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Coworking software

Coworking space as a business idea

Congratulations on starting a co-working business! It must be so exciting, but also nervous. Of course, we hope you feel okay about all the paperwork and calculations that you do almost every day. But do you know that there is software that helps to work more effectively and less stressfully?

If you are still coping with co-working documentation, client base, and consumables, this article will help you. We will discuss a few easy hacks to improve your casual planning, intelligent scheduling, and depreciation expenses. So, we hope you are ready!

Okay, so the first notion about Excel. There is nothing catastrophic in Excel at work. The main disadvantage is that this program is out-of-date. It simply means that it is still fine but cannot offer everything a co-working space needs. Plus, working with Excel can be extremely time-consuming and even expensive.

It can cost you a fortune because the Excel program doesn't show you possible mistakes. And, now we are ready to introduce a handy tool that helps put Excel, together with its minuses, aside.

Co-working space booking software

So, the solution is customer relationship management. The software is top-rated. It offers many functions, helps with business analytics, management, and client base.

Modern booking software is used all over the world. It optimizes medical centers, vets, beauty salons, and even service centers. There is no difference between whether you would like to get an online booking or, maybe, a website with a widget.

It is that handy solution that offers everything you ask for. Plus, if you select the software following simple rules, you will even save money. But, "How is it even possible" – you may ask? Oh, it is easy. Many providers only focus on grabbing your money, but we will show you those who don't. Let's dive into the co-working software world. It will be valuable and fun!

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CRMs are of two types: cloud-based and on-premises. Users classify CRM according to the place where the data is stored. On-premises solutions are better for big businesses. However, they require additional equipment and have to be controlled by you. Cloud-based software works independently. You can get access via the Internet. It is safe as the IT company you select protects your servers. There is no need to purchase any equipment or pay for any extra services.

It means that the software is easy to use. We offer such a solution to avoid troubles with connecting and understanding how it works by our clients.

The term can sound a bit complicated. It is simply a design based on user experience (UX). UI means User Interface. Choose this type of software to simplify the life of your co-working team. They will be thankful, trust us.

The main idea of the service is to automate the things that had to be performed by staff. For example, if your administrator or manager had to cope with reports, now it does the software. The employee has to enter the information, and that is all. Then the process is automatic. And, it is just one example of CRM's benefits.

Then goes optimization. As you could already guess, automation helps to minimize possible errors. Human error was and is one of the important items that crushes any business. There are many tiny processes in co-working space, so people cannot notice the failure at once. And, it is even worse as then it can cause a huge problem.

Why would anyone face the issues if a friendly CRM can save your time and wallet? Right, there is no need to risk. CRM or co-working software is the best idea to connect and forget about scheduling via Excel.

Advantages of co-working space scheduling software

The list of pluses can be simply endless. Many co-working owners compare connecting CRM to implementing e-catalog to the library. It seems like not a big deal, but it is a new level of convenience when you start working.

CRMs are helpful for co-working spaces, primarily because of smart scheduling. However, co-working deals with various clients who come there to work. That is why the importance of thought-out planning is indescribable.

There are the following perks of co-working CRMs:

  • Comfortable round-the-clock online appointments – is the main feature many business owners want. Online booking isn't just a must-have of the time. You also can increase the average check for minimal expenses. Give your audience the ability to make an appointment 24/7, and see how they thank you back.

  • Easy professional scheduling. We've already mentioned how important planning is. CRMs offer the ability to plan everything effortlessly.

  • Website. Good CRM will supply you with a landing. It is a mini-website that will be an excellent start for those co-working spaces with no websites.

  • Widget. Not all CRMs offer them, but once you've found the one who does, appreciate it. A widget helps a lot while booking. It is a handy tool that increases your revenue and your client's comfort.

  • Consumable stock management. It is essential to understand what you have to order and how to do it. So, consumable stock management is a great helper. It will advise you when to purchase the consumables, how much you need, and track how fast the stock finishes.

  • Business and financial analytics. These features go together because both are extra important for a well-working co-working. And the second reason is that business analytics influences financial ones. So does the financial analytics to the business.

  • Marketing tools. And, of course, marketing. The modern world just cannot be imagined without ads, promo campaigns, etc. Well, maybe some people would like to imagine it, but we both know how important good marketing is. CRMs, usually offer easy-to-use tools to create loyalty programs, special bonuses, and so on.

Co-working software has many perks for administrators and owners. So let's start with analyzing bonuses for the clients.

Co-working software: benefits for clients

  • The online appointments widget helps to reduce all the risks concerning Covid-19. Clients do not need to come or call to make an appointment. Their main task is to conveniently book a service sitting at home, or work, or anywhere else, and casually sipping a cup of hot coffee.

  • A booking link to share with colleagues and boss. So, they can decide whether your co-working space will work well for their company.

  • Have the plans changed? It is fine. Clients can edit an appointment's time or even cancel it if needed.

NB! Co-workings with CRMs has fewer no-shows. It works simply: people edit the time or cancel the booking. It is way easier than calling and negotiating these details with the administrator or manager of a co-working.

Co-working software: advantages for administrator

  • There is no more need to waste time dealing with clients' cards. A client base is a super tool for all the administrators and managers. It has a quick search, so there is no need to struggle and memorize every detail about your clients. The best way is to search them, using some common interests or personal data, etc.

  • A good calendar is very comfortable as you can see who made an appointment and its time and details. All the data is visual and convenient to check.

  • There is scheduling for staff and managers. It simplifies their work-life and allows control from the owner's side.

  • You can use a client base and its data to create a loyalty program or a marketing campaign.

  • Staff saves time, performing the most critical processes. At the same time, the machine does routines.

  • No need to call and remind about appointments as notifications cope with this task very well.

Co-working software: perks for a business owner

  • Business analytics with various reports.

  • The ability to compare the results of two and more branches.

  • Financial module to calculate salaries and reward employees.

  • Understanding the needs and aims of the business with the help of business analytics and consumable stock management.

  • The ability to select a tariff, according to co-working's size and location. EasyWeek, for example, has no additional fees or hidden payments.

Does size matter?

Well, it matters when planning the startup. However, to choose a good CRM, there is no need to be a big co-working business. EasyWeek offers solutions for small and medium co-working spaces. We will be glad to make this complicated way to success more accessible for you.

What is EasyWeek booking app?

EasyWeek is a young and prosperous booking software. The service is famous all around the world.

We have worked a lot to come out with only the best solutions for affordable prices. But, our team still remembers how complicated a business startup can be. So, we are launching more and more updates to fulfill the needs of almost any business. It all started with the idea of offering quality services to beauty industry businesses. Now, we are working with many companies in various niches and countries.

We have already mentioned that the range of our clients is vast. It simply proves that we are ready to serve many various needs and requests. So, co-working space will be safe in the hands of our team professionals.

Best marketing ideas for co-working spaces

Marketing tools EasyWeek offers:

  • A highly functioning client base with a fast search. It helps with creating emails, bonus programs, etc.

  • QR codes which the system creates with the information you enter while signing up. Then you have to print them on sticky paper. QR codes are most effective when placed in the cafés you collaborate with, similar businesses, or even on the street.

  • Mailings. We offer three types of mailings: emails, Push, and SMS. They are effective for reminding about your co-working those people who have already visited. You can also use them to remind about the booking or thank your clients for visiting your co-working space.

  • SEO-optimized website will be a good helper for attracting and retaining clients. Together with the widget, the website creates a great duo that makes the co-working business look way more professional. And everything without any additional payments or even efforts from your side.

EasyWeek is an affordable solution for small and medium businesses that want to get a booking software. If you are tired of trying many systems, wasting time, and money, join us! We appreciate your time, so now EasyWeek offers a free trial to check whether you like our solution.

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