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Lash and brow business plan

Why it's worth opening a brow bar

A well-groomed face determines the beauty of a person, it is also the first thing we notice when we meet someone. Every trifle is essential: skin, lips, eyes, and, of course, lashes and brows.

If eyes are windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the window frame.

Well contoured, tinted eyebrows instantly transform the image, even without any makeup. Long beautiful lashes can amuse in a snap. No mascara anymore!

Demand creates supply. Once the fashion took a look at brows, brow bars began to open all around. A brow bar is a specialized beauty salon that deals with lashes and brows. Opening eyebrow salon is easy and inexpensive. This is a good way to start a beauty business.

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It is easier to do than to write about it. Just a few points. Sign up the EasyWeek booking software for salons. Fill in all necessary brow bar data. And get a free beauty salon website with online appointment booking widget.

Brow salon business

Brow bars are popular among both women and men. Here is a list of TOP services provided in such salons:

  • eyebrow design,

  • microblading (tattoo technique),

  • long-lasting styling of the eyebrows,

  • eyelash extensions,

  • eyelash lamination.

An important detail and at the same time a huge advantage of a brow bar is that you do not need much to start. Unlike other beauty businesses brow bar, with proper management and promotion, starts to be profitable almost at once. Since the first month of work. Opening a brow bar from scratch is easier than opening a beauty salon, barbershop, or nail salon.

What do you need to open a brow bar

Due to statistics the average self-efficiency period for a brow bar is 3 - 6 months, depending on the initial investment. When fully loaded, a brow bar is extra profitable. Monthly income can go up to $7 000 dollars.

To start a brow bar you have to:

  1. Decide on the legal form of business: LCC or sole proprietorship.

  2. rent or buy premises: negotiate about a rental vacation – owners often agree to help a young business as then they will get more profit as well.

  3. Do repairs: overhaul or cosmetic repairs have to be done to be ready for accepting clients.

  4. Buy furniture and equipment: pay attention to quality; if you are low on budget, consider buying used furniture (check it well, in this case).

  5. order consumables: get all the products in advance to avoid awkward situations.

  6. Select the best salon booking system for your brow bar.

  7. Invest in advertising and promotion: collaborate with other beauty salons, offer barter to beauty bloggers, get a creative logo, etc.

Before the start, it is very important to write a detailed business plan for beauty business. This simple step will save you from many mistakes and expenses. Depending on the location you will need to invest from $30 000 to 50 000.

Brow bar equipment:

  • microblading chairs,

  • makeup tables,

  • mirrors with illumination,

  • shelves and cupboards for consumables,

  • reception and waiting area furniture.

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A girl in brow & lashes beauty salon

Documents required to open a brow bar

To open a brow bar you will not need to get any special licenses or permits. Decide on the legal form of business: LCC or sole proprietorship. If you start a business alone, it will be much better to open a sole proprietorship. This way you will get fewer taxes.

If a brow bar is planned to be big and has a few owners, it is better to open LCC. If you want to open a brow bar to work there yourself, think about a self-employed form of business organization. It will minimize the taxes to the minimum but you will not have a right to expand. To do it, LCC or sole proprietorship are required.

Brow bar consumables

When opening a brow bar, you have to get beauty tools, brushes, dyes, henna, gels, fondants, as well as brow lamination products.

You can choose suppliers on specialized sites. Be ready that it will take some time to decide on a company that suits your business in terms of assortment, quality, and speed of shipment. Do not be afraid to risk and change suppliers to find the best one.

Eyebrow salon best location

At the initial stage of business development, renting a place in a large shopping mall would be the best option. This will help to get your first clients. It is better to select premises near cosmetic or clothing stores. Your target audience visits them for sure, so you will attract even more attention.

To open a brow bar, you will need a small room up to 20 meters. It will be enough for 2-3 brow masters. Illumination and equipment are the details that require attention. Good location and the right staff are key to success.

Important! A salon booking system is essential for this type of business.

Procedures in brow bars often last pretty long – up to 2-3 hours, so your clients should have the ability to select a good time for the service. Today, many people got used to online booking as the pandemic taught us to stay at home and be very careful. In this case, appointment scheduling software will help you to get more customers, avoid overlaps, loss of time, etc. Plus, both the client and specialist will receive reminders about the appointment. There is not even a tiny chance to forget.

How to become a brow master

Lash & brow salon promotion

Forming a client base and a list of regular customers is one of the most important tasks at the initial stage of brow bar development. Do not worry about the first customers. If you open a beauty salon in a mall, its clients will automatically become yours too. Why not start with this, then think about advertising strategies. Remember that to develop any business and get more visitors you have to invest in promotion and advertising.

There are a few effective methods of promoting a beauty bar:

  • Well-made website. Minimalistic design, price list, descriptions and photos of masters, and the ability to book a service online and you win!

  • EasyWeek offers a personal page that works like a website. It is created using the information you enter while signing up. No need to hire a specialist, the site will be done automatically and, we must notice, it is very stylish! So easy, so cool!

  • Website promotion. To stay trendy you have to promote it. Get a SEO specialist to drive traffic to your website and attract more guests.

  • Social media. Modern social media is not just for communication, they are powerful promotional engines. So, before opening, create profiles on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Add discounts and promotions to look even more attractive!

  • A catchy salon name. Be creative! A good name will help to stand out among the nearest competitors. It is better to stay simple, memorable, and googlable.

A Brow Bar start-up

Hiring the right team

Opening a brow bar, remember that a narrow specialization requires the best skills. Hiring masters, be ready to teach them. Pay attention not only to CV but also to the communicative abilities of every person. Your team is the face of the brow bar – make sure employees know and keep communication rules.

Every master forms his list of regular clients. A standard scheme is a commission of 30-50 % from a successfully finished service. Usually, brow masters work in the following way: 2 days every 2 days or 3 days every 3 days. Plus, you need 1 or 2 administrators.

The salon booking system is a great tool to promote your new brow bar and manage inner processes. With its help, you can pay salaries, give bonuses or fines to the employees, analyze the work of every master and business in general, etc.

EasyWeek appointment scheduling software

  • Handy scheduling: no more constant calls, notebooks, lost pens, and so on.

  • Reminders for clients and masters: SMS, Push and email notifications.

  • Business analytics: see what gives you the best profit and what is better to be improved.

  • Widget for online booking: do not lose any client.

  • A personal page that works like a website: created in a snap, while signing up.

  • QR codes to promote a brow bar: stick them all around and let your customers enjoy the 21st-century modernity in booking.

  • 24/7 fast and professional support: we work even when you sleep.

  • And a free trial: just test and you will love it!


As you have understood, there is no need to invest a fortune, have specific skills, or be a professional brow artist to open a brow bar. This niche is relatively new and because of it – empty.

Be sure, you selected the right location, a good team, and a handy CRM system and you will succeed. But, remember that any beauty business requires constant development, following trends, researching competitors, target audience. And, of course, patience.

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