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How to start SPA business


SPA salon is a place for relaxation, a wellness center, where specialists take care of people's emotional stability and health in general. SPA is a good place to visit alone, with friends, family, or a loved one. Day SPA is also a great present for any occasion.

Before opening a SPA, it is very important to immerse into the specifics of the niche. This way you will see all the pros and cons. Once you've decided to start a SPA, think about the steps needed for it. You will need a good location, a specific set of licenses, and the best team. Let's find out how to start a SPA business without any problems.

The cost of opening a SPA salon can vary depending on various factors such as location, size of the space, equipment, services offered, and the level of luxury you want to provide to your customers.

Opening a SPA salon can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. To provide a rough estimate, a small-scale SPA salon with basic amenities may require an investment of around $10,000 to $50,000. In contrast, a larger and more luxurious SPA salon can cost between $100,000 to $500,000 or more.

Choosing a catchy name for your SPA salon is essential as it can attract customers and help establish your brand. Read some tips for choosing an original salon name in our blog.

There are several benefits of offering online appointments for a salon, including convenience, increased bookings, improved customer experience, time-saving, and data collection. Offering online appointments can be a win-win for the salon and its customers, leading to increased bookings, better customer experience, and more efficient operations.

Steps to open a SPA

Start with a SPA wellness business plan

A business plan is a roadmap to your future success. Remember to mention all the aims, advantages, and risks of the business. Pay attention to the financial part: decide on the planned expenses and mention the desired income. The expenses of SPA business, usually, include rent and staff commission. It is possible to negotiate rental vacations with a landlord. Usually, they agree as after your business will bring them profit too. Staff commission depends. We recommend paying a percent of every closed service, it is the best choice for a young business. Once, you've done with this part, think about your target audience and ways of promotion.

Create a brand

Selecting a beauty salon name is an essential detail of planning. Think about how you want to present your business. The name decides! A catchy name, pleasant colors, logo, and fonts will help to stand out. All these elements will be presented in ads, leaflets, business cards, brochures, as well as on the website and social networks. The interior of the SPA salon - decor and furniture - everything should overlap, creating a single style.

Select location

A location is very important when starting any business. To decide on the location, you have to research your future target audience. Think in advance about transport accessibility and parking spaces.

Research competitors

Create a list of similar beauty salons, pay attention to the services they provide, their social networks, and reviews on the competitors. Remember that understanding the pros and cons of competitors will save you from the same mistakes.

Decide on the SPA services you're going to provide

The International Spa Association (ISPA) defines a business as a SPA if it offers clients at least two of these services:

  • skincare (including makeup),

  • massage,

  • body treatments (including hair removal).

Make sure you've hired the right team as it is the face of a beauty salon. Plus, a specialist who'll help with all the local rules and laws is a must-have at the beginning.

Cosmetological services require special licenses + often you'll also need a medical license. Unless the staff has higher medical education, it is better to avoid them.

SPA salon equipment

The number and type of SPA equipment depend on the size of a beauty salon and the services it's going to provide.

Big SPA salons can be equipped with:

  • a swimming pool,

  • changing rooms with personal lockers,

  • a phyto bar,

  • a soundproof system.

Every SPA salon is required to have:

  • massage tables/chairs,

  • washing machines and tumble dryers,

  • heated towel rails,

  • storage cabinets,

  • office equipment: reception, chairs, computer, and cash register,

  • reception furniture,

  • jacuzzi or other hydrotherapy bath, or shower,

  • wax warmers,

  • laser installations,

  • equipment for cosmetic procedures,

  • coffee machine, kettle, water cooler.

SPA salon consumables:

  • shower supplies (soap, shampoo, conditioners),

  • products for face and body,

  • massage oils, incense, candles, and essential oils,

  • branded bedding,

  • towels,

  • bathrobes, slippers, disposable linen sets,

  • SPA wrap sets,

  • massage stones,

  • baths, bowls for procedures,

  • tea and treats.

Decide on the equipment you want and need to get first, then you'll be able to buy more things.

Important details:


Customers are naturally worried about their property safety. Make them calmer by ordering quality lockers with security codes and keys. It is better to place them near the administrator. Being super safe is super cool!

Soundproof system

Investing in comfort is the best idea for SPA. No one wants to be disturbed while SPA treatment, so soundproofed rooms are the best choice. It will be a bit more expensive than the usual ones, but be sure your guests will pay you back for this convenience with pleasure. If you have the possibility, it will be great to equip rooms with stereo systems as well.

Lighting and music

Take time to set up the lighting and music in your SPA salon. These trifles will help with creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

SPA salon promotion

So, you've prepared everything and now it's high time to present yourself to the audience. Marketing comes to help. It's a wide term with many aspects, make sure you understand the type of marketing you want to imply for your business. It has to work well both for your target audience and region.

Get a website

Website is important. Make sure it leads to the payment page from the main page, that it is user-friendly and understandable for staff, and so on. It has to work and look well both from a laptop, smartphone, or computer. And again safety: those who pay with a credit card have to be sure their money is safe.

Create a profile on social media

Nowadays, social media is very important. Especially popular networks are among SPA target audience - visual lovers. Sign up for Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, share quality content and you'll see how well it works.

Be ready to provide services and selling products

Usually, beauty salons also sell beauty products. So, why not do it in SPA as well?

Products to sell in SPAs:

  • hair and skincare products,

  • scented oils and candles,

  • herbal teas,

  • gift SPA cards,

  • subscriptions for beauty treatments.

Collaboration is also a good idea. Work together with suppliers, other SPAs and beauty salons, etc. Do mutual promotions and be sure, you'll attract new clients.

Online booking for SPA

Customer focus has been a trend for years. Clients want to feel comfortable and appreciated, they have no time to lose. The best idea is to offer those people an easy booking solution – online appointment scheduling software.

You can place a booking link on your social networks, maps, website, etc. It is also possible to get QR stickers, put them all around and get customers this way as well. This way clients can select service, master and time most easily.

A link to an online spa appointment is a great way to promote a beauty salon. It is easily attachable to messages, e-mail, etc.

Best appointment scheduling for a SPA salon

Scheduling staff and client appointments, marketing, payroll management, reports – all these things are almost impossible to be done by one person. Young businesses often suffer because of poor planning, constant calls, and emails, misunderstandings with time and more. CRM is the best solution!

CRM systems are made to optimize all the routine processes that are usually done manually. It is the best idea for both small and big companies as such programs are relatively inexpensive and work well. EasyWeek offers an even better solution as it costs less than the nearest competitors and has the same and even better functions and tariffs.

EasyWeek offers:

  • client base management,

  • accounting for products and services of the SPA salon,

  • payment for services,

  • marketing campaign management,

  • event management,

  • inventory control,

  • personnel management: payroll, incentives, penalties, employee profile maintenance,

  • bulk mailing,

  • individual mailing.

EasyWeek salon booking software is an easy-to-use solution for big and small companies. It is understandable software with a variety of functions, which does not require any IT skills. Just start working! Setting up takes up to an hour. The software is young and already trusted by more than a thousand companies worldwide. It offers a personal page that works like a mini-website, widget for online booking, different types of notifications, etc.


Opening a SPA business from scratch is hard work. However, it is well rewarded if well-planned. Pay attention to the detailed scheduling, mention all the advantages together with all the risks, concerning the SPA business.

The SPA salon business is very profitable but it is also expensive. To open a SPA you'll need at least $100 000. There is always a possibility to get a franchise, then it'll be a bit easier + you'll get constant support from the franchisor.

Anyway, customers usually judge any SPA by its online presence. So, it is essential to invest in a beautiful and functional website, CRM, promo campaign, etc. We'll be glad to make this process a bit easier for you, offering a free trial of EasyWeek salon booking software. Just try and decide whether it works well for your company!

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