The modern beauty market is full of beauty salonsSPAs, hair studios and nail salons, barbershops are opened in every town. Waxing studios are one of the new and promising beauty industry businesses.

Hair removal salon types

A hair removal salon is a narrowly specialized beauty salon. It deals with different types of hair removal: starting with sugaring and finishing with laser epilation. These services are popular among women. The target audience of depilation studios is women aged 18-45 years.

Services to provide in a laser hair removal studio (permanent hair removal for her):

  • Full legs – $199,

  • Half legs – $129,

  • Full arms – $149,

  • Half arms – $89,

  • Underarms – $69

  • Full bikini – $99,

  • Bikini and underarms – $149,

  • Full face – $99,

  • Neck – $99,

  • Full body – $499,

  • Full body with face – $549.

Laser epilation services are popular. They are used to get rid of unwanted hair forever or for a long time. So, the prices are high. And, to fully get rid of all the body hair in the selected area, a client has to undergo 4-5 procedures. Sometimes, it takes up to 8 times to fully epilate the body hair area.

Anyway, laser epilation is trending. It is way more popular than, for example, waxing. However, for a laser hair removal studio, a salon owner has to get expensive equipment. Lasers cost a lot, so the price for the services is high.

There are many types of laser equipment. For some of them, you will also need to order additional consumables. They can be gels, creams, panthenol, etc.

It is similar to starting any other beauty industry business. Take a look at the article about opening a beauty salon. If you want to open a laser epilation studio, a medical license is also required.

Starting a laser epilation clinic will cost at least $100 000. Opening a waxing studio begins from $20 000.

Yes, it is a 100% safe procedure. The lasers give a tiny amount of radiation. Therefore, they cannot pose a risk of cancer or any other issue.

Starting a waxing business

Waxing is a way cheaper business to start. And, the services cost less.

Waxing studios provide such services (for her):

  • Half leg depilation – $35,

  • Full leg – $75,

  • Half arm – $24,

  • Full arms – $40,

  • Underarms – $18,

  • Full face (exclude brows) – $28,

  • Standard bikini – $32,

  • Tight bikini – $42.

As you can notice, the prices are more affordable compared to the laser epilation services. And, to open a waxing studio, you will need fewer permits, almost no equipment, and, sure, it will cost less.

However, waxing isn't so widespread. First, not many women or even men can be okay with the pain during the procedures. The second moment is that it isn't permanent. The waxing effect will last up to a month.

An interesting fact is that depilation deals with the hair on the skin surface. It is way more affordable, but it is also painful and doesn't last long. Epilation deals with hair roots. It removes hair below the surface. Epilation costs more, but it lasts longer. The effect of laser epilation, for example, can last even forever. But usually, it lasts up to 5-7 years. The process of epilation is also painful but not as painful as the process of depilation.

Services, consumables, equipment, and even effect differ. However, one detail unites both the beauty salons that deal with epilation and those that perform depilation. Maybe you've already guessed what it is?

Right! Good software to maintain business and make appointments comfortably.

Waxing studio and hair removal salon software

Today we will talk about hair removal salon software. It has its peculiarities, benefits, and risks. The best salon software minimizes possible mistakes, optimizes hair removal salon routines, and excludes human error.

Hair removal salon owners select different types of software. It depends on the beauty salon's size and budget. The exact name of the software we are talking about is the Customer Relationship Management system or CRM.

A short history of CRM

CRMs appeared almost 20 years ago. They were launched in the late 1990s – early 2000s. The technology of that time wasn't even barely close to the one we have now. So, sure, the software was different as well.

Yes, it was still CRM, but its features and functions were way far from the modern online appointment software. Instead, current salon software is suitable for marketing aims, analytics, and even financial control.

Numerous competitors create the atmosphere of a wide choice, and yes, it is so. The modern CRMs choice is enormous, but there is an issue. Many IT companies want to develop a product to get profit. It is business.

Various systems look so complicated but offer the functions of the mentioned 2000s CRM.

Are there any tips to choose a suitable waxing salon software?

Yes, of course. There is a set of simple rules, following which you will select your helper in the beauty business world.

Life hacks on selecting epilation salon software:

  • Study reviews. Easy, isn't it? This simple step saves you from various mistakes while choosing anything. Primarily, it is useful when talking about CRMs – this product you cannot check visually or test well at once. Sure, no one wants to try all the hair removal studio software to get the best one.

    There are many sources to check client reviews and see what users think about the software, such as G2Crowd, SoftwareWorld, or Capterra. Enter the name of the software you consider helpful, and check what its users think about it.

    So, you've studied the reviews and got a few options. What's next?

  • Then, consider checking software's prices and tariffs. The best is to analyze your hair removal salon's needs and match the CRM according to them. For instance, if you own a small hair removal cabinet with one specialist and an administrator, choose the simplest solution. You will barely use all the complicated options that cost like a small flat.

  • Understanding your beauty salon's routines and selecting the software according to them is the best option. Once you've chosen the best variant according to your daily processes and clients' reviews, see where the data is stored.

    Is there any difference in where to store the data? Sure! There is a huge difference as one variant allows accessing the information online whenever you want and from any location. At the same time, the other option is tied to servers and can be used only locally.

    We are talking about on-premises CRMs. The software that works on the local computers, using local servers to store the data there. It is very safe and suits big chain companies. To maintain such CRM, you will have to be an expert in IT, or better to have an IT department responsible for it.

    On-premises solutions are very safe. However, nowadays, there is a better option. Cloud-based software works using the cloud to store the information. In other words, your data is available only to those who have access but from any place on the Earth. So it is convenient to track the progress of your waxing business while being on holiday because any businessman knows that business never rests.

    Another benefit of cloud-based software is that it doesn't require any special equipment or knowledge to start working. A provider is responsible for storing your information on his servers. Your epilation studio pays a monthly fee.

    Some business owners are afraid of cloud-based systems as they think they are too easy to access. They are, but only when you have a login and password. Just keep this information safe, and there is no harm. Let's compare it to online banking. It works the same. The servers are controlled and secured by the IT department, and users log in and use the app. There is nothing dangerous or difficult.

What are the benefits of connecting a waxing salon software for staff and owners?

The hair removal salon team benefits from implementing online appointment scheduling software very much. The main advantage is that you do everything faster, cheaper, and automatically, for example, online appointments. The clients in the past had to call or text an administrator or specialist to make an appointment. Using CRM, they apply for a service, get confirmation, and then notified about the visit.

Among other pluses are:

  • more efficient time-management,

  • track your progress and notice even the tiniest mistakes,

  • analyze every employee,

  • order consumables in time and easier (consumables stock management).

Are there any advantages for connecting hair removal salon software for clients? Of course! Clients benefit from implementing CRMs as they access all the needed data about equipment, team, pricing, and FAQ.

Among other benefits are:

  • round-the-clock booking,

  • notifications and reminders,

  • an ability to edit or cancel an appointment.

Hair removal studios that allow editing or even canceling appointments benefit as they have fewer no-shows and conflicts.

EasyWeek hair removal studio software

EasyWeek is a promising CRM that offers valuable features for reasonable pricing. The service is relatively young. The history of EasyWeek started in 2018. Since then, we have served and still serve more than a thousand companies worldwide.

The idea started with creating CRM for the beauty industry and grew into a robust system that serves various companies, from medical ones and finishing with car washes.

EasyWeek advantages:

  • handy online appointments,

  • smart planning,

  • notifications and reminders,

  • website,

  • widget,

  • finance module,

  • business analytics,

  • free installation and 14-day trial.

We are appreciated for the features that work so quickly and so effectively. Our goal was to create a system that suits everyone and offers many functions you will use.

Have you heard about complicated solutions that work so tricky but often don't even offer all that's needed? We've listened to it as well. So, the EasyWeek team has created a stylish minimalistic CRM that has all you need and doesn't cost much.

More than 150 reports, together with business and financial analytics, will lead your waxing salon startup to success. We will be happy to help you in this uneasy way.

Selecting the best at once is hard. We understand. That is why EasyWeek offers a free trial. Sign up and test our service for free, with no card details or hidden payments.

Join our team and welcome to the EasyWeek!

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