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Promotions for business: entertainment industry


Continuous development is one of the essential prerequisites for a successful business in the entertainment industry. Especially in this field, the lack of positive changes automatically means stagnation and loss of customers because few people are willing to give up new experiences. In this article, we will introduce you to some customer communication rules by focusing on special offers. These will help you build a strong bond with your audience and thus ensure your growth.

Existing visitors are precious, so sustainable customer satisfaction is not to be neglected. In our blog, we have already discussed some ideas that can help you establish strong customer loyalty.

When you install the system, you get many features that make it much easier for you to interact with your customers: not only booking appointments online but also automatic notifications and reminders, as well as the possibility to create newsletters.

Segmenting customers means classifying them according to characteristics that are relevant to their purchase and dividing them into individual groups. Various consumer segmentation methods help you determine your customer base and personalise your service offering accordingly. You can find more information in a detailed article dedicated to this topic.

What kind of promotions for customers are there?

Customer actions sometimes mean different things, but they always have something in common: they aim to arouse positive emotions in customers. Either they are offered goods and services at certain conditions, or they become part of your brand community when your company becomes a meeting place for like-minded people.

Of course, creating customer promotions encompassing both functions is best.

For example, it is crucial to promote offers that increase your customer satisfaction – then you will be recommended to others, attract new customers and increase your sales in the long term. However, this cannot be achieved through a flexible pricing policy or discounts alone, if only because a discount is too uncertain a means of standing out from the competition.

It is much more reliable to establish an emotional connection with your company. In other words, the aim is to make your brand engaging, formulate a clear idea that can become your slogan and business card, and offer your customers something concrete and relevant.

Below we will look at the different types of offers and then explain how they should be designed to help you achieve your long-term goals.

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Special offers in the entertainment industry

Special offers are primarily characterised by prices, in the sense that they deviate from the standard and are low. In addition, they are usually limited in time, which is, of course, not a prerequisite, but has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Discount promotions

Discounts are a proven way to attract customers. The entertainment industry is all about discounts of all kinds. Escape rooms, paintball arenas and amusement parks use discount promotions for specific occasions such as first visits and birthdays and low prices for students.

Seasonal offers

In this case, we are talking about seasonal holidays: Christmas in winter, Halloween in autumn, Easter or, for example, 8 March in spring, and holidays in summer. Here, however, we are talking about standard themes no one misses.

It would be nice if you could also celebrate your company's birthday with discounts and come up with theme days. For example, if you run a VR club, offer discounts in connection with important events in the world of games, or have an interactive museum – deals on Museum Day.

Loyalty programs

An essential part of customer loyalty is creating your loyalty program. It's not enough to reward new customers with discounts first – it's also important to show how much you value old customers too. Sure, it all depends on your capabilities, but a cumulative discount, a tiered system of privileges and free fifth/tenth-time visits are usually offered.

Good corporate image through customer offers

Special offers can improve your company's image – but you also need to promote them. Social media is your most important tool for customer interaction.

On the one hand, thanks to social media channels, you can more easily identify your target group, adjust your targeting accordingly and effectively promote new offers. On the other hand, your Facebook and Instagram profiles can be used much more as platforms for exciting competitions and gathering feedback. When it comes to feedback, we are talking about surveys and comments.

This shows you as a company willing to experiment and evolve, which is very important in the entertainment industry as it is diverse in many ways. In addition, it is the perfect way to attract new customers and maintain the interest of old customers.

The possibilities of competition in social media are always greater. Unlike mass promotions, you can make the prize higher here as it will not be very costly per winner. With Escape Rooms, VR clubs and paintball arenas, for example, it can be extra hours for games, the possibility to bring friends and free snacks at the bar.


Although creating special offers, promotions, or exciting events and competitions can be time and resource-consuming, you cannot underestimate the benefits of this marketing strategy.

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