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Massage studio software


In this blog, we have discussed several times how to start your own business and what to consider when creating your business plan.

You can open a single massage room in a beauty salon or a full-fledged studio with many employees. No matter what format you choose, as an entrepreneur, your goal is undoubtedly to increase profits and the number of clients. Regarding the service industry, you can't help but think about an appointment booking service. Setting up booking software is a straightforward way to attract customers and generate more revenue for your massage parlor.

Here are some essential steps. First, prepare the business plan and understand your budget and opportunities. Then, research your closest competitors in the massage market and distinguish your target audience.

The income of a massage business owner can vary widely depending on various factors such as location, the number of clients, types of services offered, pricing, expenses, and more. Therefore, it isn't easy to give a precise answer.

According to a report by the American Massage Therapy Association, the average income for a massage therapist in the United States is around $25,000-$50,000 annually. However, your payment may be higher as a business owner since you can keep more profits after deducting expenses.

A booking system has an appointment calendar and other tools for creating work schedules and setting up the booking function. Comprehensive business and financial analytics and a customer database also let you evaluate customer behavior.

How to choose the proper booking software?

To choose the best software solution for your massage parlor, you should compare all systems primarily based on your business needs. On the one hand, a wide range of systems are designed for a specific industry – in your case, a massage business. On the other hand, offered programs can be divided into three groups: systems for small, medium, and large companies.

When preparing to buy, it is necessary to consider the following aspects:

  1. The functional scope of the software. Which functions are most suitable for your massage parlor?

  2. Widget integration. Is a centralized integration solution for different social media possible?

  3. Cost of the software. What tariffs are offered? Is there a free plan?

  4. Expandability of the system. Can I switch to another plan to get more features?

  5. Usability of the software. Is it easy and intuitive to use?

The success of your massage parlor depends mainly on how you bridge the gap between your services and customers' needs and how you manage your client database. EasyWeek software could be a valuable tool for you in this regard, and in the next section, we will go over its advantages.

EasyWeek software for massage therapists

EasyWeek is a European technology company's product. With EasyWeek, you can digitize all processes in your salon, which will not only facilitate the work of your managers and employees but also help to attract new customers.

Let's look at the benefits that are most important for a massage salon:

  • Today, no one can imagine our life without the Internet. And if it is possible to sign up for a massage using a cell phone, the customer will do it. Salon owners and managers, for their part, have direct access to the booking calendar via the app.

  • With EasyWeek, your customers can make appointments around the clock. The system only books for a free time slot and automatically offers your customers a new date if everything is booked on a particular day. Therefore, new appointments do not overlap.

  • There is no need to call a massage parlor to arrange a suitable date or type of massage. All the information is provided on the online booking form. From the beginning, your client will see the price of the selected service, the name of his masseur, and the appointment duration.

  • The system informs both your client and your employee about the planned visit.

  • A booking program is the first step to profitability because automated software installation facilitates service appointments and billing in your massage parlor.

  • A wide range of marketing tools is available to promote your salon. Among them is the customer database with individual preferences from your visitors for targeting and the possibility to automatically send reminders, promotions, and offers.

  • Complete statistics and analytics are also worth mentioning. Your system deals with several things, from accounting for purchases of consumables to sales control.

Almost all of the above features are available for free for startups. However, in practice, if you are working on your own (for example, renting a massage room), you can access a free plan with an appointment scheduling feature, a free website, and many integrations with social networks.

You can read more about the available integrations and learn how to implement them on our blog. Almost all the integrations are included in the free plan. For example, you can integrate your widget with Instagram, Google Maps, and Facebook. This will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign in general and your social media advertising in particular.

It is possible to upgrade to our paid PRO plans with additional modules and advanced settings at any time. It is often a must if your company is expanding and already has different, bigger goals to achieve.

PRO plans from EasyWeek offer multifunctional modules that improve the management of products and finances, payroll and analytics, and make premium integrations accessible.


In conclusion, we want to point out two misconceptions that discourage one from installing a booking program.

  • First, people assume that appointment software is only suitable for large companies, but it is not true. EasyWeek, for example, offers automation of processes that inevitably occur in any company, regardless of its size, and touches on different sides of the business process so that it will be helpful for everyone.

  • Secondly, installing a system is associated with additional costs, which are initially very high for newly established companies. But EasyWeek offers you a free trial so you can decide for yourself if it is worth working with the software, and a free rate plan if you only need the basic features for now.

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