Are you going to start a SPA business? What a great idea! The niche is in demand, so it is pretty profitable. Second, the SPA business is among the companies that develop pretty fast. Primarily because of quick ROI and the ability to attract different types of audiences.

So, fine, you have an idea. What's next? First of all, think about a good business plan, where you'll mention all the aims, expenses, and risks of the SPA salon. We have already talked about starting a SPA salon from scratch. Click the link to grab a few ideas or just inspiration for planning a SPA.

This article explains the importance of a CRM system when starting and maintaining a successful SPA salon.

Let's start with the definition of CRM. What is it? CRM or Customer Relationship Management is software made to optimize all the SPA routine processes by automating them. Software has a significant number of valuable functions, 24/7 booking, etc.

Nowadays, a handy CRM system is an intelligent tool that serves marketing, sales, and analytics. The software is stuffed with many features to organize all the daily processes in the existing or new SPA salon: smart scheduling, notifications, dozens of reports, and so on.

Using a CRM system for a SPA has several benefits. CRM system is a great tool that helps with attracting and retaining clients. In addition, the software also helps with lead generation as it has innovative marketing tools to promote business online. So, let's count the advantages of using a CRM system in SPA.

Benefits of CRM for a SPA

  • A client base, so you can store all the client data efficiently. Then when you need it, use a quick search to find all the required information, such as the date of birth, preferences, complaints, history of visits, etc.

  • 24/7 online booking is valid both for SPA staff and clients. The software allows making an appointment 24/7 and even out of work hours. It means that whenever a client wants to get a service, he can go to the Internet, find a booking link, widget, or website and make an appointment. Statistics show that companies that offer online appointments are much more successful than those still dealing with clients manually.

  • A stylish widget. CRMs often offer a free widget to place to any social network and get booking via them.

  • Notifications to remind clients and staff about the appointment.

  • The ability to convey surveys and use the data for service improvement.

  • Smart scheduling.

  • Setting up auto email replies.

  • Integration with social networks and other software.

  • The ability to notice inactive clients and those who are very active concerning your SPA.

  • The ability to access the service all around the globe, using the internet connection and your laptop or even smartphone.

CRM for a SPA is the way to control your business. Plus, by selecting EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software, you'll easily cope with migrating your existing client base to the new software.

And, sound CRM systems help to avoid constant calls, paperwork, and even misunderstandings with clients. Now, your client has to click a few times to make an appointment, and it will be ok!

Why EasyWeek is the best CRM for a SPA salon

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. EasyWeek is a technological company that is already trusted all around the world. The solution is relatively young, but it has its army of fans and almost none of those who didn't like the software.

EasyWeek is a multifunctional digital solution for beauty salons and SPAs. The service simplifies the work-life of beauty salon staff by automating routines. The manual processes from the past now don't even have to be controlled by a person. Furthermore, the software excludes human error as it works automatically and does everything right from the first time.

The great advantage is that the software is extra easy to use. Setting everything up takes up to an hour, and then you can start working and increasing your revenue!

EasyWeek is better than the nearest competitors as it offers:

  • A personal page that works like a mini-website is created when you sign up for the service and enter the required data. Then the service will generate a personal page with a team section, provided services, locations, etc. There is no more need to hire an IT specialist to cope with creating a website. If you don't have one, try EasyWeek and see how smoothly it works.

  • A stylish, customizable widget helps to make an appointment twice easier. Add your company colors, icons and get creative wallpapers in a few seconds.

  • You can place a booking link on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network your SPA uses.

  • The finance module helps to calculate salaries, rewards and collect fines.

  • More than 150 reports can be used to understand the performance of your company entirely.

Our developers created an easy-to-use solution to simplify SPA business by automating the processes that don't need human help.

Advantages of EasyWeek for SPA salon staff

  • The data is stored online, so notebooks and papers aren't needed anymore.

  • Human error is excluded.

  • It is possible to get all the data in a handy visual representation.

  • It contains marketing tools like QR codes, mailings, notifications to attract even more attention.

Advantages of EasyWeek for SPA salon clients

  • The ability to make an appointment whenever clients want, even out of your work hours.

  • The ability to get all the information about SPA salon staff and provided services.

  • Smart scheduling to avoid overlaps. A client can make an appointment only when there is a free slot, meaning the specialist is free.

  • The ability to select a specialist and date.

  • Reminders about the appointment via SMS, push notifications, or emails.

There are 3 points:

  1. Check whether the solution is cloud-based, so you'll have the ability to access the data from any device. There are also on-premises CRMs. They aren't too popular as this software works only using the local servers, which you have to buy and set up.

  2. Make sure that the solution is user-friendly. Never buy anything you cannot understand.

  3. Select the optimal tariff plan. EasyWeek, for instance, offers more than seven tariffs, so you'll find the required solution.

CRMs and Marketing

The right selected online appointment scheduling software can be an effective marketing tool. You can easily use it as a source of attracting and retaining clients.

EasyWeek will help you with:

  • setting up targeted advertising,

  • covering online maps audiences,

  • engaging users of social networks,

  • advertising a SPA salon via QR-codes,

  • creating different types of mailings.

EasyWeek is an easy-to-use solution made to optimize all the business processes of a SPA salon. The software is pretty stylish, has a minimalistic design, and the best is that it offers many valuable functions you'll use.

Any manager can set up the CRM in less than an hour. You don't need any special skills to cope with this task. Even if something seems to be complicated, 24/7 tech professional support is always waiting to help you.

An additional bonus is its flexible loyalty program and the price that won't rise with future updates. We offer seven tariff plans, so you'll find the best one for you. The minimum one is individual. It includes one user, and the maximum tariff plan includes up to 50 employees. If you need more slots, ask to add as many as you need.

Try EasyWeek online appointment scheduling software to see how well it works for your SPA salon. We offer a free 14-day trial for any company. From our side, the EasyWeek team guarantees quick support and constant updates to keep your business far ahead of all the nearest competitors.

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