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Pet hotel management

Pets are our best friends. They bring us so much joy, so sometimes we cannot even imagine our lives without these fur babies. But then anyway, we have to live our life: work, travel, etc. So does it mean they have to be left, or maybe we do not need them at all? Of course, no!

All that is needed is a comfortable place for pets to stay when their owners are out of town. Sometimes people, who own cats, dogs, or any other pets, are just afraid to travel or even go out for a long time. The fear is quite understandable – pets are like kids. So, naturally, it is pretty dangerous when they are home alone.

If you are a pet owner, you will be happy about selecting a nice pet hotel for your fur kid. But, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it is even better! Just imagine starting your own business of helping pets and their owners + making a profit on it.

Sounds pretty inspiring, right? But what is a pet hotel? Is it just a flat, where you put all the pets and care about them? Sure, no. Starting a pet hotel is a complicated task. To open this kind of animal shelter, you have to think about a spacious renovated room with all the needed conditions for comfortable pet well-being.

The process of starting a pet hotel is similar to opening any other business. However, a shortlist of the items a beginner has to cope with when planning a pet hotel:

  • Purchase or rent a spacious place.

  • Legally register the business.

  • Hire the best team.

  • Find a good vet clinic to collaborate with. If an accident happens or an animal has any problem when being under your protection, consult the vets.

  • Select the right software.

  • Advertise the project, attracting more and more clients.

We are sure you know that modern clients are fond of innovations. Everyone today tends to use gadgets much more than needed. We communicate via laptops, and couples date online, people have parties via zoom, etc.

Like any other business idea, cat and dog hotels mostly rely on effective communication with clients. You have to know some animal psychology to cope with your main clients. But on the other hand, it also means that you are dealing with two types of clients:

  • pets,

  • owners.

CRM systems – a ray of light for small and medium businesses

"How is CRM connected to business and pets?" – you may think. However, there is a parallel correlation of how businesses with innovative software win against companies with no CRMs. The statistic shows that any business connected to CRM has better revenue than its nearest competitors without this type of software. Most of all, because of our love to comfort and new stuff.

Talking about the beauty industry or educational services, CRM is just handy. But speaking about medicine and pet hotels, it is essential. First of all, you deal with pretty complicated clients because pets cannot wait in queues. They are so sensitive. That is why CRM is an optimal solution for any pet-related business.

Like any other business, a pet hotel depends on client relationships. The revenue determines how well your customers know you, like you, and want to come back to you. People are often interested not even in the best service but also in the positive image and comfort. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a perfect solution for those, who would like to be the best version of themselves, but without spending a fortune on promotion and various software.

Pet hotels software is a relatively young niche, but there are already many choices.

Let's see what the CRMs key features are:

  • handy marketing tools,

  • online appointments,

  • smart scheduling,

  • business analytics,

  • consumable stock management.

A sound CRM system is a great helper for any aspiring businessman. They are usually functional, affordable, and stylish. We've taken a look at the main benefits of any CRM system. They are the same for vets, medical centers, beauty salons, service centers, and even car washes. Would you like to know what a handy CRM system can do for your pet business? Then let's continue our journey in the world of CRMs.

Advantages of connecting a CRM for a pet hotel

  1. Maintaining a card base with all the information about your clients: both pets and their owners;

  2. Forming a base of potential clients;

  3. Scheduling of visits and staff scheduling;

  4. Financial analytics;

  5. Data comparison;

  6. Warehouse and management accounting.

How to choose the right software for my pet hotel?

The market is full of attractive offers. On the one side, it is good as there are many competitors, so the choice is so big. But on the other hand, this offer has created another problem – it is hard to understand what you need to get.

Maybe, you have noticed that many developers pack their software with a large number of functions. It sounds cool till you start using it. But it happens that 50% of all the features are useless, and the functions you need do not offer.

Three notions you better know while selecting pet hotel software:

  1. Cloud-based solutions. It means that the data is stored in the cloud. You can get access to your information using any laptop. That is why people consider it's better than on-premises variants. Cloud-based solutions do not require any unique stuff. Providers maintain them, so you pay monthly. And never worry about additional issues.

  2. Understand functions and tariffs. Selecting the software that offers what you need is very important. If you have resources, you can waste them to try many CRMs and choose the best one, but for what? The best will be analyzing the choices and selecting the one that suits your needs best. For example, you run a tiny pet hotel. There is no need to overpay for "the all-inclusive" tariff with 50 workers included. The balance is the idea.

  3. Design. Sounds random, right? Not many users think about the interface when selecting software. But it is that detail that creates user-friendliness and style. These two notions are pretty important. For instance, the EasyWeek team has worked a lot to launch the solution without any extra details. It doesn't mean that we offer less. On the contrary, there are even more features, and we know our users will use each of them.

EasyWeek: advantages for pet hotel owners

EasyWeek is a young service that is already popular among small and medium businesses. The team is ambitious, so every day, we work a lot to improve the solution.

Why EasyWeek stands out

  • User-friendliness. EasyWeek designers have worked pretty hard to create a service that looks simple but works powerfully. We didn't want to scare people off, using complicated styles, adding useless functions, etc. The main task was to put all the power in the simply beautiful shell. And we did it!

  • Nowadays, clients appreciate the service for its functionality, design, and professional support. EasyWeek team is ready to help with any issue. Professionals are always awaiting your questions. They are so happy to rest while everything works smoothly. But if anything happens, it will be solved at once.

  • A website. Have you dreamed about getting your website with all your business details, online appointment feature, and team section? If yes, the EasyWeek have a surprise! We offer a mini-website 100% free. You don't need to pay for any services connected to creating your landing. The process is automatic. All you have to do is to sign up and enter your data. Then the system will generate the website without any human help.

  • Widget. Same as with the mini-website, you get it for free and without any effort. Then it is possible to place the booking link to any social network. Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok will work very well.

  • Business analytics. More than 150 reports will save time. The system does everything automatically and without your participation.

  • Consumable stock management. A pet hotel business is a complicated idea for which you will need a lot of stuff. EasyWeek will simplify ordering shampoos, pet cosmetics, pet food, etc.

  • EasyWeek is a perfect idea to motivate staff by improving their work conditions, inspiring employees to work as best as possible. And it is additionally pleasant that you won't need to spend much on it.

Marketing benefits of using EasyWeek CRM

  • The software is well-packed with many functions to promote a pet hotel. Among the most important details is the EasyWeek client base, which simplifies the administrator work. Now, to find the information about clients, you can enter any piece of data you remember.

  • It is possible to create a lot of special offers to attract new customers. For example, prepare birthday promotions to get more clients and satisfy already existing ones.

  • Another good thing is QR stickers. The system generates these stickers without your help, then you print them and stick them in your partner's vet clinic, pet grooming salon, etc. These ads are pretty helpful and cost almost nothing. So why not?

Some other pluses of EasyWeek

Benefits for pet hotel clients:

  • Online appointments: book a service 24/7;

  • A website to get all the information about the team, services, and pricing;

  • No more rush or misunderstandings: the service allows booking only when the pet hotel is available.

Benefits for pet hotel owners:

  • Business processes are optimized and automized: save time and money as now, the software can do almost everything;

  • An administrator is less loaded as the system generates the reports and some other papers;

  • No calls and work out of work hours. The system will show how to serve more clients with less effort.

Do you have any doubts? It is fine. EasyWeek will be happy to show you more benefits of the service. And with a two-week trial we offer, you can test it for free. Why not try!

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