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Cleaning scheduling software

More and more people delegate cleaning to professional cleaners. As a result, cleaning and maid services are in demand among families and businesses.

Who orders professional cleaning?

The service is popular among:

Any business requires skillful cleaning. That is why the niche is relatively prosperous. Nowadays, the service is trendy, but there is still a place to step into the market. Why not try?

Sure! The demand is crazy, so it's created its supply. There are various CRMs to manage the cleaning business. They are convenient both for cleaning management and its customers.

An hour of professional cleaning services should cost about $15. The minimum hourly rate is $12 when the maximum is $16.

There are several options. You can promote the business on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. The second handy variant is placing an offer at one of the cleaning platforms. The most popular are:

  • Handy

  • ChoreRelief

  • Tidy

  • Extra Cleaning App

  • Maids App

Types of cleaning

Most clients choose between general maintenance and deep cleaning. The duration and frequency are up to a client. Usually, deep cleaning takes up to 5 hours for a one-bed apartment and about 8 hours for a 3-bed flat.

Deep cleaning costs more as it includes more services. If you aren't sure what type of cleaning to get, ask the cleaner. They often kindly help to make a positive impression. General maintenance cleaning is preferable for relatively clean premises that require some refreshment. At the same time, deep cleaning suits well the houses that have to be cleaned thoroughly.

What does a deep cleaning include?

It is the complete cleaning service that typically includes:

  • Full door cleaning.

  • Sanitizing bathrooms.

  • Removing dust and vacuuming carpets.

  • Cleaning windows and all appliances.

  • Washing windows.

A client can also ask for exceptional cleaning. In this case, he should pay more.

A Deep-Clean after renovation

Some companies divide the services for premises maintenance and after renovation ones. So it all depends on the company from which a client is ordering a cleaning. Moreover, the cleaning after renovation will often cost more because it has to include more steps than the average deep cleaning.

How does the cleaning service process look like?

First, a client orders the service. Then, customers prefer doing it via the Internet. Nowadays, it is one of the easiest ways to get and promote cleaning. Another point is that those freelance cleaners can work under any agency or create a powerful personal brand.

Cleaning deals with full access to the properties. So, clients want to be protected in case something happens.

After completing the appointment, a client waits for the cleaner to come to his place. The only thing a customer can do is provide full access to the premises he wants to clean. A cleaner brings all the necessities, such as washing products and equipment.

Cleaning service profit

The business has increased its revenue during the last few years because clients pay more attention to their comfort level, and cleaning determines them. The cleaning services are same popular for residential and commercial properties. Usually, big corporations are ready to invest more, so working with them may sound more attractive.

Some companies are ready to pay up to $50 hourly. The price often depends on the cleaning type and location. The average cleaner's salary goes up to $35 000 per year. The income can be higher if you offer the best quality services and have catchy branding. Customers trust the people they know, even though they know you online. Spend some time creating quality digital content for social media to increase revenue.

How to scale a cleaning business?

The fastest way to scale is by offering a convenient way of booking. Just compare the two situations. The first is when a client who wants to order a cleaning call awaits an administrator's response, then negotiates the details, etc. And, the second, when a client goes to your website and makes an appointment in a few clicks.

He can do it, sipping a cup of hot drink at home. No rush and nerves. Just comfort. That is what your clients appreciate. And, this level of convenience doesn't cost too much. For example, EasyWeek cleaning software starts from $10 monthly. But, you can cover its cost for less than an hour.

Benefits of cleaning CRM software

Implementing the new technologies solves a range of tasks:

  • It automates all the daily processes from client attraction and retention and finishing with consumable stock management.

  • It optimizes work with clients. The system collects client data to optimize further appointments.

  • It schedules staff work-time according to the orders you have got and the skills of the employees.

  • It compares the results of two or more branches daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

  • It prepares various types of business analytics.

  • It allows creating a robust marketing campaign, scheduling mailings, reminders, and notifications.

  • It offers convenient online appointments 24/7.

  • It manages staff commission and other payments.

Cleaning software is a modern must to have. 70% of all successful cleaning companies provide their clients with a handy booking feature. Online appointments are the main factor that influences customers to get the software. It boosts sales effortlessly, so it is worth trying.

EasyWeek software – the proper CRM for cleaning business

EasyWeek is a relatively young service that has escalated pretty fast. Our clients appreciate the software for its user-friendliness and a significant number of functions. The EasyWeek team is constantly working to keep the service in touch with the latest trends. Every day we implement innovations, updating the system monthly.

The EasyWeek cleaning software automates routines, so cleaners have more time to do their primary job. In addition, the system's maintenance won't cost you a fortune. EasyWeek offers 6+ tariffs. We start with the single-user plan and finish with the solution for 50+ employees.

EasyWeek is a perfect choice for small and midsize cleaning businesses. The CRM is user-oriented, affordable, functional, innovative, and gives online appointments.

Why do clients prefer cleaning with an online appointment feature?

  • It is easier than the traditional booking way. A client can mention all the services he would like to get, see the final price, and order a cleaning. It is clear and convenient.

  • If a client's plan has changed, he can reschedule the cleaning. According to the statistics, it decreases the number of canceled appointments.

  • Using EasyWeek, you will get a booking link, a widget, and a website. It will maximize sales as you'll be able to get bookings via the three additional channels.

  • When selecting the service, a customer will be able to choose the payment method. Payments by cards is another point to the positive cleaning's reputation.

EasyWeek is a handy solution to scale the cleaning business in 2022. The service doesn't require any additional payments. We don't charge per appointment or client.

Would you like to try the service? We offer a free trial for new customers. Two weeks of free software usage will help to make the final decision and test the system well. Let's scale together!

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