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Best hair salon software

Starting a hair salon business

Starting any business is an exciting but challenging task. Yet, many aspiring entrepreneurs dream about it. Running your own company connected to beauty and hair services sounds even better. But is it that easy?

To open a good hair salon, you don't have to be a highly professional hairdresser or perfect businessman. We've written the article on starting a hair studio from scratch. There is nothing complicated! Do it step-by-step, following simple rules, and it will be alright.

Now, let's see how to maintain the hair salon you've just successfully opened.

Managing any beauty business is the same important as its opening. You will need a good CRM to cope with all the essentials without stress. The best solution is special software that helps manage clients, appointments, consumables and increases your profit.

Thanks to this type of beauty salon software, a thousand various beauty companies all around the globe develop their businesses. They save on marketing and satisfy clients twice cheaper and more effectively.

As you know, the modern customer is sophisticated. He tried many services and beauty products, has many experiences in beauty, and desires only the best quality of literary everything. That is not bad, but only if you know how to cope with all these requirements. So let's see how software can help with it.

Beginners think about the following questions:

Analyze its functions, pricing, and user reviews.

There are cloud-based and on-premises solutions. Both are effective. We recommend installing cloud-based options as then you will be able to use them without any special equipment.

No! You can find many affordable options.

Systems that manage various beauty industries are called CRMs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used not only in the niche of beauty. It helps beauty salons, medical centers, vet clinics, VR clubs, and even service centers. Sure, hair salons need it as their clients are too sensitive to comfort. They require it while getting a beauty service, making an appointment, reading information about a salon, and looking for prices.

First of all, let's find out what exactly customer relationship management is. But, first, you must notice that it is the software to deal with clients. Right, but not only with them.

CRMs appeared in the early 2000s and mainly dealt with the client base and appointments. That time was a great success in the world of service, but at that time, CRMs dealt with only a few main processes. They helped to manage customers, appointments and that's it. Nowadays, this type of booking software is much more functional. Sure, it still deals with client bases and bookings, but creators also added a set of valuable features.

A modern CRM is a perfect helper in business analytics, consumable stock management, marketing, finance, and much more. However, many developers spend nerves, money, and effort to create the best CRM software. That is why the market is full of different solutions. We are sure your hair studio will find a suitable one.

This article will be helpful for beginners who plan to start a beauty salon or a hair studio and those businessmen who have already launched a similar startup.

The main benefits of using any CRM are effectiveness and simplicity. It means that you will cope with all the tasks more effectively and quickly! Entrepreneurs compare CRM with an e-catalog in the library where previously the records were done by a person. It sounds like not a big deal, but it shows when you can find all the data in a few clicks.

Hair salon software offers:

  • round-the-clock booking,

  • a client base,

  • scheduling,

  • business analytics,

  • consumable stock management,

  • financial analytics,

  • marketing tools.

The variety of options helps when selecting the best one. On the other hand, you will probably have to spend a few weeks, a lot of money, and effort analyzing all the available software. No one would like to spend thousands to try every CRM, hours to read reviews on every product, and so on. It is a bit exaggerated, but you've got the idea. There is a rule or even a set of them on selecting the best salon booking software.

We have written material on selecting the best software for beauty salons. It is generalized and can be used for any beauty industry-related business. First, however, let's see what the rules are on choosing the best hair salon CRM.

How to choose the best hair salon CRM?

If you want to save time and money when selecting the software for a hair salon, take a look at the following rules we've collected for you.

Rules on selecting the best hair salon software

  • Cloud-based or on-premises solutions. There are two types of CRMs:

    Cloud-based: with all the data in the cloud. It means you can get it via the Internet. There is no special equipment to purchase. This type of hair salon software is trendy as you can save on initial investment and pay a monthly fee to the company you have select. This type is best for small and medium beauty businesses.

    On the one hand, you get a handy CRM. On the other hand, you don't pay much for its installation, equipment, and tech support. However, for more prominent companies, on-premises solutions will work better.

    On-premises: the name speaks for itself. On-premises CRMs work with the usage of special servers you have to buy before. They are helpful only for big corporations. Companies that need personal servers have IT specialists responsible for the software and ready to invest in it. If you select on-premises software, servers will save your data. To get access, you'll have to use only this special equipment. It isn't pretty convenient, but very safe.

The best idea for a hair salon is to choose the first option. A cloud-based CRM will be affordable, functional, and even if something goes wrong, easily changeable.

  • User-friendliness. A good CRM has to stay understandable, even when it offers a lot of features. Nowadays, we've got many programs that work very complicated and offer just a few functions you'll use. Usually, such companies advertise their software to get attention. As a result, users try it and lose all the desire to try anything else. But, don't be afraid of all the CRMs just because you've failed to select your first one.

EasyWeek, for example, offers all the needed features and even more. We've worked hard to make it work smoothly and effectively.

  • Tariff plans. The last thing to mention is tariffs. Purchasing software, make sure you use all the functions your tariff offers. It happens that companies buy pretty expensive packages and then use 40% of them. So there is no point in selecting the biggest, the most expensive one, and so on. First, write down a list of functions your company will use, then compare them to the ones your provider offers. If you see any difficulties, you don't have all you need or have too many useless functions, try something else. It isn't that complicated, but it saves your money, so why not!

EasyWeek and competitors

Now, we'd be glad to introduce our product. EasyWeek team has worked hard to launch one of the most effective software in the current market. The main task of our developers was creating the CRM to help with business management, attracting customers, scheduling appointments, and more. Now the EasyWeek software is one of the strongest among its competitors.

EasyWeek is a relatively young service. We launched the startup in 2018. Since then, more than a thousand companies worldwide have trusted us enough to connect the software entirely.

Our main goal is to grow together with our successful clients. That is why EasyWeek always offers the best tariffs, the most affordable prices, and only valuable functions. Does the statement "only useful functions" mean I'll get the minimum set of tools? Of course, no. It simply means we've thought out every detail to be valid. So, for example, if you buy a monthly subscription, you'll be sure that you'll try and use every function during this month. Mainly because all of them are intuitively understandable and thanks to the user-friendly interface.

EasyWeek offers:

  • Intelligent scheduling for the hair salon team: ensure that your staff works more effectively because everything will be well-planned.

  • Notifications to employees and clients: remind your team about their appointments, notify clients about their visits. You can also thank your guests for coming and ask for feedback to work even better. All this is possible thanks to SMS, email, or push notifications that EasyWeek offers.

  • An intelligent client base with a fast search: it is easy to find a client in a second. Enter any information you need or remember, and voila! You can use the client base to create promo campaigns, special offers, etc.

  • A set of marketing tools, for example, QR codes for advertising the hair studio, various mailings, etc.

  • Website: we offer a personal page that works like a landing. So, you can use it as a mini-website if you want to have one. It is free, no additional payments are required. The system generates the website automatically, using the data you enter while signing up.

  • Widget: EasyWeek widget must be one of the best looking in the market. It is customizable, stylish, and minimalistic. And the most important is its functionality! Making appointments using the EasyWeek widget is so easy and pleasant. A client can cope in a few seconds, casually having a drink at home.

EasyWeek as your marketer

EasyWeek copes with all the essential marketing tasks. It means that the software offers tools to promote your hair salon. Creating a loyalty program, generating special offers, and developing a solid marketing campaign are possible.

TOP-3 marketing tools EasyWeek offers:

  1. A robust client base. EasyWeek client base is the best solution for hair salons, creating various offers to attract and retain clients. It is well-thought-out, fast, and valuable.

  2. QR codes. The program generates the codes. They help promote a hair salon and attract new clients. For example, if you collaborate with another hair studio or beauty shop, print the codes and stick them in your partner's salon. The QR codes have to be printed as stickers to work most effectively.

  3. Mailings. We offer SMS, email, and push mailings. Just choose the one you like and need now, and don't let your clients forget you.

Starting any business is a nervous and challenging task. We know how hard opening a new business can be, so we'd be happy to simplify your work-life, offering handy CRM software.

EasyWeek will cope with all the processes you did manually before, minimizing initial investment and human error. In addition, it is an excellent tool to motivate your staff as the system works clearly, and you can see who does what and what's the result.

Are you still thinking? That's alright. Just allow us to prove that we are worth your trust. EasyWeek offers a free 14-day trial for you. Test us, check the CRM and decide whether the software is suitable for your hair salon. We guarantee professional support and constant updates, so your salon will always stay innovative and trendy. Welcome!

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