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Beauty salon manager job


Beauty salon administrator is among the top positions in any beauty studio. It is, at the same time, an important and hard job. The success of any business largely depends on how organized the employee is and how well he or she performs the salon manager's duties. There is a huge risk of losing even loyal customers because of bad management, poor communication, and bad organization. That is why hiring the right person is very important. We have prepared a shortlist of beauty salon manager skills.

Beauty salon manager core competencies

  • Communicative skills

  • Organization skills

  • Diplomacy

  • Adequate perception of feedback and critics

  • Ability to learn from mistakes

  • Customer orientation

Understanding the key trends and a passion for beauty and fashion would be a great advantage as well. An administrator is a beauty business face. He is also one of the main owner's helpers. It is better to select a person who has experience in this field, knows the main rules of communication, and feels good about beauty and trends. However, do not be afraid to hire a potentially good worker, just make sure you know how to help him to develop his skills and perform in the best way. Such administrators very often work even better, if you teach them how you need it and how you want it.

Beauty salon administrator the main responsibilities

The position instruction vary but almost all of them usually contains the following blocks:

Communication tasks:

  • Scheduling appointments.

  • Sending notifications and reminders to the clients and staff.

  • Providing polite and friendly communication in a beauty salon and via calls, emails, messages.

  • Consultations on services, beauty products, answers to guests' questions.

  • An ability to deal with controversial situations and complaints.

  • Creating, maintaining, and improving the image of a beauty salon.

  • Preparation and posting the content on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Administrative tasks:

  • Maintaining a client base.

  • Coping with a document flow.

  • Coping with consumable stock management.

Financial tasks:

  • Dealing with cash flow calculations and cash transactions.

  • Dealing with report work: filling in and analyzing different types of reports.

Work with staff:

  • Controlling over the staff work and cleaning services.

  • Training and adaptation of new employees, team motivation.

  • Working with certificates and interviews.

Beauty salon administrator job instruction

Let's take a look at the example of how the functional duties of a salon administrator can be detailed and explained in a job instruction.

Beauty salon administrator functions

  1. сreation of a friendly and positive atmosphere: effective communication is the main skill.

  2. Greeting guests with small talk: paying a compliment or talking about the weather while waiting for service helps customers to relax.

  3. Offering drinks and treats to visitors: water, tea, coffee, and snacks are very helpful in creating a positive attitude.

  4. Notifying clients about the appointments: providing details about time, consumables, price.

  5. Offering promotions and presenting new beauty products, speaking about sales and special offers, offering memberships.

  6. Finding out the reasons for canceling the appointment and entering the data into the client base.

  7. Being active but not intrusive.

  8. Asking feedback, working with it, analyzing complaints and guests' offers.

  9. Informing owners and staff about the complaints and offers.

  10. Promptly resolving issues on the different salon activities, fixing breakdowns, calling repair services, and ordering the necessary equipment.

  11. Monitoring compliance with cleanliness, sanitary standards, and fire safety.

  12. Consumable stock management, marking employees' requests and ordering the necessary materials for work.

  13. Participation in recruiting staff, motivating employees, monitoring the implementation of a personal KPI by each specialist.

  14. Being interested in increasing the number of salon guests: mentioning the beauty studio on social media, helping with marketing strategies, and being in touch with the leading campaigns of the beauty salon.

There are many different position instructions for the beauty salon manager job. You can google it and see which one works best in your case. We have prepared the whole list of all the possible tasks that can be done by an administrator. However, do not forget that the employee is still a human, not a robot who can cope with them alone and all at once.

How to understand that your beauty salon manager is the best one

Understanding failures is as important as analyzing the success of any business. It is essential for understanding how to move further and develop the quality of the provided services. It can also indicate troubles at the earliest stage of their existence. Handy, isn't it?

Let's take a look at the factors that can stop business and kill all the staff motivation. Very often many of them concern the work of an administrator.

If the performance of the administrator does not meet your expectations, it is better to talk with him or her. It often helps to solve all the problematic trifles, additional training or even a change of the employee will work well if anything goes wrong.

Basic control methods

  • Approved service standards: write down a list with all the possible problems and their solutions. It takes time but it is worth it as later you'll avoid repeat questions as the same or similar situation will be already given and explained.

  • A job instruction with clear information on all the duties of a salon administrator. Make sure the employee read it and signed only after the full understanding of the rules.

  • Selective checking (listening to) business calls to analyze the quality of communication skills.

  • Mystery visiting: hire a person to visit your beauty salon and act as an ordinary customer. It is one of the best ways to check not only the manager's work but also staff performance in general.

  • Check reviews and see how the client base changes with time.

  • Business analytics: analyze the statistics and sales.

  • Compare KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of different administrators. It works only for big businesses that have a few management positions.

To see how your business works the best idea is to use special software. There are many salon booking systems (CRM) in the current market. Select the one that offers easy optimization and business automation together with business analytics. A great plus if the software works both on laptops and smartphones, Android and IOS. Just like EasyWeek does. It will let you have even more freedom as the business could be done even from the phone.

Benefits of using a beauty salon system

CRM program functions:

  • Maintaining a client base: customer management, making lists of guests' preferences and complaints, etc.

  • 24/7 online booking via widget, booking link, or a personal page.

  • Setting and tracking employee's tasks.

  • Business analytics: analyzing failures and success.

  • Uploading reports in various areas of work.

  • Consumable stock management.

There is a great number of salon booking systems in the current market. EasyWeek stands out among the nearest competitors because of its pleasant pricing, great functionality, and user-friendly design. The software is suitable both for small and big companies.

EasyWeek offers:

  • 24/7 booking and handy scheduling via widget, with a booking link or via a personal page that works like a mini-website.

  • A personal page in the EasyWeek catalog works like a landing and it is very useful for those who have no website.

  • Notifications to the staff and customers: SMS, push, and email.

  • A client base with all the needed customer information: birthday, preferences, complaints, etc.

  • A possibility to customize the widget, using all the colors and shades, various icons, and wallpapers.

  • Financial module to pay staff commission, reward employees, and collect fines.

  • Business analytics to see how a beauty salon works: which specialists work more effective, what services bring the best profit, etc.

  • A dozen reports saving the administrator's time and nerves.

Essential reports for beauty salon manager

  1. Movement of funds, income/expense ratio, and categorization. A convenient tool for planning finances for the coming period.

  2. Staff results – the number of sales, the average check, the percentage in the total income of the salon. The report helps with an evidence-based assessment and motivation of the team.

  3. The primary customers' retention report is an important document for analyzing the performance of the staff. It clearly shows who first visited the salon during the selected period of a promotion, special offer, etc, as well as how many of them came again or became loyal.

  4. Lost clients – those who visited the beauty salon and never came back. If you work with this group well, it is a great chance of making these customers loyal ones.

  5. Sold services and products – the report, which shows the statistics on the most popular services and beauty products.

  6. Sources of client acquisition – the kind of report that works as a good tool for determining the right marketing strategy for the future.

  7. The service profitability report helps to identify the main sources of profit, reallocate forces and adjust the work plan.

Dealing with complaints as the best way to grow

Dealing with unsatisfied clients is one of the key tasks of any administrator. There is no way to avoid complaints, even if the business works very well. You just cannot make everyone happy. So, the task is to understand how to solve such situations in the best way. Don't be afraid of complaints – they are the best way to grow and develop for a beauty salon. Sure, only if you work with them.

A short checklist on working with a complaint

  • Understand the situation and fix it as fast as possible.

    Analyze the information from the unsatisfied customer, offer possible solutions, and do not forget to say sorry if a customer is unhappy because of some problem in the beauty salon.

  • Listen carefully.

    Listen to the client and specialist, see what was the reason for the conflict. If necessary (very often it is) offer a free product or service to the customer.

  • Be open and fair.

    Being friendly and open will help to solve any conflict. Don't try to stop a customers' speech, never interrupt him or her, etc. Let a client speak and remember that other customers are watching you too. Act with dignity and respect.

Stay friendly and open, listen carefully, keep eye contact and make sure everything will be just fine!

Remember that a successfully resolved complaint is almost a 100% guarantee of a return visit, while an unspoken problem is a loss of a client.


A professional beauty salon manager is the heart of your business. That is why it is essential to hire a person who has a passion for the profession, beauty, and people. Communication is the key. Make sure you give the right detailed instructions, that the employee is ready to learn and has good communication skills. It is almost a 100% guarantee that your beauty salon wins!

It is very important to stand out among the nearest competitors. And, a good administrator together with a handy CRM system will help you with it without any troubles.

EasyWeek will be glad to make your work life easier, offering an affordable CRM system with a two-week trial and a great number of tariffs. Be sure to find a suitable tariff plan as we have more than 7 of them + the EasyWeek team can always create a special one just for you!

Try EasyWeek scheduling software for free and see how well it will work for your beauty salon and how happy your beauty salon administrator will be.

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