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Customer psychology hacks


Returning clients are the main indicator of a good beauty salon. It means that the place is liked and the masters do their job on the highest level. However, it happens that the beauty shop is planned well, the staff is professional but there are still problems with loyal customers. So, how to satisfy clients and turn them into loyal ones? In this article, we'll take a look at the subtleties of communication in a beauty salon and find out what is the key to perfect service.

How to communicate with customers in a beauty salon

The first impression is extra important. Make it positive and be sure you'll get a happy client and a potential repeat visit. Usually, administrators are responsible for the impression that a beauty salon makes. A good administrator has to control compliance with the rules of communication by all employees of the beauty shop.

6 key concepts of communication in a beauty salon

  • Everyone likes to feel special, that's why it's better to use a personal approach to every customer. For example, it's proven that people tend to feel more comfortable when they are called by their names. So, don't forget to ask the customer's name during the 1st visit, note it, and then call him, using the name. This way you'll show that the guest is important and you'd love to see him again.

  • Fast service is one of the main things clients notice. Plus, it shows that your team is professional. The main idea of this approach is to fully understand what your customer wants and only after that start working. Don‘t be afraid to ask about the customer‘s preferences, you'll show that the client and his desires are appreciated. Plus, always mention the duration of the service, it'll save you from troubles and misunderstandings.

  • Nowadays, a quality service alone isn't enough, the master has to stay positive and friendly. Attention and care make clients return to your beauty shop again and again.

  • Listen attentively: it gives a certain trust and satisfaction. You can rephrase what the clients told to show that you've grasped the main idea.

  • If a client wants to talk, don‘t neglect his desire. To help the client feel your involvement, tell him about proper skin, hair, or nail care based on your professional experience.

  • To make the visitor return, communicate effectively. Devote time and energy to finding out what your customers like and need. This way you‘ll make a client feel special and show that in this beauty salon he‘s appreciated. And, agree, we all like to feel it.

Four personality types

It's essential to understand clients' desires. It seems a complicated thing to do and yes, it is. But knowing which kind of information your client is most receptive to will help a lot. Talking about beauty salons, customers are attracted to different things. It depends on the types of their personality. Let's talk about it in detail.


If a client pays attention to the style of a beauty salon, or, for example, once after arriving takes a fashion magazine, then he's a visual-spatial type. The way of perception of such clients is a visual picture, so he tries to convey his opinion via images-gestures. These customers have a peculiar manner of speech behavior. They often say “I'd like to show you”, “how it'll look at the end?”, etc. As you've understood, to make a positive impression on such customers, you have to speak their “visual” language.


If comfort and tactile sensations play the main role for a client, then he‘s a kinesthetic type of personality. Such people perceive the information via bodily impulses, which show whether they are satisfied with the service.

Your staff has to convince such a visitor that the provided services will influence his body in the best possible way. For instance, if such a client selects a spa service, why not tell him about bodily pleasure, improved well-being and a feeling of lightness after the procedure.

The speech behavior of these clients is also special. They speak slowly, quietly and describe things, using adjectives like soft, aromatic, smooth, silky, etc. Your beauty salon and services have to evoke a set of positive emotions in such people. Only this way, they'll come back again and again.


The next type of client that can visit a beauty salon is audial. This type is easily recognizable as he peculiarly reacts to the sounds. To catch the attention of such a client, the administrator's speech has to be expressive and clear. The auditory type is also recognizable by his desire to obtain all the necessary information through talking. During the conversation, in no case should you interrupt these clients, otherwise, they may lose interest in the place and services.


Some people rely not on sight, sounds or sensations, but on the ability to analyze information. Presenting products and services to these customers, keep in mind that they perceive information as a separate component in the overall sequence. Analysts like to be explained every process step by step: how the system works; what effect they will receive after the service; etc. In this case, it's better to rely on facts and reviews.

Memorize the peculiarities of every guest and note them in the CRM system for beauty salons.

Your customers will be glad to be remembered and appreciated. The more “magical” moments in communication with clients will happen, the higher the reputation of your beauty salon will rise.

Importance of loyal customers

To attract new customers you'll have to devote a huge part of the company's budget to develop a marketing strategy. Poor service and customers' complaints can ruin any business, especially if we are talking about beauty salons.

At the same time, all that's required for keeping loyal customers is a conscientious attitude to work and quality service. Agree, it's easier and cheaper!

Hacks on retaining clients

  • High-quality standards

    The reputation of a beauty salon is one of the main reasons for return visits. Your masters' reputation has to be ideal to attract new clients. Sounds complicated, but quality services and a friendly attitude almost always guarantee a perfect reputation of a specialist and place.

  • Service transparency

    Sometimes while talking to the administrator, clients sound anxious. It happens because they have no clue about how the selected service is gonna be provided. That's why you have to inform customers about every detail of the service/product they've chosen. So, the next time the customer will more likely come back to your beauty parlor because he's aware of the service details and feels calmer.

  • A wide range of services

    You'll get more visits if customers will be sure that all their requests can be fulfilled in 1 place. A good idea is adding TOP, VIP. seasonal services to the standard ones. Why not add a new seasonal service every month – it'll be interesting for clients and for sure will double the check.

Conflict situations in a beauty salon

How should you react to aggression, staying calm and friendly?

While dealing with customers' complaints, we advise using an “adult-adult” behavioral model. This means you have to avoid labeling and personalization, and adequately assess the conflict. No way should you make the situation public if it's possible to solve it between master and client. Don't try to teach a client, this way the relationship will tend to become an “adult-child” and that's definitely not what we need. The main point why it's unwanted is that in such a situation a customer will feel anxious, it's also possible he'll think you aren't taking his problem seriously.

Try to achieve a certain “balance” in the conversation. This way you won't fall for any provocations. Listen to the client attentively, without interrupting. Show your guest that you fully understand his anger and then fairly analyze the situation.

Let's list the main possible conflict situations, briefly outlining the conversation strategy with offended clients.

Behavior models: handling customer objections

Each complaint has to be analyzed individually as there is no one recipe for all.

There are situations when a master made a mistake and offended a client or just couldn't provide a quality service. In such cases, you have to understand your client. If the guest complains that, for example, “the master couldn't make a hairstyle I've asked for”, specify the details and if it's the master's fault - don't take any money for this service. This way you'll compensate for damage and won't lose reputation. To keep this client, offer him a discount for the next visit or any other bonus.

There are situations when a client acts inadequately. Don't tolerate rudeness, once you hear any hints of it, ask the client to be polite or even refuse a service.

Sometimes a client can be angry and dissatisfied but there is no reason or even logic in his words. For example, your guest uses petty quibbles like “serve faster” or “I know better, don't do it”, tries to attract attention to increase his status and significance. The best way to solve such situations is to stay as calm and friendly as possible. You can also reduce the tension by talking about the current promotions and new services.

There are situations when customers are dissatisfied with the price or quality of the service. If a visitor criticizes anything, thank him, analyze the objection and improve the service/product if needed. Ask visitors feedback, even if it's negative, this way you can improve the quality of provided services and rise reputation.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Bill Gates

Polite ways of rejecting clients

It happens that you feel negativity and rudeness once a visitor starts talking. There is no doubt that such clients won't be happy with any service. Such people tend to insult to show their priority. They can also show some sort of arrogance which will affect not only the staff but also other clients. We don't want such an attitude. So, it's better to deny service, referring to non-compliance with the ethics of communication. Don't hesitate, you will be right in this case.

If visitors with an altered consciousness enter your beauty salon (alcohol or drug intoxication), their appearance, inappropriate behavior, and even smell can ruin others' comfort. If it happened, you should politely ask the guests to leave, and if they don't agree, just call security or the police.


Let's summarize the main communication rules for a beauty salon:

First of all, you should always stay kind and friendly to every visitor. Remember that rudeness will not only offend the person but also kill your beauty salon's reputation. Second, Make your services transparent. Provide step-by-step instructions with all the benefits and drawbacks of the service. However, it'll still be better to make the disadvantages look somehow pleasant. Third, remember the names and preferences of your customers. This way, you'll show that they are appreciated and important in your beauty shop.

An also, connect an appointment software to develop your customer communication.

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