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Business name ideas for VR


Modern trends influence the market. VR is not an exception. If before clients preferred to rest and study offline, now they are eager to do it online. As a result, VR worlds have become extremely popular. More and more people spend their free time enjoying virtual quests, games, or exhibitions.

Virtual reality has changed the world of 21st-century entertainment. VR is famous all around the globe. However, its history started in America 20 years ago. Today, VR clubs are prominent in almost every country. There are plenty of innovations, but the idea stays the same.

VR allows its users to immerse themselves into numerous fantastic worlds. In addition, it helps to spend more quality family time, study better, and try some new experiences.

Nowadays, VR is pretty popular far from the USA. We can find VR clubs in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc. But VR was scary a while ago, and VR equipment seemed to be dangerous. However, there is still no evidence that VR glasses or helmets can harm human health. On the contrary, when used correctly, they help to develop creativity.

VR club opening is similar to launching any startup:

  • First, you are requested to obtain all the licenses and permits, including fire and safety ones.

  • Then, a VR club owner has to think about the location. It is pretty essential as the place influences the customer flow. It is desirable to start VR clubs in the city center or residential areas.

  • After the permits and the location are okay, think about hiring employees and promotion. We have already written the article about opening a VR club.

The algorithm of starting a VR gallery stays the same as for launching a VR club. The legal requirements and permits have no changes, but the equipment differs. To create a VR exhibition, you have to make an exposition, then digitize it. There is special software to cope with this task. It is free and available online.

VR business requires quality equipment. For the first time, you will have to get a few VR helmets, a set of VR glasses, and a powerful computer. The equipment is expensive, so choose it according to your company's aims. For example, if you are going to open a VR gallery, there is no point in purchasing complex VR systems. Simple but quality stuff will work out. The next thing is CRM. This software will be your helper in customer attraction and retention.

VR and Covid-19

The global pandemic has highlighted all the benefits of studying and relaxing at home. First, clients could taste the service online. Then they come to VR clubs to try it on a more professional level. The latest research shows that the Covid-19 pandemic increased VR glasses and helmets sales for home use.

It means that the audience is warm and ready for new VR launches. People google "VR club near me" twice more actively than before. Isn't it high time to use the situation for your benefit?

Humanity has rethought its priorities. Before the pandemic, clients tended to spend more time offline, afraid of any interactive VR experiences. They seemed to be weird, so the audience ignored the offers. Now the situation has changed. Customers are ready to pay for a good time at a VR club, gallery, or even at a conference.

The demand has increased, so has the number of competitors. So now, to stand out, a VR club owner has to think not only about the best quality equipment, professional employees, and effective CRM but also a good name.

VR club naming is a great deal to succeed. It advertises a VR club 24/7, and most importantly, without any help from your side.

Today, we will cover the rules of effective VR club naming and what to do and avoid. Let's start!

VR club naming rules

First and foremost, a VR club owner has to remember several things to keep out.

Creating a VR club name avoid:

  • Bulky structures

    There is no point in creating too long and complex phrases for a name. In most cases, customers won't appreciate your creativity. A good VR club name is better to consist of 2 – 3 words. Remember that clients have to catch the title, then tell it to their friends. Word of mouth won't work if you have a problematic, bulky name.

  • Vague foreign phrases

    Searching for the best name, do not go too far and select the option that has unclear meaning. Not all of your customers will get what you meant. The ambiguity is the worst for naming. If people do not understand the phrase, they won't remember it to advertise it to others. Using beautiful foreign words is acceptable. Just make sure your audience understands them well.

  • Obsolete words

    VR business is strongly associated with trends and innovations. Old-fashioned naming can ruin the concept, adding a dash of unwanted meaning. Obsolete naming can work only as a part of a unique concept.

  • Piles of consonants

    Three and more consonants are hard to pronounce. They can sound sharp and unpleasant. No one wants to ruin the atmosphere just because of the lousy naming. Choosing too complicated words with 3 – 5 consonants in a row will 100% hurt the idea.

  • Trivial names

    Even though virtual reality is still a novelty for many, all the names like VR club, VR world, and similar ones have already been used hundreds of times. So add a bit of creativity and name the club differently. It's possible to use the abbreviation "VR," but not tritely.

Naming ideas for VR

We have already understood what is better to avoid. Now let's see how to create a good VR club name. There is nothing complicated.

Algorithm of creating the ideal VR club name

  • The main rule is to stay creative. Trivial solutions won't differentiate you from the crowd.

  • Then, let's decide on the concept. There are two possible options:

    Play on the phrase "VR." Use it creatively, add some extra words, making the name attractive;

    Play on the emotions that are associated with the service. Guests will remember their feelings while visiting your club. They are better to be positive and reflected in the name.

  • Next, by trial and error stage, we determine the ideal name for your brand new virtual reality club.

Among the popular 2022 VR club names are:

  • Beyond reality

    Highlight that you differ, and the services your VR club provides are unique.

  • Your reality

    Let visitors choose their reality.

  • Another view

    Play on the new experience guests get.

  • Real-life fantasy

    Here we are talking about the virtual worlds clients can visit.

  • Digital VReality

    Now, let's operate on facts. The base of Virtual reality is digitalization, so why not use it in the name.

  • VR Storm

    There are so many choices visitors can choose. The name helps to change the perception concept. Let the "storm" show customers that there is more than one reality.

  • VR Splash

    Highlight that you offer a lot of brand-new games and quests. Guests like to be in the center of events. Offer them trends, and they'll payback.

Global trends in the world of VR scale virtual reality into many areas.

VR is suitable for:

  • Entertainment purposes: classic VR clubs that offer games and quests in virtual reality.

  • Business and educational purposes: conferences and forums for work and study.

  • Cultural purposes: exhibitions, virtual reality galleries, and expositions.

Your business purpose can also help to create an unusual name for a VR club. For instance, if the phrase "VR" is already outdated, VR gallery sounds way fresher and more innovative. Then, to maximize the positive impact, add the exhibition name or central elements of the exposition. This way, the name will stay modern and original. Moreover, such ideas will help you to stand out from the competition.

Statistics shows, there is not too much time to attract a customer. A VR club has only 7 seconds to "catch" a client. So, the name is the perfect tool in this rush.

The most accessible name creation for museums is to add the abbreviation "VR" to the existing exhibition name.

VR worldwide: France

French understand how beautiful their language is. That is why French VR clubs tend to be called primarily on the French language. Rarely, the name can be of Latin or English origin. French often use the phrase "VR," mixing it with the words to influence the imagination.

Most popular VR clubs names in France:

  • Imagin VR

  • INO-VR

  • Illucity La Defense

  • MindOut Paris

  • Terragame


VR worldwide: Germany

Germans prefer clear, factual names, often in English. VR clubs' names depend on their format and location.

Most popular VR club names in Germany:



  • VR Lounge

  • VR dimension

  • Frankfurt VR

  • VR ClubHouse

  • GutVR

America has the most extended VR history. That's why there are plenty of different VR clubs, galleries, and exhibitions. Their names depict the local culture and modern trends. Americans prefer to play on positive emotions, explaining VR club specialization and style.

Among the most popular VR clubs names in the USA are:

  • The Broken Reality

  • CoReal

  • VRDream

  • Positive VR

  • Lounge reality

  • Fictional dream

  • Real Virtuality

  • VR influence

  • Virtual Life

  • VRera

  • Caleidoscope VR

What to do when you have no inspiration

It happens, but there is a way to evoke creativity. For example, if you need a name right now, but there is no motivation or inspiration, try the following method.

How to create a VR club name

  • Write down every single idea that comes to your mind.

  • Ask for advice. It is better to consult colleagues, relatives, and friends.

Kids often generate the best ideas. Ask them when you need something original.

  • Discard all the variants you are not sure about.

  • Ask the closest ones again.

  • Repeat the brainstorm till you find the perfect VR club name.

If you don't have much time, consider using free name generators. There are a lot of them available online. Just choose the one you like the most and start.

Let yourself be creative, and things will work out!

After opening a VR club with a perfect name, use a CRM program for VR to manage your business.

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