The popularity of virtual reality is rising steadily. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs decide to start VR clubs, using franchises. It is relatively easy and the niche is in a high-demand, so why not!

But there are several must-haves to succeed in the VR market:

  • Select a good location: the best is to place a VR club near universities as the target audience are men of 18-35 years old.

  • Business planning: write down a detailed VR club business plan with all the possible pros and cons.

  • Choose the best CRM system with the online booking feature.

Modern customers demand not only high-quality products but also the best service. The following factors come to the fore:

  • comfort,

  • convenience,

  • manufacturability,

  • time-efficiency,

  • online booking without any risks: due to Covid-19.

Online booking became very important! Making an appointment has to stay as simple as pressing a button on a joystick or wearing a VR headset.

EasyWeek is created to automate all the routine processes that are usually done manually. Thousands of our users have already appreciated the 21st-century progress when software works for you while you rest.

EasyWeek doesn't have any set-up pay, hidden payments, or complicated solutions. The main task of the service is to simplify business processes, making them even more effective. Setting up takes up to an hour and it can be done by everyone! No need to hire a specialist to connect to the service and create a website. And a bonus – all the future updates are already included in the price, there is no need to pay for them later. Another advantage is that the service creates a personal page that works like a mini-website. Same no additional fees + all the information is taken from the data you fill during registration. So easy, so cool!

EasyWeek is online scheduling software suitable for VR clubs, VR attractions, and arenas.

Benefits of using EasyWeek scheduling software:

  • Widget for 24/7 online booking: stylish and customizable widget for your website.

  • A personal page that works like a mini-website: created automatically while signing up.

  • Finance module that is great for calculating staff commission together with bonuses and fees: manage all the processes more effective and easy.

  • A client base with short info about every client: birthday, preferences, complaints, bonuses: do not lose any client! Now you can offer bonuses for birthdays, react to complaints and, of course, double your profit.

  • Notifications for clients and staff: SMS, email, Push: send them before to remind them about the appointment or after to get feedback.

  • More than 100 different reports to help the administrator and manager.

EasyWeek appointment scheduling software will easily help to optimize all the daily processes without any complicated solutions. No more paperwork, constant calls, and voice messages.

Save your money, time and nerves – choose EasyWeek!

Just try it for free to see whether it works well for your VR club business. We offer a 14-day trial during which you'll have an opportunity to decide whether you like it. From our side, we guarantee that we'll do all the important steps to keep your business safe and sound. Let's grow together!

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