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Brow & Lash studio management

Lashes & Brows Salon popularity

Brow and lash services are among the most popular ones. They are at the top of any beauty salon. So, naturally, beauty salon owners couldn't miss the option to increase their profit. Now, brow bars are almost as popular as nail salons. Lash & Brow studios are relatively easy to start. The business is prosperous, so why not try it?

Brow bars offer lash extensions, lash & brow dying, and coloring together with correction. The list of the popular brow bar services looks relatively short. However, you can supplement it. Remember that the more services you can offer, the better will be your revenue.

Brow bar audience is women of all ages. The service is also suitable for men, but they rarely get any lash & brow treatment.

A brow bar is a separate beauty studio that offers lash & brow services.

Yes, the business is pretty profitable. Monthly income can reach $7000. However, such good revenue is possible only when the salon is fully loaded. The average income is about $5000 monthly.

Launching a lash and brow studio is nothing complicated. You are not required to obtain plenty of permits. Instead, decide on the legal form of brow bar organization, find a suitable location, hire skillful brow artists and promote the brow bar. Read more about brow bar launching in our blog.

Brows & Lashes Studio management software

As with any beauty salon, a brow bar requires good management. CRM is one of the main options to optimize lash & brow routine processes and scale the business. The software helps automate brow bar routines, exclude human error, and establish better communication with clients. It is also a perfect tool for fastening the brow bar's ROI.

You will hardly find a beauty salon that works without any software. Good CRM is a modern must-have. Then the question arises on how to choose the best brow bar software?

Choosing the best brow studio software

  • First and foremost – study the market. CRMs are in demand. So, there are many of them in the current software market. You will find the one to fulfill your brow bar's needs. It takes time, but it's possible.

  • Pay attention to the system's characteristics. Then, test it before getting the subscription, and don't worry. Even if you've chosen the wrong one, you can always change it.

What should a good brow bar software do?

  • Maintain client information clean and accurately. It has to analyze visits according to the frequency and payment.

  • Be able to provide a brow bar with a handy scheduling and well-thought-out staff timetable.

  • Include a finance module to optimize salary calculations, charge a commission, and collect fines.

  • Keep in touch with all the most popular social networks (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.).

  • Be able to create a public page for a brow bar. Then you won't overpay for additional IT services.

  • Create and upload reports with different parameters.

  • Compare the performance of several brunches.

EasyWeek CRM is suitable for any brow bar. It offers all the CRM benefits and a comfortable booking service.

Why are online appointments essential for a brow bar?

Guests require the highest level of comfort and the best treatment. That's why customers of a beauty salon enjoy the freedom of making online appointments 24/7. So offering them the ability to make an appointment in a few clicks, cozy drinking hot tea at home is a blessing for any business. Statistics claim that brow bars with online appointment options are 7 times popular than the ones that do not offer this service.

Many beauty salon owners compare online appointments to e-catalog in the library. No more rush, misunderstanding, and conflicts. Just productivity and quality service.

It is very convenient for a client to visit your website or social network and choose the best time, date, and specialist. And that's all. You've got a new appointment, and a customer just booked the desired service!

There is no need to call and negotiate any details or come to the brow bar to finish the booking. Nothing!

An administrator is free of useless routines, and she can spend more time creating a pleasant atmosphere in the salon. However, remember that effective communication in a brow bar requires special attention.

EasyWeek online appointment scheduling system

EasyWeek is a new solution for many beauty salons, including a brow bar. The software offers handy booking via the landing, widget, QR code, or a booking link which you can place on any social network or messenger.

The modern EasyWeek software suits well small and midsize brow salons, so just try it! Several tariffs work for any beauty studio.

And the best is that the EasyWeek team will help you to customize the service, making it the best, particularly for your brow bar. We are eager to grow together, cherishing your business and its development. Our tech support is online to help you with any issue while the developers work non-stop, creating the best updates.

Would you like to test the software for free? A 14-day trial is a perfect opportunity to check the system and its benefits. We wish you luck in optimizing a brow bar and scaling it together with EasyWeek!

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