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How to add booking on Instagram

Instagram for your business

Instagram is a powerful business platform for many entrepreneurs. Many business people use the website to attract more clients, and that's very right. Modern customers enjoy quality visual content.

Instagram is the most suitable for beauty businesses. A beauty salon is enjoyable for many Instagram lovers: those who love beauty usually enjoy visual stuff. It means that Instagram can cover various audiences: both local and not. A well-created Instagram profile attracts a lot of followers, so many real clients.

Instagram is a relatively free source for online presentation.

Let's remember the booking process without online appointments. A customer calls a manager or administrator to ask for service. A client has no idea what you offer and how to choose the best option. S(he) may lose interest and give up on calling and asking for all the services (s)he was interested in. Some people don't like calls.

According to statistics, most millennials do not like calls. They prefer text messages over calls & voice notes. It simply means that over 50% of your clients would like to make online appointments.

We will see how to add an online appointment link to your Instagram profile. It is elementary and effective.

Instagram is also a handy app for businesses that do not have a website. If you don't have one for some reason, consider using Instagram as a landing. It offers very many handy tools.

Actually, anyone. The platform helps promote beauty, medical industry, art, education, and more. Instagram is a flawless channel to connect with audiences that enjoy visual stuff. The positive news is that almost everyone does it nowadays.

It was much easier to get famous on this platform some time ago. Now, Instagram has many complex algorithms. They make Instagram PR a bit more complicated but still possible. We advise sharing unique professional content to connect with your followers. The better your content is, the stronger your image will be.

Beauty and fashion businesses are at the top of the popular ones.

The most helpful Instagram tools

  • Your profile can be your price list, PR and a booking source. Add as many photos, videos and texts as you feel like. Make them look aesthetic and attract more customers! We advise using posts, Reels and highlights to stand out.

  • Automate posting your content. You can automate posting both posts and stories by Meta Business Suite. It means that all the content will be shared automatically. The feature is incredibly convenient for small companies that'd like to save on SMM. However, professional SMM specialists also enjoy this time-saving tool.

  • Client interaction was never so easy. Just ask and answer, comment and share inside of the application. Use stickers to ask, entertain and educate your audiences. For sure, it will cover more people than traditional offline marketing.

  • Collaborate with influencers both paid and for free. Trustworthy and reliable bloggers guarantee an attractive brand image and a positive reputation.

  • Connect online appointments. Offer your followers the freedom to book in a few clicks. With EasyWeek software it's so easy!

How to get online appointments on Instagram

We've got that the platform offers a great variety of opportunities. Of course, online appointments are one of the best ones. However, many businesses that use Instagram still have no idea how to do it on full power. We'll help you stand out, so let's see how to connect the booking feature to your Instagram account.

Algorithm of connecting online appointments on Instagram.

Just make these simple steps!

  1. Sign up EasyWeek online appointment software.

  2. Go to the Integration section in your EasyWeek account.

  3. Choose Instagram and copy the booking link.

  4. Log into your Business Instagram profile or create one.

  5. Go to editing your profile.

  6. Place a booking link into the bio field.

  7. You are done!

After you've finished, the booking link will appear on your profile. It is the best way to create a handy sales funnel effortlessly.

EasyWeek is an easy-to-manage online appointment scheduler made to automate your service industry business. The service is pretty young, but more than 15.000 companies worldwide already trust it. Connect your Instagram business and EasyWeek software to increase sales. Just try for free!

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