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Online appointment booking for your barbershop


The modern client is sophisticated. He requires not only the best barber service quality but also the most effective managing skills. We are in love with trends and innovations. So, naturally, no one wants to call and make an appointment in an old-school way.

Now, you have to stand out to be successful. It is essential to offer a client the desired feeling of being liked and appreciated. So, now, the question arises – how to do it? The only answer is to stand out among the nearest competitors, using handy salon booking software.

Even if it was possible to cope with the customer flows some time ago, using just a notebook and a professional administrator, now it even sounds strange. But, the 21st century, with its globalization, Covid-19, and all the restrictions concerning the pandemic, taught us to live online, saving time and effort. And, it isn't that bad as it may sound. So, let's see how to use the current opportunities to prosper in the barbershop business.

You can cope with a few clients manually, but the quality of the service and your nerves will suffer. That is why selecting convenient software is the good solution for a barbershop.

Beauty salon and barber shop software optimizes routine processes, automating them. It means that the program controls all the routines that administrators made manually before.

Advantages of appointment software

The software's primary goal is to increase barbershop revenue by making client interaction much more effective. Businesses use CRM systems in many niches. They are in demand in beauty and any other service industries. The software is suitable for any business that is dealing with clients.

However, the most effective service is for the beauty industry, mainly because the niche is associated with luxury and comfort. So, sure, customers require only the highest quality of every detail. Now, the process of making an appointment is as necessary as the barber service itself.

How business automation increases barbershop revenue

Statistics show that customers are ready to pay more for better quality. It means that adding an easy booking feature to a barbershop website creates a win-win situation. Clients are satisfied as they don't need to call, text, or email to make an appointment, and an administrator can rest at least a bit. In addition, beauty salons with CRMs are more efficient than those still in doubt about connecting this barbershop software.

The benefits of barbershop software include:

  • the ability to make an appointment online,

  • handy business management even from a smartphone,

  • saving time, effort, and nerves when working with customers,

  • barbershop routine automation.

How to choose the best barbershop software

Selecting a handy barbershop system is hard work. The wide choice creates a feeling of being lost in the CRM variety. So let's see how to choose the best barbershop CRM.

What to pay attention to selecting a barbershop automation system:

  • The kind of software. It could be a cloud-based or on-premises solution. A cloud-based is in demand because of data access from any laptop. To get all the information about barbershop business, you have to use the Internet and any smartphone or computer. To connect to on-premises CRM, be ready to purchase servers and install the software. The advantage is that you don't need to pay a monthly fee, and the information is stored and secured by your team, so it is pretty safe.

    However, cloud-based solutions win as they offer the same service, but you don't need to pay for buying all the equipment. Usually, providers store the data, and you pay for it monthly. The service is accessible 24/7 from any device.

  • Is the software easy or complicated for ordinary users? You often don't even understand what to do and how to use all the software features. User-friendliness is an essential point for barbershop CRM software.

  • Barbershop software pricing. Choosing an optimal tariff plan is important as it is the best way to save money and understand for what functions you will pay.

Any CRM system is programmed to optimize the daily routine processes of a company. However, they aren't all the same. Usually, all the automation software seems similar, but taking a detailed look, you can notice many hidden rocks. Sometimes you lose money because of useless features and ignoring your actual needs. That is why the EasyWeek team decided to create unique software to simplify the work-life of beauty industry staff.

Why EasyWeek is the proper barbershop software

The service's main aim is to grow together with its clients, not waste their money for nothing. The service is already trusted all around the globe for its functionality, flexibility, pricing, and great range of tariff plans. So let's dive into the EasyWeek world to see why it is loved all around.

EasyWeek offers:

  • 24/7 online booking: don't miss any client. Now your customers can book services even out of your work hours, casually sipping their hot coffee at home.

  • You can customize the EasyWeek widget as you like, using your favorite colors, icons, wallpapers, etc. There is a wide range of stuff to stand out and look original.

  • EasyWeek creates a company's page with a personal domain name. It is a good solution for small businesses without their website.

  • A barbershop booking link to place on Instagram, Facebook, or send by messengers.

  • A client base to create a loyalty program, attract and retain customers, etc.

  • Finance module to calculate salaries, reward or collect fines;

  • Handy staff scheduling.

  • Quick, professional support.

  • Notifications for barbershop clients and employees. The system will send a reminder before a meeting and after to ask for feedback. There are three types of messages: SMS, push, and email.

EasyWeek as a marketing tool

The software has a great set of marketing tools to advertise a barbershop. It is beneficial for beginners who don't want, or have no money, to invest in SMM and marketing.

EasyWeek helps with marketing as it:

  • The software has a client base with a quick and convenient search.

  • EasyWeek offers QR-code generation to stick them all around and promote a barbershop. It is easy to create QR-codes, then print the stickers, and attach them whenever you want.

  • EasyWeek helps with barbershop targeted ads. Using the client base, you can understand who visits your barbershop and how to retain this audience. Then sure attract new people.

EasyWeek advantages for barbershop staff

  • No more paperwork and constant calls. The work is well-organized and very comfortable;

  • Intelligent scheduling to simplify the life of a barbershop administrator;

  • Real-time calendar where are you can see all the appointments;

  • Business analytics with more than 150 reports;

  • Consumable stock management;

  • Free website with online appointment widget!

EasyWeek advantages for barbershop clients

  • It is easy to book a service 24/7 via any social network or barbershop website;

  • The ability to get all the information about the team and provided services with prices;

  • Comfort when selecting a barber, date, and while making an appointment;

  • Notifications to remember about the visit or leave feedback.

There are many more features of the EasyWeek barbershop online appointment scheduling software you may like. We also offer a free 14-day trial of the EasyWeek software, test it well and decide whether you like the solution. If you have any questions concerning the service, feel free to contact our support team. They will be glad to help you!

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