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Waxing salon software


Beauty salons offering various services are gradually being replaced by mono-salons – nail salons, spas, tanning studios, etc. The reason is that narrow specialization usually guarantees higher quality of services. Therefore, opening a hair removal salon can be a profitable decision and a good investment for the future. When starting and expanding your hair removal business, a CRM system can help you.

Long-lasting depilation is in, so opening a salon specializing in it is a very lucrative business. In principle, it is no different from opening any other beauty salon. It would help if you had a detailed and well-prepared business plan, start-up capital, a variety of skills in planning and organization, and confidence in yourself. We have already discussed some of the details in our business blog.

Choosing a salon name is crucial because the name is the first thing your customers will see when they come across your salon's advertisement on Instagram, for example. However, in this case, tradition is only sometimes a guarantee of success, and sound and memorability become the essential features of a good name.

CRM stands for customer relationship management or customer care. The main goal of management software is to use several tools to attract new customers and retain them in the long term.

Features of the waxing salon business

Hair removal as a business has proven to be very good. Given the minimal investment in the establishment and good earnings, many salon owners choose to work in this market segment. Now the niche market is filled, but you can still find customers and become successful – the quality of service and a reasonable price are the main focus.

Salons offer various methods of hair removal: from sugaring to laser epilation. These services are still top-rated among women, although today, the topic is hotly debated for many reasons. This is quite a broad target group of women aged 18-45 with different tastes, preferences, and incomes.

Your job as a salon owner is to establish communication with all existing and potential clients. However, the most significant risk in opening a hair removal salon is precisely that you will fail to attract customers, which is due to the following reasons:

  • First, getting off the ground quickly in this niche is complicated.

  • Second, a lot depends on what time of year you open your salon.

A ripple effect always characterizes demand: in the summer months, it increases 2-3 times. This is true for all methods of hair removal and depilation.

If you are still looking for customers, it means that in the long term, you will not have money to renew the lease and staff salaries. Therefore, it would be better to use an online appointment system to avoid these difficulties.

How to choose online appointment booking system

In this section, we will explain the main steps involved in selecting a CRM system.

Evaluations from different sources

This simple step will save you from making mistakes when choosing products. Regarding CRMs, reviews are beneficial because not all salon owners are well-versed in the subject, and opinions from other users might be helpful.

However, checking out a CRM yourself before buying it is recommended, rather than just focusing on customer reviews when choosing. Although trying out all hair removal studio software seems time-consuming, it will give you a better overview of each program's features and interface.

So, you've read the reviews and found some options. So, where do we go from here?

Prices and rates

It is best to analyze the needs of your salon and adapt the CRM to them. For example, choose the simplest solution if you are a small waxing salon. Once you've decided on the best option for your daily operations and client expectations, look at where the data is stored.

Where the data is stored

There is a big difference in where the data is stored: in one option, you can access the information online at any time and from any location. The other option, on the other hand, is tied to servers and can only be used locally.

In the second case, we are talking about on-premises CRM. This software works on local computers and uses local servers to store data. It is very secure and suitable for large chain companies. To maintain such a CRM, you need to be an IT expert or, better, have an IT department in charge.

However, nowadays, there is a better option – cloud-based software. Your business data is stored in the cloud and is available only to those who have access – but from anywhere on the planet. The software requires no special skills to get started. A software provider is responsible for storing your data on its servers. After that, your waxing studio pays only a monthly fee.

Key benefits of connecting a waxing salon software for staff and owners

The hair removal salon team benefits from implementing online appointment scheduling software very much. The main advantage is that you do everything faster, cheaper, and automatically, for example, online appointments. The clients in the past had to call or text an administrator or specialist to make an appointment. Using CRM, they apply for a service, get confirmation, and then are notified about the visit.

Among other pluses are:

  • more efficient time management,

  • track your progress and notice even the tiniest mistakes,

  • analyze every employee,

  • order consumables in time and easier (consumables stock management).

Are there any advantages to connecting waxing salon software for clients? Of course! Clients benefit from implementing CRM as they access all the needed data about equipment, team, pricing, and FAQ.

Among other benefits are:

  • round-the-clock booking,

  • notifications and reminders,

  • an ability to edit or cancel an appointment.

Remember, those hair removal studios that allow editing or even canceling appointments benefit as they have fewer no-shows and conflicts.

Advantages of the EasyWeek appointment software

What are the benefits of EasyWeek software for you and your employees?

EasyWeek is a promising program that offers numerous features at a reasonable price. Although software is relatively young, it has worked with more than 15,000 companies worldwide since 2018 and is still doing so. The main EasyWeek goal was to create a system suitable for everyone, with a user-friendly, minimalist design and many features that customers will use.

Some of the most significant benefits of EasyWeek include:

  • Convenient online scheduling

  • Intelligent scheduling

  • Notifications and reminders

  • Website for your business

  • Integrations and widgets

  • Additional modules

  • Business analytics

  • Free installation and 14-day trial period

Almost all the features listed above are available in the free plan. This tariff is ideal for small businesses and those working alone: the free plan offers online appointment setting, a website, and integrations with the most popular social media such as Facebook or Instagram, and services such as Google Reserve and Tilda.

In our blog, we have already discussed how some of these services can be implemented so that you retain customers and effectively collect their data for your salon's advertising.

EasyWeek software also has paid PRO plans with advanced capabilities that allow you to analyze and better manage your products, finances, salaries, integrations, and customer flow faster.


A proper CRM software with online appointment bookings, a widget, financial analysis, and a customer database will help you make your waxing salon a success.

Of course, choosing the best at once is hard, and we can understand that. That's why EasyWeek offers a trial version that you can get for free without entering your card details.

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