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Tanning salon software

Tanning salon software: how to choose the best solarium CRM

Are you going to open a tanning salon? Then don't forget to choose the best salon equipment and, of course, software! It is essential as CRM will help you to stand out from the competition. Customers prefer good service, and we understand them well. According to the latest research, tanning studios that offer fast and convenient online appointments are 7 times more prevalent than salons without this feature.

Clients will gladly pay for good service and a comfortable booking process. But, unfortunately, people in business often ignore innovations, compromising quality to affordable pricing. Well, it doesn't work. On the contrary, offering poor service can initially hurt your business. So, that is why entrepreneurs better select CRM systems to win the battle for clients' attention.

It usually uses a CRM. This type of salon software helps both with online appointments and business management.

Pricing differs. It depends on many factors, such as provider, number of users, and branches.

Because it is easy, fast, convenient, innovative, and stressless.

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Why clients prefer booking online

The beauty industry is the area of sophisticated customers who appreciate their time and well-being. The less stress it takes to make an appointment, the higher your chances to attract and retain loyal clients. Unfortunately, it is too complicated for customers to call and negotiate the details with the administrator. First and foremost, a lot of people do not like calls at all. Offering only calls for booking can stop some potential customers from getting service. The second factor is human error. Your administrator is not a robot, and she can get tired, irritated, or even mean. That is one of the most common problems in the industry.

A tired employee can damage your reputation. Sure, no one wants it. Plus, implementing innovative systems will give your staff a dash of motivation and some free time to cope with crucial tasks. For instance, they can spend more time creating a pleasant atmosphere in a tanning studio. Effective communication is also a must-have for a salon.

Other benefits of online appointments for a tanning studio

CRMs relieve the team of many stress factors. The system is beneficial both for tanning studio clients and its employees. Customers feel much better as they can control their appointments 24/7.

How to make it? A customer opens a website/booking link/widget, and then he chooses the solarium he wants to visit, a suitable day, and time. And, the appointment is made!

A guest can also add any extra services or buy some cosmetics you sell.

The solarium team benefits from the software as the routines are automated – no more useless rush to cope with the basic processes.

You shouldn't neglect online appointments because it is an affordable way to stand out and scale.

The modern market offers a good choice. Any businessman will find the service suitable for his company. On the one hand, the situation is rather beneficial for business. On the other hand, however, there is a chance to lose yourself in the variety the market has for you.

EasyWeek offers online appointments together with solarium management.

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5 advantages of solarium software on the EasyWeek example

There are many perks, the main ones are:

  • A powerful client base. A good client relationship is the aim of any CRM. EasyWeek has developed an ecosphere where you can find all customer information in one click. All the team has access to the client base. So, now implementing the individual approach has become much more simple. Employees can check a customer's preferences and perform a service according to them. It is the best way to increase your service quality and solarium performance in general.

  • Customer retention. Attracting a customer is essential, but his retention is even more crucial. Statistics tell that retaining a customer is 5 times cheaper than his attraction.

  • EasyWeek client base allows offering customers personalized services. For example, it helps when a person tries the procedure and disappears. Just show him an exciting treatment, a good discount or additional service, and voilà you have a +1 loyal customer.

  • Business automation. It happens that a tanning studio has too many routines. These processes are essential, but there is no point in doing them manually. It can be expensive and useless. By connecting EasyWeek, you will exclude human error, optimize human resources and add a dash of innovations to the solarium performance.

    Solarium software works to help people not to take their place. Of course, humans are still unchangeable, but optimizing human resources by delegating routines to the machine is possible.

  • Staff motivation. The precise EasyWeek analytics lets the solarium's owner see who does what. It means that employees who do more will get some benefits, motivating colleagues to grow. There is no need to create a rush, but healthy work competition always helps.

  • Statistics and analytics. CRM from EasyWeek will show which month was the most profitable, compare 2 or more branches, etc. There are also a dozen different reports to help your administrator with the paperwork.

Lack of clients' data and its incompleteness can be the main reason for many failures. Misunderstandings within the solarium team and its clients kill the business inside. There is nothing worse than poor business management. If you are interested in the tanning studio business, read more about it in our blog. Remember that business management takes time. EasyWeek will automate manual routines to optimize your salon.

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