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Eyelashes salon business


  1. Introduction

  2. How to open a lash business

  3. How to scale eyelash studio with CRM

  4. Advantages of lash salon software connection

  5. EasyWeek software: how we stand out

  6. Conclusions

#1 Introduction

The beauty market is full of various salon offers. Multifunctional studios are as famous as those specialized in nails, hair, and Lashes! For some businessmen, it is better to start a salon that will offer many services at once. Others prefer launching a space where clients can get many variations of a single service.

According to the statistics, both options are pretty popular. However, if you are a beauty specialist and would like to start a new project, consider beginning with a small specialized business. Then, you, as the owner, will be able to check its performance and scale when you are ready.

Such a scenario is a frequent story for many successful businesses. In this material, we'll cover all the trifles on choosing lash software, talk about launching the lash&brow business, and more!

Yes, it is much better to connect a CRM. Many lash studios have already implemented the software and noticed almost doubling the profit. Online appointment scheduling for an eyelash salon won't cost you much, but it will improve the service and increase client trust. Lash software is among the best tools for customer management.

Software cost depends on its functions and provider. EasyWeek, for example, offers more than six tariff plans that can be customizable according to your needs. The minimum tariff costs $10. It includes one user. This plan is suitable for entrepreneurs who work alone. If you have a team, check other EasyWeek offers. The maximum one consists of 50 users. If the business is more significant, contact us, and we'll customize the tariff plan just for you.

The choice is simply enormous. Among the most popular eyelash salon software is:

  • EasyWeek

  • Fresha

  • Mindbody

  • Bookedin


Usually, all the offers differ by provider, some functions, and price. So first, think about the CRM features you require. Then compare them to the ones the CRM offers.

#2 How to open a lash business

Lash extension business has a relatively fast ROI. The investment to start an eyelash salon starts at $1000, while the maximum cost is about $5000. Sure, there is always a chance to save or spend even more. We have prepared the average pricing. Since the initial investment is small, the funds will be back in up to 6 months. There were some fast cases when the ROI was extra quick, and the investment has returned in a month. However, mostly you'll need a few months to cover the expenses.

Then, the essential question – how to start? The first and foremost is a business plan. We've written detailed instructions on creating a beauty salon business plan, so opening the lash studio is similar.

Lash salon business plan

Register a lash salon. The most popular ways are LCC and sole proprietorship. If you start a small company, open it under LCC. In case you want to open a cabinet, register a sole proprietorship. This option requires fewer taxes, but you won't be able to hire any staff.

Select location and premises. There are two options:

  • renting a place,

  • working from home.

If you have a good client base and want to scale, choose the 1st option. Getting a cabinet at home is suitable for beginners who have no client base at all. It looks not too professional but costs much less. Then, after you've worked out a robust clientele, a business can scale effortlessly.

Hire professional lash makers and other staff. At first, you will be okay with one administrator, a lash maker, a cleaning lady, and an accountant.

Advertise the lash salon. After you have registered the business, have chosen the location, and the staff is ready to start, think about offline and online presence. In other words, you'll need a strong marketing campaign to attract and retain clients. Firstly, you may try to cope with it by yourself. Then ask colleagues and friends, write down the ideas and choose the concept. Then, when you are ready to scale, consider asking for help from a marketing agency or a freelance marketer. It will optimize efforts and save you from many failures.

Connect eyelash salon software. And last but not least is the CRM connection. After you've done an excellent job in organization and marketing, think about managing your brand-new business. When you have one or two clients, it may seem that you'll cope with everything manually. You may, but you'll compromise quality as a significant part of your time will be devoted to useless routines. The software will simplify an eyelash studio performance by managing clients, automating practices, and offering marketing help.

#3 How to scale eyelash studio with CRM

Lash software is among the most innovative ways to scale effortlessly. Its main benefit is staff optimization and online appointments.

How does it work?

  • CRM motivates a team to work flawlessly as every result can be seen via the system. Everything is as straightforward as possible. An employee can check his performance, compare it to others' work, and see how to improve. Such a healthy competition will positively influence the staff. The most important is to explain that the software helps people. It never tries to replace them, as many may think.

  • Then the second advantage is 24/7 booking. A good deal of research has shown that round-the-clock online appointments increase the number of total visits, so the revenue. CRM is the easiest way to get online meetings quickly and most affordably.

Does CRM require any additional equipment?

It depends on the software. EasyWeek does not require any other equipment except a computer with Wi-Fi. However, some on-premises solutions may ask for additional servers to store the data on.

#4 Advantages of lash salon software connection

Now, let's take a closer look at the main benefits of CRM connection.

Lash software offers:

  • Online appointments via widget and/or website.

  • Business and Financial analytics.

  • Handy business management.

  • Consumable stock management.

  • Marketing help.

There are many options an average lash salon will get by connecting a CRM. The most important thing is to select the software wisely. No one likes trying 100 choices to pick up the best one. That's why make sure you know what you are looking for.

#5 EasyWeek software: how we stand out

We offer complete business management support, including online appointments and client base creation. EasyWeek tries to keep its cost as affordable as possible. Our main goal is to grow together with the successful clients we serve.

We launched the software in 2018, and it's already trusted by more than a thousand companies worldwide. EasyWeek serves clients in America, Eastern, and Western Europe. In addition, the system is available in more than 20 languages.

EasyWeek clients appreciate the service for its:

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Customizable widget.

  • A free website.

  • A booking link.

  • Financial calculations.

  • Business management.

  • Client base.

  • Marketing tools.

  • Professional support.

#6 Conclusions

Lash extension salon is a profitable niche to enter in 2022. There are a lot of chances to succeed with the minimum efforts and investments. The most important is to plan the lash salon very well and connect it to handy scheduling software.

Online appointments are essential for any business. The beauty industry requires them even more, as its clients are sophisticated. They've tried many services, so these people know precisely what they want.

Would you like to try the EasyWeek service? This Christmas we've got many offers and a lot of discounts. Rush to catch yours, and good luck in opening a lash salon. We are here for you!

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