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Sauna software program

The bathhouse and sauna business isn't too complicated – the average person without any special knowledge can start a sauna. And also, you don't need to sell cosmetic products or think about offering various services. There is simply no need to invent anything.

Bathhouses are pretty famous. They are in demand all year round and don't lose their popularity for years. So this wellness business looks very attractive, but how to open and maintain it well? Let's talk about it.

Traditionally, a sauna is a small room made of wood. The temperature inside is heated between 150F and 195F (65-90C).

A bathhouse is a building suitable for public bathing with swimming pools, saunas, and massage corners.

Sauna is the best way to finish a workout. It helps to relax after exercising, relieves your muscles, and provides renovation to your heart system. The latest research has shown that sauna expands blood vessels. As a result, it improves blood circulation, so it normalizes blood pressure.

What do I need to know before starting a sauna business?

First and foremost, you always have to plan the bathhouse startup very well. The business plan is better thought out. It is your only paper to rely on while starting a new company.

Then think about a professional team. Of course, you will have to hire the best of the best to work nicely. If there is no budget for the high-professional bath attendants, consider hiring young and promising employees. Then be ready to invest in their education and skills. "Rising" your professionals is a perfect idea. It is suitable both for small and medium saunas. Then sure, once you are a big business, there won't be any need to teach anyone. If you can afford skillful workers at once, hire them.

After your business plan is ready, you more or less know what strategy you will use to find your talented employees. Think about other important details:

  • the right location,

  • good client management,

  • smart business analytics,

  • and scheduling.

Would you like to simplify the starting of your bathhouse or sauna business? Of course, you would! Every business person tends to find good strategies for business improvement. The best idea is to open a new sauna and connect a good salon CRM at once.

It is as simple as that. Just one system can optimize all the sauna business processes while dealing with more critical tasks. No more human errors: everything that workers did now do a machine. So, you can optimize your team, motivating them to work better.

Does it mean I can save money? Sure! A good CRM minimizes expenses by automating all the manual routines. There is no need to hire a lot of staff. A few bath attendants to serve your clients, and it's okay. Plus, connecting sauna software will positively influence your image.

Imagine a library with an e-catalog and the one where a librarian notes every book manually. The progress is inspiring! So, of course, bathhouse software will drive your sales.

And, the best thing here is that neither you, as sauna owner, nor your team, won't need to spend long hours thinking about every trifle. You won't need it as everything the software will do.

What is a good sauna booking software?

You are asking the right question. However, the main thing to understand is what the software is. Purchasing a product when you aren't sure how it works is a bad idea.

Sauna and bathhouse software is also called CRM. This type of software serves the needs of beauty industry workers. Initially, CRMs were popular among beauty salon owners. They helped to simplify the work of nail studios, barbershops, and so on. However, time flew by, and today CRMs are implemented almost everywhere.

People want to simplify every process. We are learning how to work smarter, not harder. That is why business owners start to implement various software all around. CRMs work well for medical establishments, vets, service centers, and many other niches.

Connecting a good CRM is almost as important as offering a friendly service. Remember that clients come to bathhouses and saunas to relax. They have no desire nor power to deal with papers, calls, and messaging sauna's administrator to get a service.

Offer your audience the best quality service and attention, and you will get loyal clients.

The first appointment software appeared a few decades ago. During the early 2000s, IT developers worked hard to invent software that could optimize the business processes of many companies. The first schedulers looked pretty simple. It reminded a tiny scheduler used to count clients and maintain a client base.

Then the work continued. In a few years, the software looked way more suitable for modern requests. It could serve small companies, offering them basic business analytics and financial calculations.

Nowadays, CRMs are in their best era. They are updated every month, if not every week. The number of features an average CRM for a sauna offers is simply outstanding. It seems that in a few years, the software will maintain your business for you. We are working on it.

EasyWeek: best sauna appointment software

EasyWeek is a prosperous CRM created in 2018. The software is an awesome tool for small and midsize businesses. We are trying to keep our prices affordable while offering the best functions. The main idea is that EasyWeek wants to benefit with you, not on you.

We would be pleased to grow together with our successful clients. So, naturally, the EasyWeek team is working hard to keep the software as innovative as possible. As our ancestors – the earliest CRMs, we have started serving beauty-related businesses. Then, the CRM covered education, medicine, and entertainment niches.

Nowadays, more than a thousand companies all around the world use EasyWeek. We are proud every time our clients get their appointments via our widget or website. We are happy for you, but we don't charge you for every new booking.

There are no hidden payments or additional fees. Subscribe once, then pay for the service monthly or annually. It depends on your needs. We won't ask for any other payments, even though the software will increase its price for the users who connect later.

TOP-5 reasons for you to connect EasyWeek software right now

  1. Online appointments. Do you know that 80% of modern clients require the ability to make an appointment via the Internet? It is the 21st century's must-have. We have created a few friendly tools to provide you with a customer flow. Let's talk about them now.

  2. Widget. The widget is the first tool to help you with receiving more bookings. It is customizable, pretty stylish, and doesn't require any IT skills to be connected.

  3. Website. The landing is a solution for those who are still dreaming about websites. Do not dream – get it. We offer a handy mini-website that will work well for small and midsize companies – still no additional fees. We create the landing once you sign up for the EasyWeek service.

  4. A booking link. Yep, we are still talking about online appointments. And the following tool to get you more clients is a booking link. The system generates it automatically, so you can put it to get to any social network.

  5. A client base. We offer a fast search client base packed with many features you'll use. Just enter any information you remember and find a client in a few clicks.

We highlight the ability of online appointments because they are the item to make you stand out. If before it was somehow possible to deal with the flow of customers, using a notebook. The modern world requires modern solutions.

Online appointment is a must to have when starting any business, for instance, saunas and bathing complexes. These services are associated with the best level of comfort. Be brave enough to implement innovation and stand out from the competition.

What else does EasyWeek offer?

We have just mentioned a few features that can be useful for those who would like to start their bathing complex in 2021. Once you are ready with licenses, location, and team, think about connecting the software.

The modern choice is vast. There are various software suitable for many businesses. So let us be your lighthouse in the world of CRM darkness.

More about EasyWeek features:

  • Consumable stock management. Understand when and what you have to order.

    This option is suitable for both small and medium saunas. If you are only offering bathing services, you will be happy with ordering consumables in time. And if your business deals with cross-sales or offers cosmetics, you will see when to order more.

  • Business analytics. A dozen reports will be your helpers. EasyWeek offers many templates to simplify the business processes of a sauna. You will also get the ability to see how your bathing complex has performed during the last month, season, or year.

    Sure, it takes some time to cope with all the data you'll get. But, we guarantee that this information will help you to work better. Business analytics is crucial. It is almost as essential as planning at the beginning. So, see how things go, understand what can be improved, and improve it!

  • Financial module. We offer a handy controlling tool to see how your budget is spent. Financial analytics allows the calculation of staff salaries. You can reward the best employees or collect fines if needed. There is nothing complicated. Everyone will be able to cope with the financial module. We have tried to simplify the work of its mechanisms, maximizing their effectiveness.

EasyWeek and marketing

And still, that isn't even the end of all the valuable functions your sauna will get, connecting EasyWeek. For example, have you been thinking about hiring a professional marketer? That's cool, but what if we tell you that the software can cope with some basic marketing tasks for you?

Does it mean I can save on a marketing agency? Well, yes and no. You will minimize expenses, but any software cannot compare with a professional marketer or a skillful copywriter. We offer you a set of instruments to build a skeleton of your future marketing campaign. If you have an SMM specialist or a marketer, don't fire them. We are here to give you tools, be smart enough to use them effectively.

EasyWeek marketing instruments:

  • A client base. We've already mentioned that the EasyWeek client base is fast and powerful. Now, we'd like to add that it allows creating a loyalty program, mailings, and special offers.

  • QR codes. The software creates the codes. We use the data you enter while signing up, then you print them on the sticking paper, and that's it. Now, choose where you want them to appear, and use this practical promotional tool almost for free. You spend only on the printing.

  • Notifications. We will remind your visitors about your bathing complex. You can use SMS, email, or push reminders to notify staff and clients about the sauna.

We are glad you are here. EasyWeek team hopes this short journey into the world of sauna CRMs was helpful. Click here to get detailed information about our services. Now, we offer a free two-week trial, so try the software for free?

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