. Use it to develop a beauty salon, medical clinic, language center, yoga studio, or VR club. We will be glad to help scale any startup!

Just remember that starting cosmetology and making it popular is nothing complicated. Sure, if you use the right software.

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