1. Competition in dentistry

  2. What clinic software can do

  3. Dental CRM: level up for a medical business

  4. How to choose the best dental practice software

  5. Conclusions

#1 Competition in dentistry

Any person needs a dentist. Since early childhood, people have cared about their teeth health. Regular visits to the dentists help to prevent sudden toothache, gum damage, and even tooth loss. But, unfortunately, demand creates its supply.

Even though there are plenty of various dentists all around the US, new clinics appear every year.

Maintaining a business in a highly competitive environment is impossible without handy dental practice software, client attraction&retention strategies, and new technologies in general.

Opening dentistry is a rather challenging but exciting path. First and foremost is having high medical education and at least some experience in the field. Then you can start obtaining licenses and permits (they depend on the state). After you finish with the documents:

  • Go on and choose a good location.

  • Hire dentists and an administrator.

  • Do not forget about the cleaning lady.

  • Last but not the list is advertising. Invest in marketing to avoid no clients at the start.

The business is pretty expensive. First, you have to invest in equipment, software, and consumables. After, you better think about the promo campaign and marketing. The average initial expenses are about $500 000.

Yes, it is. Its average profit margin is 40%. However, many US dentists make it up to 60%.

Are you going to start new dentistry? That is a perfect business idea. The CRM system will help you with 24/7 online appointments, customer management, and other business tools.

Or another situation, you have already coped with opening dentistry. First, things go just perfectly, but then you have almost no clients. What should a business owner do in this situation?

One of the most frequent reasons for client loss is poor management. The services are of high quality, prices are pretty affordable, but still, dentistry has a lousy customer flow. When analyzing its work, you can quickly notice that such clinics usually do not use any software at all.

Do you still keep your records in a classic notebook? It is too old-fashioned, uncomfortable, and you pay for "using the copybook" much more than for an average dental software. The difference is that you pay with the potential clients you do not attract because of the manual booking.

According to the statistics, dentistry that offers online appointments has 70% more visitors than the clinic without online booking. It happens because clients are ready to pay for their comfort, even if the solution costs more than analogs.

Any dental software optimizes routine processes of dentistry. It automates the things that a system can do without human help. It means that human error has no chance to happen, while the CRM copes with the processes better and faster.

Connecting CRM will let a dentist do his primary job – working with patients. There is no point in dealing with papers manually when you can order the chaos by the software.

Would you like to transform the old-fashioned image of dentistry by offering innovative booking features? If yes, then continue reading this article. We will be glad to show you how to do it.

#2 What clinic software can do

Dental software is beneficial for any clinic or dentistry. It automates basic stuff, optimizing the work-life of business.

Dental software has the following advantages:

  • It offers a client base with client information. A doctor can also note all the needed information about the patient's health and wellbeing. You can also add any treatment preferences, contacts, or social media.

  • There is an option to store patients' cards online in one system. It helps when dealing with complex cases. The feature is also beneficial for dentists who don't like to look for a client's analysis and X-ray in a rush. Just add the data to the system, then work with it when you have free time.

  • CRM notifies dentists and their patients about appointments. A doctor can select which message he'd like to send to his clients. You can tell about the latest innovation in the clinic's work-life, create special offers or personal discounts. There are a lot of variants. Simply choose a notification type: email, push or SMS and type a message.

  • If you own a branch of clinics, there is no problem in adding all of them to the system.

  • Financial and business analytics simplify doctors' daily routines as now it is calculated by the software. There is also inventory and consumable stock management to organize the business more efficiently.

Using a dental CRM, a dentist will minimize potential issues and keep his workload well-balanced. It is also a perfect chance to optimize the human resources of dentistry.

CRM does not replace people. Instead, it helps them with doing their work better.

#3 Dental CRM: level up for a medical business

The market of dental CRMs is full of different solutions.

The most popular ones are:

  1. EasyWeek

  2. Dental 4Windows

  3. Dental CRM

  4. Iclinic

  5. StomX

  6. IDENT

  7. QStorma

  8. Clinic IQ

  9. Renovatio.Clinica

Among this variety, EasyWeek differs as it offers better managing tools than others, offering more pleasant pricing and constant updates. We created the software in 2018, since then, it has been popular in Eastern and Western Europe, together with America. We have made it through the Covid-19 pandemic, providing only good quality to our clients worldwide.

Our clients like EasyWeek for:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Comfortable online appointments

  • Notification system

  • Brand customization

  • Fast

  • Integration with social media and maps

#4 How to choose the best dental practice software

Choosing the best CRM is a challenging task. It requires your time and patience. Any business owner is interested in the growth of their startup. However, not everyone knows how to cope with business analytics that is essential for progress.

CRMs help to set everything up – from the staff's work schedule and finishing with the inventory.

Dental practice software consist of the following modules:

  • Online appointments

  • Client base

  • Business analytics

  • Staff schedule

Before purchasing a subscription, make sure all the functions suit your aims.

What to pay attention to when selecting dental CRM:

  • Via which devices can you access the software? The best option is the CRM that works well on any laptop. Patients often make appointments via smartphones, so it has to look attractive on their devices.

  • How many doctors can use the system? Some CRMs offer a limited number of slots. It means that if your dentistry has more doctors than the slots, they will be out of the system. Choose the software that offers the ability to expand – to hire more employees later.

  • Does it offer consumable stock management? A "laboratory" module is a handy tool that simplifies inventory and related check-ins. Select CRMs that provide this option to use the software at its full power.

  • Does the system provide a set of dental marketing tools? It allows you to work with the client base, create a loyalty program, advertise the business and stand out from the competition without any financial losses.

  • Do developers let you try the solution? A trial is a perfect chance to see whether the system works as you need it. Start your free trial together with EasyWeek. We are sure that two weeks will be enough to set the software up. Feel free to test its performance and make the final decision during the 14-day trial period.

#5 Conclusions

A successful business means staying innovative. And CRM has been a trend for the last few years. So dental software is a perfect idea to scale your business with minimum investments.

It is always better to step ahead than be stuck in the past. Dentists have to be on the wave of innovations, as medicine has nothing to do with relics of the past. And here we are talking about out-of-dated solutions like manual records.

Dental practice software will take away the pain of constant counting, scheduling, and manual booking. Instead, treat yourself with comfortable online appointments and scale your business together with EasyWeek.


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