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Software for psychotherapists

Practice management software for psychologists

Therapy and psychology services have been in demand for years. People have understood the importance of good mental health, spending hours in psychologists' offices. Clients are ready to make appointments. The market is crazy especially concerning the pandemic with its restrictions.

In the beginning, a psychologist can somehow cope with organizing the work process manually. It may sound acceptable when you have several customers who occasionally come to your cabinet. But do you think that it's enough to have a phone number to cover appointments? Well, not really.

Statistics show that a business that offers convenient booking wins over the companies without this option.

People who need help have no time to make appointments by phone. They have no desire to call and negotiate the details. So offer the guests comfortable booking and enjoy customer flow rise.

Today, we will see the most popular ways of using CRM for therapy and psychology practices. We will also talk about the benefits the software brings to its users and the details of its selection.

Yes, it does. This business has to be well client-oriented. Offering the best level of comfort during booking is essential. Consider connecting a CRM to provide online appointments and other perks of using the service.

It is possible for beginners who have several patients. If you have 5 or more clients, think about connecting the software. It doesn't cost too much but saves your time and effort. The therapy practice that uses CRM can serve more customers without compromising quality.

The market is full of various solutions, but EasyWeek is one of the most attractive offers. It provides you with online appointments, a widget, a website, notifications, and other advantages of CRMs.

Three benefits of therapy practice software

  1. The productivity increases as there is no more rush and misunderstandings with customers. The system mentions every appointment in the online calendar. Clients know when to come, a doctor knows about all the future meetings. Online booking is beneficial both for business and customers' comfort.

  2. The system offers pleasant marketing help. If you are a small or midsize practice that, for now, has no money to hire professional marketers, consider using CRM. Sure, it simply cannot replace humans, but the service will maximize business sales. EasyWeek, for example, offers QR codes to make appointments, a booking link for social networks and messengers, and different types of notifications. Using the service, you will also get a robust client base.

  3. Now, a psychologist will never forget any client information. Doctors aren't robots, so it happens. As we've just mentioned, the software helps to minimize information loss by offering a specialist some smart client cards in the client base. You can note there all the essential details to refresh memory before each patient's appointment.

How to choose the best therapy software?

Selecting the best option may sound pretty challenging. It is hard, but possible if you know what to pay attention to. First, let's see what the criteria are for therapy practice CRM selection.

When selecting therapy practice CRM, pay attention to:

  • How does its interface look? It has to be stylish and easy to use. User-friendliness is a must, as clients and a therapist isn't IT specialists.

  • What type of pricing does the system offer? CRMs cost differently. You have to pay monthly for some, and others require payment for every new booking via the software. We advise selecting the service with a fixed price. It is affordable and has the same effect as the software that charges per appointment.

  • Does it offer a free trial? You never know how the service works till you try it. That is why a free week or two to check the system's performance is beneficial. The good news is that many providers offer it. EasyWeek, for instance, provides customers with a 14-day trial. It is usually enough to decide whether the system is "your" choice.

  • What about a widget for online appointments? The widget boosts sales as it is the most comfortable way to make an appointment. Clients appreciate the convenience, so they prefer booking via the widget. If you still have no website to place the widget, EasyWeek offers a landing for free.

  • Is it easily integrated? Well, it must be. The point of getting a CRM is to boost sales. It means that you have to be able to receive appointments via a lot of channels. So, choose the CRM with social media and online maps integration.

  • Does the system have good tech support? This option is crucial as it is the connection between you and CRM's developers. If you don't understand something, ask software support service and get a fast and complete answer. Sure, if the team works well.

EasyWeek psychologist software

From 2018 EasyWeek offers innovative software. We are working hard to keep the CRM as practical as possible. EasyWeek team updates the system every month. We try to make these updates valuable and convenient for our users. That is why EasyWeek always asks for feedback. Our mission is to scale together with our satisfied clients. The system is young. However, more than a thousand clients all over the globe trust us.

Advantages of connecting the software:

  • Free website. A public page is available in any of our tariffs. The system creates a website when you enter the data while registering. The site will look like a stylish landing. It has a service section, team block, information about locations, and special offers.

  • Widget for online appointments. We've offered you a website, so sure the customizable widget will go together with it. You can make it look as your brand needs it. All colors and shades are available.

  • A booking link. The link is a perfect tool to turn on word-of-mouth. Clients will gladly share your profile with a handy link on any social network. The link is also easy and free to use.

  • Reminders. EasyWeek knows how well people forget things. So, we have added three types of notifications: email, push, SMS.

    It is pretty helpful to send one and remind your patients about the visit. It costs you nothing but creates a good image of therapy practice.

  • A client base with instant search is an excellent basis for loyalty program creation. We have made a handy client base to collect all the customer data together. The search is fast and well-worked out. You can enter any detail about a customer and get his card. The base is helpful for loyalty program creation and memory refreshment before every new visit. Using EasyWeek, you will always look professional and ready for the appointment.

  • Clients will make most of their appointments via a smartphone. We know about it, so mobile optimization is among the service priorities. Be sure that EasyWeek landing looks well from any angle and device. The app will let you manage the business even from the smartphone.

Maybe you've heard that standing out from the crowd is the half of success. What if we tell you that CRM is an easy way to differ. It is a sound system that helps create a unique website and offers convenient online appointments. Add quality therapy to this list, and you have got your army of loyal clients.

Therapy and psychologist's services are trendy and profitable. Humanity has paid attention to mental health. It is just perfect, especially for those for whom it is a profession.

We wish your business prosperity. EasyWeek is here for you to automate your therapy practice routines and optimize the business. Would you like to test the CRM? Let's make a healthy community together!

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