The vet business is in trend as many pet owners are ready to invest in their fur kids' health and well-being. There are many items to mention when talking about a successful veterinary clinic. One of the important details is vet appointment scheduling software.

CRM with an online appointment feature is the best solution for vet clinics that care about their reputation, love animals, and respect their customers. And, we are sure you do.

This article explains how to choose the best CRM for a vet clinic and pet services. In addition, we have prepared an ultimate checklist on how to select an online appointment scheduling software in 2021. So let's start!

What is a CRM system, and why do I need it?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a program that helps when doing any business. It allows tracking new clients, retaining loyal audiences, and working with potential customers. The software stores all the client data, starting with the date of birth and finishing with preferences and complaints, so later, you can create special offers and get more attention.

The 21st century has taught us that CRM is a must-have for any business. It doesn't matter whether you deal with the beauty salon industry, service center business, or medicine. Anyway, you'll have to think about handy software that allows business optimization and automation of daily routine processes. That is why you need a CRM system – to optimize a vet clinic, allowing your staff to do their main task – care about pets' health.

Advantages of getting CRM system for vet services

We've mentioned that CRM systems are in demand. You can ask – "Why?" There are several reasons why online schedulers are so popular. Usually, vet clinic owners appreciate CRM systems for business automation, which means no more paper rush, constant calls, and queues.

Business owners who have already got a CRM system notice that it's similar to getting an online catalog to the library when previously everything was done manually. Plus, statistics show that vet clinic customers appreciate the idea of CRM system integration as they can book a service even out of vet clinic work hours, casually sipping coffee at home.

Benefits of CRM systems include:

  • 24/7 online booking.

  • Business automation and optimization.

  • A client base.

  • An ability to calculate staff commission, reward, and collect fines.

  • Various marketing tools.

  • An ability to collaborate and communicate across teams.

  • An ability to compare performance on the different periods of the various branches of a vet clinic.

  • Detailed analytics.

  • Dozen of various reports.

  • Consumables stock management.

  • And much more.

Online appointments are crucial as fur friends aren't used to waiting in queues, staring at the other pets waiting for their time. In addition, animals are nervous, and they often suffer when staying in an unknown crowded place without knowing what is going on. That is why an online booking feature is essential for any vet clinic. EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software will save the vet clinic team's patience and pets' nerves to minimize the queues.

What are other advantages of getting a vet clinic booking software?

The software maintains an electronic log of customer visits, stores the results of pets' analyses and appointments, features of a pet's behavior in different situations, food habits, and chronic diseases. The vet doctors can store all this information on the pet's card. Therefore, it is very convenient for a doctor to search for a patient's data in a client base to refresh his knowledge about the animal's problems and special needs. EasyWeek offers a quick search. Enter anything you remember about the pet (name, features, complaints, etc.) and get complete information on its health conditions.

And, in case of any pet ailments, the owner does not need to call the veterinary clinic nervously. He has to go to the website, choose a vet and time. It is possible to do in a few clicks and from any laptop.

EasyWeek CRM allows generating QR codes to promote your vet clinic. The manager can place the code on the reception, and it is also convenient to share it with the messengers, on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

CRM is also responsible for consumable stock management and warehouse inventory accounting. EasyWeek helps with taking inventory, ordering supplies, and scheduling medical staff's work hours.

How to choose the best CRM for a vet clinic?

Selecting the right software is an important task. But, very often, it is not as easy as it can seem. The current market is full of various CRM systems, so, naturally, there is a vast choice. But then how to understand that the software is what you need exactly? There are several items you should pay attention to when selecting an online appointment scheduling software:

  • Whether it is cloud-based: cloud-based CRM systems are top-rated as you can get all the information whenever you want, using the Internet. It is preferable to get cloud-based software than the one that's working on-premises. However, there is a small minus - you have to pay for it monthly. Not a big deal, actually, for the comfort and support you receive.

  • Whether the software is user-friendly: make sure you understand what you buy. Many CRM systems for vet clinics look pretty complicated, and there are many useless functions to get more customer's money. EasyWeek offers all the needed roles and even more, and it costs less than the nearest competitors mainly because the service is young and aimed to grow together with its clients, not to eat their money.

  • Whether there is a tariff suitable for your vet clinic: so simple and so important, pay attention to whether the tariff plan you select is just what you need. Pretty often, clients overpay or don't get all the features they need. EasyWeek offers seven tariff plans and can get more slots if you need more than the maximum (> 50). The software is suitable for small and big vet clinics, offering many tariff plans and the ability to customize the service.

EasyWeek vet clinic software as a marketing tool

EasyWeek stores all the customer data, so then you can analyze who visits your vet clinic. It means working with a target audience is getting much more accessible.

The well-known fact is that a wrongly determined target audience can kill any business. Mainly because you are presenting yourself to the wrong people, those who'll never buy a service at your vet clinic. That is why determining a vet clinic's target audience is that important.

Talking about ads and marketing, CRM helps with:

  • setting up targeted ads,

  • covering users of Google.maps,

  • engaging the audience of any social network.

Advantages of EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for the veterinary healthcare team

CRM systems are beneficial both for vets and their clients. There are several advantages of vet booking software for medical teams.

CRM helps vets as it:

  • Reduces the time required to fill out a pet's card.

  • Stores all the information without requiring the maintenance of paper medical records.

  • Minimizes human error.

  • Provides data in a visual form: upload all the results in a few clicks, check assignments easily, etc.

  • It contains reference books that help vets with diagnosing or correctly deciphering the tests.

Advantages of EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for veterinary clinic clients

Veterinary clients get even more perks from getting a handy vet clinic booking software. There are many advantages for veterinary clinic clients.

CRM helps vet clinic clients as it:

  • Allows 24/7 online booking via widget, a booking link, or a personal page that works like a mini-website.

  • Provides all the data on the vet healthcare team, shows provided services, and their prices.

  • Offers handy scheduling, allowing booking only within the free hours of the vet that client selected.

  • Allows choosing the convenient date and needed a vet.

  • Reminds about the appointment with SMS, via email, or push notifications.

EasyWeek is suitable both for small and big vet clinics, for beginners, and well-known vet centers. The software is user-friendly, offers many useful functions, and doesn't require any special knowledge to start working. It takes up to an hour to set everything up, get a personal page that works like a mini-website, together with a stylish widget and a booking link.

Another bonus is that the EasyWeek software has better pricing than the nearest competitors. Moreover, it offers many tariffs and fast, professional support. In addition, the EasyWeek team created a flexible loyalty program for all the clients, offering promotions and discounts from the beginning.

If you are still thinking about getting a CRM for your vet clinic, try EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software for free to see how well it works for your vet clinic. We offer a free 14-day trial during which you can set the software up, test it and decide whether it works well for your company. If you have any questions concerning the software, feel free to contact our support team. They'll be glad to help you!

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