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Best Halloween marketing ideas for your salon


Halloween has recently become one of the most significant marketing events. Both Europe and America share the Halloween party rush. Are you on the same wave? Indeed, Halloween is a powerful marketing tool. People love this holiday, so they enjoy any events related to the fest.

If you own a beauty salon and still didn't plan any fun Halloween activities, it is the right time. Yes, it is still summer, but Autumn is just around the corner. The best you can do is to start preparations right now. Then, the vast marketing event will bring you perfect revenue.

Would you like to prepare your beauty salon for the biggest marketing event of the year? Then, let us show you how you can do it the best possible way. It'll be fun!

This year's Halloween will take place on Monday, 31st of October. So it is just flawless timing to start a festive week. Sure, if you market your offer well. No worries, we know how to help you!

The best offer will depend on your salon's speciality and location. Some beauty parlours offer excellent discounts, while others provide creative makeup. Why not set up a party if you have a nice crowded area? Your business, your rules. Keep reading this material to find a list of inspiring marketing ideas for your beauty studio.

The beauty industry offers many options. First, it is better to choose the style, then go to premises decoration. Modern beauty salons often choose glam and dark glam style for Halloween decor. You can get a few pinky-shaded pumpkins, add some classy Halloween music and proceed to details. The more detailed the scenery, the better! Sure, if you are not a minimalistic beauty salon.

Halloween as a big marketing event

Have you ever done creative Halloween makeup? What about scary festive decor or customized beauty services? Still no? Then, it is high time to start. Statistics claim that more than 50% of beauty salons benefit from Halloween marketing. So let's see how you can profit from it.

What's Halloween marketing?

It all started a long time ago. Our ancestors have celebrated this holiday to praise their roots. They made a big event. At that time, it was mostly related to the spiritual idea of souls returning to visit their relatives. At the same time, the portal was open to other evil energies. That is the reason for all the scary costumes and spooky makeup we can see now. People wanted to scare off the evil, so they dressed like it. This tradition is still alive.

Modern Halloween is barely associated with any sacral meaning. Sure, people still remember the initial idea, but the main thought of the 21st-century event is having fun. It may sound odd for many, but humanity entirely transformed the cult holiday into a great marketing idea!

Clients and owners enjoy it. So, basically, why not? Modern Halloween is a big festival. It includes creative costumes and spooky foods, gothic makeovers, and cosplays. It is also one of the most outstanding options to sell more. More pumpkins, more spooky clothing, makeup products, and beauty services!

How can my beauty salon benefit on Halloween?

Clients rarely buy the whole set of beauty products to create festive makeup. It is expensive and not needed. In addition, not every person will be happy about getting several makeup pallets to get the perfect look for one night. Sure, you can use it next year, but will it be that fun? In most cases, not at all.

That is the main reason for getting creative makeup in a beauty salon. Firstly, the professional makeup looks better. The service will cost less than a set of quality beauty products for its creation. Finally, it is time-saving as professionals will need less time than the average makeup user.

These and other reasons are why customers choose beauty salons over home makeovers. So use this handy feature to get even more happy customers. Let's see how to do it best.

Halloween in a beauty salon

It starts with a reception and finishes with a fresh-made selfie in a well-themed Halloween photo zone. Decorations, creative makeup, and a spooky atmosphere will help to attract Halloween lovers to your space.

Feel free to decorate your beauty parlour with Halloween-themed figures, pumpkins, and even self-made paintings. This is one of the newest events so everything will work. The history of Halloween is long, but its modern popularity is still very fresh. It means that creativity and quality beauty services will work well for you.

"What about Halloween discounts?" – you may ask. Well, lower prices always help, especially for beauty lovers. So spice it up with a creative offer, and here you go! An excellent marketing hack is made. However, you can attract clients not only with discounts. Here are ten good ideas that will optimize your Halloween salon marketing!

Top-10 classy marketing ideas for a beauty salon

  1. Create a Halloween beauty party. Dress up, do makeup and attract new clients in a snap!

  2. Organize a Halloween beauty night out. Dark, spooky eyeshadows, glitter lip glosses, and your clients dressed in scary or not, Halloween costumes. Sounds cool, agree? It is also pretty easy to settle – a night party with a 'boo' vibe.

  3. Offer Halloween looks. A complete makeover is a good Halloween offer. Spice it up with a small discount, and voilà! Your clients are already making an appointment.

  4. Launch a contest. It can be an online contest. For example, the best Halloween look photo wins a free service. Any contest idea will work well. The main is to think well about the rules. Make it clear and enjoy the customer flow!

  5. Make creative posters and hand out leaflets. Even the best Halloween offer has to be well-marketed. Handouts and vivid ads are very helpful, so why not?

  6. Advertise in advance. The earlier you start, the more audiences you can cover. The best time is the end of August. Summer vibes will slowly change into Autumn ones, which is suitable for Halloween marketing.

  7. Offer services for kids. Moms love creative makeup, so they are eager to do it for their children. The extra benefit is that kids' services are slightly more expensive than the exact offers for adults.

  8. Create family & couple looks. This offer will cover more people, so you can get more revenue. Plus, it will help to stand out from the crowd.

  9. You are your best marketing! Halloween starts much earlier than on the 31st of October. Dress up, do spooky makeups and be creative every day of October. It's funny and classy, and you should try it.

  10. Prepare Halloween foods. Tasty but spooky cookies, Halloween beverages, and much more! Order festive foods in advance to treat your clients best.

Salon software tools for Halloween promotion

CRM is an acceptable way to optimize your beauty salon's sales for Halloween. It is an affordable marketing solution for small and midsize companies. Let us show you the main benefits of salon software.

Advantages of salon software:

  • Easy access to your services. Clients will be able to make appointments 24/7 without overlaps and misunderstandings.

  • A set of handy marketing tools in one system. Send notifications, integrate with social media, and use QR codes. The software will help with every single marketing issue.

  • Clear business analytics. It is always better to see what the current situation is. Smart CRMs cope with this task without any issues. You can track each employee's actions, reward, and fine if needed.

The main is to look for the best provider to connect and integrate smoothly.

EasyWeek salon software & Halloween marketing

EasyWeek is a handy solution for any beauty salon. Halloween marketing is just a tiny part of the system's benefits. We can help you cover all the creative marketing ideas mentioned in this article. Sounds interesting?

Then, feel free to use our free tariff plan or choose among a set of professional plans. Your business, your choice! We wish you luck, and we are looking forward to you joining our successful clients' family.

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