1. Introduction

  2. Why do we need clients' trust?

  3. What is a good salon CRM software?

  4. Why is EasyWeek better than other CRMs?

#1 Introduction

A massage studio is a good niche. We have already published an article about opening a massage parlor. It isn't as difficult as it seems. The essential detail is to remember intelligent business planning and understand a portrait of your client. And, of course, it is simply a must-have to know the product you sell on 100%.

There are a few options for starting a massage studio. For example, you can open a cabinet with one masseur or a big massage studio with a team. The choice depends on your budget, education, and skills. Opening a small salon is a perfect start for beginners. Would you like to try this beauty salon business? Then, rent spacious premises and hire staff when you understand the profession better.

It doesn't matter which variant you choose. Your work with clients is the thing that influences income.

Here are some essential steps:

  1. Plan the start-up – prepare the business plan.

  2. Understand your budget and opportunities.

  3. Research your closest competitors and massage market.

  4. And, remember that to sell any service, it is needed to understand who will buy it.

The massage business is profitable! An average massage parlor makes up to $100 000 per year.

You have to obtain a massage establishment license and medical license.

#2 Why do we need clients' trust?

Massage business is tightly associated with medicine. It is true. To start a massage parlor, you will have to apply for a medical license. Sure, you can offer several massage types without getting any medical education, but it is still better to provide more high-quality services.

Once you provide quality services, clients will be eager to make appointments. And now, it is crucial to cope with retaining those people who will come to your salon. The first detail your potential customers will notice is booking. Making online appointments has to stay as simple as possible.

Quality professional services and comfort while booking will lead your massage parlor to success.

How to organize comfortable online appointments for a massage studio?

Making appointments online is essential nowadays. People are tired of queues, quarrels, and misunderstandings about time. We even hate coming to book a service. So, naturally, the market has to develop to offer some other options. That is how CRM systems have appeared.

They are your primary helpers in organizing comfortable appointments for your loyal audience. This software helps with attracting new clients, then with their retention.

The CRM market offers many services. Your choice is simply enormous. The problem is that many of the CRMs are too expensive or do not offer all the functions a massage studio needs. So many entrepreneurs can't find the option they desire. It seems that all the developers want to take clients' money, not provide good services. However, it isn't always so pessimistic. Today we will talk about massage studio software, its types, features, and the best option.

#3 What is a good salon CRM software?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is just a type of booking software. These systems are relatively new. They firstly appeared twenty years ago, when many companies tried to simplify the work-life of office and beauty salon staff. So, they come out with many exciting solutions. CRM is one of the best of them.

The CRMs of 2021 are responsible not only for online appointments. They also deal with a client base, marketing, consumable stock management, and many other valuable features. Fine, it makes the process of choosing the right option easier, but on the other hand, now you can lose yourself in the sea of possibilities.

So, understanding the critical features of a good CRM is essential.

How to choose the best massage studio software?

Selecting a good massage studio software is a complicated process. There are many trifles to check. First, you have to understand your needs. There is no logic in choosing the most packed software, tariff, etc. Sometimes, you need it. However, 90% of companies can perform even better with more affordable software or more simple program.

Maybe you've seen some ads or heard celebrity reviews, etc. But are you sure your massage parlor has to choose such complicated solutions? If you own a big chain business, yes. But for small and medium massage studios, there are plenty of other variants. So, fine, once you've understood your needs, think about the place of data storage.

There are a few options: cloud-based or on-premises systems. They are almost equally functional, but again, you have to understand what you need it. The best universal solution is a cloud-based CRM. It is very famous and popular, because of its mobility and pricing. To start working with cloud-based CRM, you need only a subscription.

The popularity of on-premises solutions isn't that widespread because they require special equipment to start working and the IT department's control. However, it is convenient for big businesses. We recommend cloud-based solutions, as for a massage studio, there is no need to overpay for any extra services.

And, last but not least detail is CRM's interface. The best idea is to look for a stylish and easy interface. Then you won't need to teach your team to start working with the software. Just explain it once, and they will understand, as the system works intuitively. It is also called UI/UX interface and is built on the user experience.

EasyWeek, for example, is a cloud-based CRM that offers only the features your massage parlor will use. We've worked a lot to create a simply beautiful interface that provides many convenient functions. It looks very understandable, but offers, sometimes, twice more than the competitors, who overload the design.

EasyWeek salon software

Let us introduce our service. EasyWeek is a start-up from 2018, and more than a thousand companies already trust it. We started as a company that offers services for beauty industry projects. Beauty salons, barbershops, SPAs, and nail studios are still our field of interest, but now CRM has grown. In 2021 the service works with various companies, starting with the beauty industry and finishing with service centers and medical centers.

#4 Why is EasyWeek better than other CRMs?

EasyWeek is the software created to grow together with our clients. It means that our primary goal is to help you, and so help ourselves. We benefit when you get a new client or retain an existing one. It simply means you will pay only for valuable functions, without any hidden payments, and so on.

What do we offer:

  • handy widget for online booking,

  • a landing,

  • a client base,

  • consumable stock management,

  • UI/UX interface,

  • QR codes of advertising a massage studio,

  • thoughtful planning for staff and clients,

  • financial and business analytics,

  • integrations with many services,

  • notifications and reminders,

  • many tariffs to select from,

  • pleasant pricing.

EasyWeek team is working to keep you and your clients satisfied. We understand how tricky starting any business is, so we designed software to work with it at once. There is no need to waste precious time teaching the team and clients how to deal with the service. A UX/UI interface means that they will cope even without explanation.

Anyway, spend 30-40 minutes demonstrating to your massage parlor staff all the things and trifles they better know when dealing with the software, and voilà. Just a bit of practice, and your masseurs and administrators are masters of the EasyWeek software.

Are there any other benefits of EasyWeek?

Sure! The system is packed with various functions to simplify the work-life of any masseur.

Let's take a detailed look at all the other advantages of connecting the EasyWeek software:

  • Round-the-clock appointments. Give your audience the freedom to book a service any time they want. But how? Connect the EasyWeek software, fill in the data and get your widget and website. Now, your clients will comfortably go to your mini-website, click and book!

  • Forget about quarrels, constant calls, and emails. Do you still talk to clients out of your work hours? Or maybe the massage parlor's administrator does it? No need anymore! They will find all the answers on your website, then click and book a service. Save your time and nerves, delegate the task to the software.

  • Clients often forget about appointments or don't appear at all? Notify customers about the appointment, allow them to edit it, or even cancel. The ability to cancel appointments makes a difference. We know that the salons who offer their customers this option have fewer no-shows and make more money.

Statistics show that beauty salons with online appointment features are twice more successful than those that do not offer this option.

Does EasyWeek help with marketing?

Yes! The system is a powerful marketing helper. We have added a few handy marketing tools to simplify the promotion of a massage parlor.

Our client base is a powerful tool for creating marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, advertising a massage studio, or creating special birthday offers.

It goes with the best quick client search. You have to enter any detail about the client that you remember or need now. Then the service will find and show all the results it has managed to find. It is pretty helpful both for small and big companies.

We have created unique codes that you can use and get more visits. The system generates the QR code to book a massage and details about the studio. These codes are handy when collaborating with other beauty salons or massage studios. Then you can stick them at your colleagues' salon and attract more clients this way.

Email mailings are very handy for reminding about your massage salon, offering bonuses, free services, or discounts. We provide different mailings to fit your aims. However, the reason is still the same – attracting clients to your massage parlor.

Remember that any routine process you can automize and optimize by software.

Connecting a software is similar to implementing an e-catalog in the library, where a librarian does everything. The level of comfort is fantastic!

EasyWeek is beneficial both for massage parlor customers and its staff.

Benefits of connecting EasyWeek for a massage parlor team:

  • There is less time needed to cope with a large number of clients.

  • You will get the "bigger amount of customers" mentioned as the system has many marketing tools to attract them.

  • Administrator and staff will save time for the essentials – clients and high-professional services. The software will do routines.

  • The EasyWeek CRM allows optimizing massage parlor staff, as now they will be motivated by their results, which you can check. EasyWeek business analytics offers a clear understanding of every employee's influence on profit.

Benefits of implementing EasyWeek for massage studio clients:

  • Comfortable online appointments.

  • An ability to edit or cancel bookings.

  • Email, push, and SMS notifications.

  • Website to get all the information about the team, services, and prices.

Welcome to our successful EasyWeek family, and do your business well!

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