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Best TikTok hashtags for beauty

TikTok for beauty business

TikTok is the trending platform of 2022. Every day it attracts more and more users. Some people enjoy short funny videos, while others see TikTok as a profession. Well, the platform works well for both purposes!

The best for business is that TikTok's audience varies: kids, teens, adults, older adults. Everyone loves it. Maybe you've heard the stereotype that TikTok is for kids? But, then, why do so many businesses start accounts there? Because this service is the tool to prosper.

Different users like different content:

  • Kids watch memes, funny videos, etc.

  • Teens enjoy beauty topics, self-development videos and so on.

  • Adults feel okay with almost everything. Yes, really! Some enjoy silly videos, while others like educational ones and much more.

The more followers the platform has, the more interesting are the videos there. Why? Because a lot of new users want to stand out. Influencers talk about their lifestyle, hobbies, favourite foods or products, etc. Some users share their business experiences. Talents entertain, gain and enjoy this opportunity. Why not try to use TikTok to promote a beauty salon?

If you are going to open a beauty salon, think about starting a TikTok profile. The service will promote your studio 24/7. All you have to do is to post quality professional content. And, we'll help you with making it trendy. Let's start!

There are three key stages: preparation, action, analytics. The preparatory step is the most important. Think well about all the expenses, risks and opportunities you'll get. Business planning is the first thing to start a beauty studio.

Instagram is the platform where users share visual content. So, of course, the beauty business also deals with visual stuff, so that's a match. There are several ways to promote beauty salon on Instagram: via posts, highlights, Reels videos or via targeted ads. Choose the variant you like and start doing it! However, the best is to combine at least 2 of the options we've mentioned.

Any reliable beauty salon uses CRM software. EasyWeek is a smart solution for tiny and big beauty salons. EasyWeek software provides various plans to satisfy everyone and offers a free trial.

What's a hashtag

Any user who tried Instagram, Facebook or TikTok has seen the keywords at the end of the posts. Hashtags are short words that start with #. Tags organize posts, helping them to go viral and attract more viewers. If you want to use TikTok on its full power, use hashtags.

TikTok hashtags are different from any other tags. You are allowed to use not only letters but also symbols. This feature enables highlighting the primary word. For example, #🖤beautifulhaistyle 🖤 or #???gethaircut???

The tags and their creativity are helpful. But creativity only won't attract a lot of new clients. Those who look for some service on TikTok do not add symbols to their texts. So, if you've created the tag with some emojis, it won't appear in most client searches.

We advise using textual tags to connect with your audiences. Use short words to describe the videos you post. For instance, when you post a ready-made manicure, add a few tags related to this service: #nails #manicure #nailserviceLA.

When TikTok users click on these tags, they'll see very many beauty- and nail-related videos. Your content has to stand out to be noticed. However, it doesn't mean that using unpopular or rare hashtags can somehow help. They are just not clickable, don't overuse them. Post catchy videos with popular tags mainly. Add unique ones to highlight the word you need.

Why should I use TikTok hashtags for my business

As on any social network, tags increase coverage and views. Posts without hashtags your followers will see only. Tags allow those who do not follow your account to see your content.

In other words, tags are short keywords to optimize the search. Let's take a closer look at the popular tags and their features.

So, you've just started a TikTok business account. What's next? The first thing is a photo and video creation. Your content has to be quality and relevant. Post the stuff which your followers like. In the case of a beauty salon, you may use tags related to the services you offer. It is the most effective way to attract more users.

Tags can also help to optimize the sales funnel. Use them to connect with many users who do not follow your account.

How does tag work?

  1. You post some funny, educational or aesthetic videos.

  2. You better mention that users are welcome to your beauty salon profile in the description. Then add a few tags, for example, #pedicure or #haircut.

  3. The user clicks on the tag and goes to your account. To keep the person, you have to post quality videos and have an online appointment feature. This duo is almost a 100% guarantee of many new followers and clients.

That's the most effective way to get more followers organically. In addition, your account will gain a lot of new clients because of the simple hashtag. Cool, isn't it?

NB! Create a business account if you'd like to promote a beauty salon on TikTok. It is the only way to place a booking link and set up the sales funnel. The online appointment feature means users will click on the booking link on your TikTok account. It is an easy and effective solution to get more real clients.

How to create the best hashtag for a beauty salon

TikTok can recommend your video as an interesting one. It happens for the content that more people than usual like. So, the platform gets that the video is appealing and promotes it. Every beauty salon owner must invest in SMM to attract new customers via TikTok recommendations. It is extra valuable!

The easiest way to get your post into recommendations is by adding a few popular tags. These short keywords will promote your business for free. Hashtags are the only way to find something on TikTok. Using no tags may lead even the best content to failure.

How to post on TikTok?

  1. Shoot quality video. Show the services you provide. Make sure the colours look just the same as in reality. Then check whether you like the light and other details.

  2. Add music or filters. Some videos don't need any audio. Others are more attractive with suitable music. Use trendy audio to create the best TikTok video.

  3. Proceed to post the video. The system will offer you several popular tags. There are also the numbers of their usage. Choose the most frequent to use.

  4. You don't have to write texts all the time. Sometimes a few tags and an exciting video will work well. Anyway, look at the video and see whether the tags suit it.

  5. Hashtags have to be relevant. There is no point in using many tags that do not relate to the video. Users will scroll down the video. The TikTok algorithm will see the content as not exciting and won't promote it.

  6. Check your post well before posting. For now, there is no chance to edit the post after you've finished its creation. If something goes wrong and you'd like to edit the content, the only solution is to delete it and post it again.

NB! The other pitfall is that you can't copy the text from the "wrong" post. The only thing you can do is write it down again, manually. So, be very careful with the stuff you post.

First and foremost, understand your target audience and content.

  • The target audience influences the services to provide and the content to post. Make sure you know who your clients are. Without fully understanding their age, gender and preferences, it'll be hard to promote a beauty studio.

  • Content has to be well-thought-out. Decide what type of content you'd like to share. For a beauty salon, it's better to post educational beauty routines, funny videos or attractive offers (discounts, presents for visits and more).

You can use this data to create unique tags. Then, you'll organize the content the way it looks systemized and unique. The hashtags won't be the most clickable, but it's the easiest way to create an attractive profile.

Pretty often, beauty salons add single-use tags for special offers. The hashtag works to catch clients' attention only. The post has to be well-promoted before.

You can also ask your clients to share their experiences on their pages. They can use the tags with the name of your salon. As a result, a salon will get more views and clients.

How to find a perfect tag?

  1. You have to see what your competitors do to see what the market offers. There is no point in copying anything. Just see what's going on to get some inspiration. Sure try some tags with different content types, but do it carefully.

  2. TikTok recommendations are good for business promotion. If you post quality video under popular tags, it'll probably go to TikTok recommendations. Use the same hashtags as the famous beauty salons do.

  3. Content works well when it is trendy. Pay attention to the modern trends to catch the wave. TikTok is a fast-growing service, so make sure you don't miss any trends.

Remember that hashtags won't help low-quality content. Quality always comes first, then the ad does. So be creative, don't copy and see the market. Getting popular on TikTok takes time, but there is no other choice to grow into a powerful brand.


TikTok promotion starts with quality content. Next, followers go to appealing accounts. Then, they become clients, feeling the vibe. Create a pleasant atmosphere both online and offline. Make your audience sure that you offer professional services. They want to see that.

Optimize your account as much as you can. EasyWeek salon software offers a handy tool to turn your followers into your clients. A beauty salon account must be pleasant, captivating and easy to use. Yes, your followers have to use the profile to make an appointment! But, that's the ultimate way to grow organically. Don't be afraid to start. All the most significant accounts began with something. So even though you have just a few posts, it'll change. Just do!

We wish your salon to become a TikTok star. EasyWeek salon software will help to turn your followers into your clients. So start testing the system for free right now!

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