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Nail salons names


  1. Introduction

  2. Ideas on creating an original nail salon name

  3. Nail studios abroad

  4. Bad nail salon names

  5. Name role in nail salon promotion

  6. Cool nail salon names

  7. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

Are you thinking about starting a nail business? Make sure that its business plan, design, and furniture are ready. Then start the most interesting and challenging task, creating the nail salon name.

Before making an appointment, a client reads about the salon. Its name plays a role. If the signage does not impress, there is almost no chance to "catch" a customer. So, naming is as important as selecting the right location.

Today, we will cover nail salon naming, take a look at good and bad examples of nail salon names and talk about the role of beauty salon names for the business.

In order to open a nail studio, you have to decide on its legal form of organization, then think about premises and team. Usually, starting a nail salon takes a few months. First, you have to apply for licenses and permits, then cope with selecting location and hiring team, then work on its promotion and reputation.

Yes, they are. Nail salons are very profitable, according to the latest research. An average nail studio makes up to $50 000 per year. Nail services are popular even though there is a pandemic.

The target audience is women aged 15-55. However, men also start doing nails. They aren't the main consumers of the service, but males still count. They often go to get a hygienic manicure and pedicure.

#2 Ideas on creating an original nail salon name

Beauty salon naming is a complex art. The name of a nail studio isn't just a word. It is a chance to show creativity, professional skills, and concept. Naming is essential if a salon wants to stand out from the competition. And, sure, every business wants it.

Before deciding on the nail salon name, answer the following questions:

  • Describe your business: which service are you going to provide?

  • Count the benefits you have: why are you better than other nail salons?

  • Think about the emotions you'd like to be associated with. What should your customers feel?

  • Who is your target audience: sex, age, status.

The answers will help to understand what is the perfect name of the future nail salon.

There are several hacks on creating a catchy nail salon name. Let's take a look at them.

  • The name contains the word "manicure"

    The word "manicure" is pretty popular in naming a nail salon. It can be used without any changes as a phrase or metaphor. You can also add suffixes and prefixes to stand out.

    For example, "The Manicure Kingdom," "Art of Manicure," etc.

  • The words related to nail services and manicure

    These names can include the words "nail polish", "nails", "nail treatment", or "nail care". Such names influence the visitors intuitively. There is no ambiguity, so clients 100% know why they visit a salon and which services it offers. French, Italian, and Spanish names are pretty popular in English-speaking countries. Such names are catchy and memorable. They excite and don't let customers go. The rule is to select the words your visitors know. Only then will the name work as you want it.

    For example, “Bonjour Nails”, “Bella Vida”, “Femme fatale”.

  • The symbols you want to be associated with

    The name has to be selected according to the feeling you want to provoke. The emotions should be positive and related to beauty. Then, you can also mix them with other signs of female happiness, for instance, charm, fashion, style, art, and so on. Any of the words we've just mentioned can work as a perfect nail salon name. Do not use just a symbol – explain it with a few words to make the name clear.

    For example, "The Beauty Nail Kingdom," "Style of your Nails," "Fashion Nails," "Nail Charm," "Charming Nails."

  • Female names as a brand

    These names are pretty memorable. Visitors will definitely know who is responsible for the result, as the name depicts the owner. They create an atmosphere of trust. However, any mistake will be associated with a particular person. Sometimes, nail salon owners choose their relatives' names. Why not, if you like them.

    For example, "Angelina," "Nina," "Marry Beauty Nails."

  • Any memorable words

    Some words do not correspond with any rule. They are just as catchy and beautiful as they are. You can use names of flowers, precious stones, plants, animals, and so on. The word has to stay easy-memorable, creative, and positive. Why not use foreign words that are associated with positive emotions?

    For example, "Jolly Nails," "Trés Bien Nails," etc.

  • Rhymes

    Such names are popular because they are attractive and catchy. However, do not make it too funny. The name has to stay professional.

    For example, "Nails from Paris," "Manicure from couture."

  • Location

    If a nail salon is situated on a famous street, use it in its name. The name will never let your audience forget where you are and how to get there. However, remember that for a chain business, this idea won't work. If only you wouldn't open a nail salon on the main street in every town. Then it can be a concept.

    For example, "Manicure on Manhattan," "Nails on Broadway."

  • The names that are associated with the design

    If you have a modern renovation, use it as a concept. For instance, Loft is pretty famous and popular – why not name a nail studio "Beauty Loft," "Loft Nails." Another working idea is Provence. Then your nail salon will sound romantic. For instance, "Provence Manicure," "Provence Beauty."

Stay calm and creative, and you will find the best nail salon name!

  1. Write down all the options you are thinking about.

  2. Ask your friends, relatives, and even followers. Teamwork is the best choice.

  3. Do not stop on one idea. Feel free to choose from many.

  4. Never rush. After you write down the options, relax and take a look at the list in a few days.

  5. Record the name. It should sound pleasant. If there are any sharp or weird sounds, select a different one.

#3 Nail studios abroad

Countries differ, but the desire to stand out stays the same. Let's see which nail salon names are popular worldwide.

France nail salons

This country is the motherland of beauty and style. That is why nail salon names are also special here. Thanks to the melodic French language, even the simplest words sound charming.

  • "Nail Suite" nail salon uses only natural eco-friendly ingredients made of potatoes, cotton, and maize.

  • "Evidence" offers minimalistic nail designs. The nail salon is of a laconic style. The premises are clean and bright without any extra details.

  • "NailSPAris" studio offers massage and manicure. The salon is popular among businesswomen who have no time to visit beauty salons often.

Interesting fact: French people do not visit beauty salons as often as Swiss, Italian, or Russian. They prefer doing self-care at home, but nail services and makeup in a beauty salon. That is why the beauty industry differs in France. SPAs are more popular than standard salons.

Switzerland nail salons

The name is the face not only of the nail salon but also of its owner. Swiss entrepreneurs choose nail studio names very carefully. Usually, they combine the services the salon provides and the name of its owner.

  • "IL Nirvana SPA" offers nail services and SPA. The name doesn't need a translation. It is simple and memorable.

  • "Instituti Lady" takes care of nails health. Visitors are offered not only cosmetic services but also more serious medical help.

  • "Danke Marry" offers nail services and fantasy designs. It is popular because of its owner, who is a professional nail artist.

Interesting fact: Swiss salons are associated with luxury medical services. That is why many companies use it in their naming. It does not mean that they offer any procedures related to medicine. Pretty often, herbs that are used for massage or aromatherapy are already counted as healthy helpers.

Italy nail salons

Italians, same as French, use their melodic language. Sometimes, even the most usual names sound nicely in Italian. However, nowadays, there is a trend of naming nail salons after famous TV shows. It is rather exceptional, however, pretty interesting.

  • "Bonita" offers nail services of different types. They are popular among tourists and locals as the nail salon is located in the tourist center – "Naples."

  • "Ciao Bella" nail studio offers nail services for "Le Casa de Papel" fans. Actually, the salon was created before the TV show's popularity. However, now it is pretty famous thanks to it.

  • "Bellissimo" is a nail salon that offers classic nail services. The name is simply beautiful, as the word is well known far away from Italy.

Interesting fact: Italian males care about their beauty as much as Italian women do. According to the statistics, nail services are almost equally popular among men and women.

#4 Bad nail salon names

Selecting a nail salon name is fun and games when you know how to do it. Many businessmen misinterpret rules. It leads to creating weird and crazy ideas that don't work. Let's see how to avoid mistakes.

If you want to create a good nail salon name, avoid:

  • Being too extravagant

    Staying creative, but not too much, can be a hard task. Some entrepreneurs have named their salons "Witch," "Holy Spirit," "Crazy Nails," "Dark Fairy Tale," etc. These words are emotionally strong, but they aren't related to beauty, so they can even hurt the business.

  • Poorly thought-out logo

    Logo and name are important. Make sure that the name is well-written. Sometimes nail salon names are mistyped, and it scares customers. Who would like to go to a beauty salon that cannot even cope with a nice logo?

    A bad logo can scare off your customers, making them look for something better.

    Examples of bad logos:

    • “BeautyNailSalonRaspberry”. They tried to be original, but it seems that the phrase is hardly understandable because it's written as one whole.

    • "Cat-Cut" nail salon with a domestic cat on its logo. It doesn't look professional, so clients rarely choose this studio.

    • "Scissors Club." The owners tried to create a unique name. They've chosen a logo with vivid scissors, added there a happy girl. However, clients associated the signage with a hair studio and constantly asked for a haircut.

  • Too simple words

    "Manicure" and "Nails" don't work anymore. The names were used too often. If you still like it, mix the words with some trendy options.

  • Unknown words

    Make sure visitors understand the logo. For example, a nail salon named "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" will attract attention, but are you sure all guests will be able to read it?

  • Names related to Greek gods

    The beauty is from heaven, but clients are tired of "Aphrodite's Nails" and "Venus beauty." If the idea is important for you, consider choosing rarely used gods.

  • Sharp sounds in the name

    It will simply destroy the idea. Never choose the words with two or more consonants in a row. They are hard to pronounce and remember.

  • Overusing the words "LUX," "Luxury," "High-class"

    If you are starting a business or premium nail salon, consider using minimalistic name ideas to create a charming style. The era of luxury has ended. Rich customers tend to spend a lot on stylish but laconic solutions.

    However, if you are working for other audiences, do not even try to scare these people off. There is a chance that they will be afraid of too high prices and won't even visit the studio.

  • Long, complex names

    There is no sense in starting a nail salon under a long name. In most cases, clients won't bother to catch it. They can create a shorter name to remember. And we don't want them to misinterpret the concept.

#5 Name role in nail salon promotion

A well-thought-out nail salon name helps to stand out from the competition, advertises the nail salon, and promotes it 24/7. To create the name that will help your business, follow the rules below.

  • Be modern

    Avoid using old-fashioned words. The beauty industry works with trends. Being innovative is important. The only exception is when the vintage is used as a concept.

  • Stay simple but charming

    Minimalistic nail salon names can be pretty effective. Create a unique concept, and follow it.

  • Use well-known foreign words

    Italian, French, German – it doesn't matter. Just make sure that your audience knows the translation. A foreign name has to stay simple and understandable. Clients aren't ready to google just to remember the place.

#6 Cool nail salon names

Creating a perfect nail salon name takes time. Don't give up if you cannot come up with a nice idea at once.

How to create the best nail studio name?

  1. Be patient, even if you don't like all the names you're thinking about.

  2. Stop and relax for a few days, or even for a week.

  3. Once you are relaxed, the chance of getting inspiration doubles.

Examples of good nail salon ideas

  • 4 Hands

  • Beauty Bar Nail Studio

  • Mermaid Nail Beauty

  • Charming Nails

  • Nail Helpers

  • Manicure rescue

  • 24/7 Nail Care

#7 Conclusion

A good nail salon name can make your project well-known. Spend some days creating the name your clients won't forget. Take your time till you are fully satisfied. Anyway, the name can be changed later. Just remember that it will influence your marketing campaign, sales, and concept.

Now, you see that naming is important. However, just the name, even the best one, won't do all the work for you. To stand out, you have to think about professional nail artists and a handy CRM. Once everything is ready, don't be afraid to promote your nail salon. Clients are full of trivial solutions. Offer them something exceptional.

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