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EasyWeek extension for Chrome


Modern browsers are pretty advanced, so few people pay attention to adding extensions. However, add-ons give you many valuable functions and allow you to adapt the browser to your wishes, e.g.:

  • instant blocking of intrusive advertisements;

  • automatic text translation from other languages;

  • downloading data, even if the page does not intend to do so;

  • creation of reports and uploading of statistics;

  • password management: saving, generating and much more.

This article will look at business extensions and the new EasyWeek extension for the Chrome browser as an example.

The most important online marketing tools include SEO, conversion optimisation, content and email marketing and web analytics. Some of these tools are also available in the EasyWeek scheduling software. Please read our blog post on the best business analytics tools to learn more.

An online appointment system makes customer communication more convenient and efficient. The booking widget gives your customers access to a digital calendar with a clear list of your services, prices, appointments, and other details that might be important for your business. Check out our blog for an in-depth article on the correlation between installing booking software and successful customer retention.

The most common method is website builders such as Tilda or Wix, which contain many templates and are relatively easy to use. You could implement an online booking to the website later. Also, you can get a free website by signing up EasyWeek software.

Extensions for Business

What is an extension?

A Chrome extension is a plugin that enables integration with other services and adds specific features to your Google Chrome browser. This means that open web pages are changed depending on the extension type.

To add an extension to your Chrome browser, go to the Web Store, search for the add-on you want, click the "Add to Chrome" button and agree to data usage.

Chrome browser extensions for your business

Chrome extensions mainly include task and social media management, productivity at work, communication and entertainment in the office. Some examples of valuable add-ons for managers are:

  • Additor

    This tool allows you to mark interesting parts of articles, blogs, videos and PDFs and collect them in one place. The extension also lets you bookmark entire articles.

  • Keeper

    A data safe and password manager stores passwords and essential data such as passport numbers, driving licence or credit cards. Keeper also generates complex passwords.

  • Social Meter

    Social Meter allows you to assess your online presence by opening your website and then clicking on a social network icon – the tool shows how often users of different media interact with your website. For example, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are available. In the same way, you can keep an eye on your competitors.

  • Nimbus

    This Chrome extension is a feature-rich solution that takes screenshots of the entire web screen and the areas of the screen you select. Furthermore, you can easily edit captured screenshots with writing, cropping and painting tools to personalise them.

  • Hashtest

    Add-on helps you choose better hashtags to increase the visibility of your business on social media. You type in terms and get an instant analysis that shows whether your hashtags are "good" or, on the other hand, "useless".

EasyWeek for Chrome

EasyWeek extension for Chrome browser

Another critical part of doing business is using various automated systems, which include appointment systems. And in this case, a well-designed extension can offer several features that are hard to turn down once you have experienced their benefits.

Below are some helpful solutions offered by the EasyWeek extension for Google Chrome:

  • The EasyWeek extension allows you to control your work calendar and schedule appointments from any browser window without switching between web pages or tabs.

  • You can quickly reschedule or cancel an appointment without leaving your email account or closing browser windows. This way, you won't forget to make the latest changes to your schedule and give your partners and clients information about your availability as soon as possible.

  • The add-on lets you quickly find the booking link and share it in an email or messenger.

  • You can create unique links that allow your customers or partners to book an appointment only once.

You can find the EasyWeek add-on, like all other add-ons, in the Web Store or EasyWeek integrations marketplace. To check whether it has been installed, call up the extensions menu. To do this, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner and navigate to "More tools" and "Extensions". In this menu, you will see a list of all the extensions you have added. There you can also change your access permissions.

After installation, you only need to log in or register to your account to access the online calendar quickly.

EasyWeek for Chrome


Today, there is no question about needing browser extensions, especially if you want to manage your business efficiently. For example, the EasyWeek extension for Google Chrome can significantly help your daily planning tasks. Quick access to your online calendar and booking links helps avoid planning errors and scheduling conflicts and improves communication with partners and clients.

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