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How to boost sales by customer segmentation


Now, managing your clients is even easier than before! With the latest EasyWeek update, you can group customers to offer them even more personalised offers.

Deal with your clients quickly, group them into different types, create attractive offers and double your income.

It works as an good psychology hack. You create an individual offer, which is possible only when you know what the group has in common. Customers feel special and spend more than usual. You offer discounts or extra service, and you won this battle.

It isn't the basic feature. Not many CRMs offer that. However, those companies that provide handy segment grouping have significantly more customers and better revenue. Try EasyWeek software for customer segmentation.

The easiest and, at the same time, the most effective way is to connect CRM. So, you will enter your customers' data into the system. Then, see who has what in common and offer those people pleasant discounts or extra services. Pretty often, even a birthday wish can boost sales. It simply makes clients feel important, and that's what they enjoy.

Customer segmentation tools

EasyWeek customer segmentation

Every day, we are working to improve the EasyWeek ecosystem. This time, we've added the brand-new segmentation feature.

How does client segments work?

The algorithm is pretty simple. Let's see it step-by-step:

  • Log into the EasyWeek system.

  • Go to the Clients section.

  • Enter details about new clients or choose the existing ones.

  • Now you can sort out customers by different characteristics.

  • Send the chosen group a personalised offer and wait for their response.

Interesting fact: Most clients enjoy a personal approach, so they are ready to pay slightly more for a service that feels more relatable. Make your guests feel important, and they will thank your company with their wallets.

If you still do not use EasyWeek software, it's time to try it for free.

Customers segments in EasyWeek software

Why do I need to use customer segmentation

Customers' grouping has a lot of advantages. First, it is the most effective way to create a positive brand image. Sure, many other trifles can help with reaching this goal. Sorting out clients may sound insignificant. Well, only in theory. In practice, this feature offers to create different groups and send individual offers. As a result, you increase profit.

Market Segmentation Benefits:

  • Personal offer. Clients enjoy being unique. Segmentation is the best way to make them feel unique effortlessly.

  • More chances to reach the right person. We are sure you offer satisfactory service, but do all people need it? Grouping helps to achieve only the audiences that will pay for your service. It simply saves effort and money.

  • Perfect brand image. Brand matters, no doubt. The question is how to create a positive company image. Sorting out excludes sending unwanted messages. So your reputation won't suffer from those who don't need your service. As you know, unwanted offers aren't the most pleasant stuff to get.

  • Increasing average bill. Segmentation is a tool to interact with your loyal customers. The right service offer will increase client interest, so your revenue.

  • Better client management. And, last but not least, is improved client management. When sorted and systematised, it is much easier to deal with plenty of customers.

As you see, customer segmentation is a necessary step to optimise your business. The most important is to choose the right software for this purpose. Let's see how segments grouping works in the EasyWeek system.

EasyWeek appointment software with customer segmentation

Consumer segmentation with EasyWeek

EasyWeek offers easy client segmentation. Service helps send personalised services and reach more customers without additional investments.

What can I do with EasyWeek's market segments?

  • Group all females and send them Mother's Day wishes and a tiny surprise. It can be a discount or a free service. Just add something that the women like.

  • Find out who didn't visit your company last month and offer those people some pleasant gift. This way, you won't lose your loyal clients. Also, it saves business in the low season.

  • Make active guests feel special by giving them VIP status and extra perks at your company. It's a nice gesture for positive image creation.

You can create many client segments. The main thing is to form the critical groups for your business: location, preferences, age, gender, etc. Do not stop your creativity. Show love to your clients, and it will work! In any case, here we are to help.

Consumer segmentation benefits


EasyWeek is glad to introduce new customer segmentation feature. Feel free to try it right now! In addition, we offer a flexible tariff system, including a free plan for those who work as private entrepreneurs.

If you are self-employed, you can use the software 100% free. In any other case, choose a PRO tariff plan. You won't overpay as the cost is calculated based on the number of your locations and employees. It is the best choice for business people who want to save without losing quality.

Click here to sign up. And don't hesitate to contact our technical support. We are working, so your business can grow effortlessly.

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