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How to add Facebook pixel


Modern business requires a constant online presence. If your company has no website, you lose clients and income. Digital marketing is all around, and it is convenient for those who have already mastered it. The good news is that there is always a chance to learn and optimize your performance. If you consider getting your website and launching the first marketing campaign, don't forget to connect with Facebook Pixel.

Today, we will see how to connect Facebook Pixel to your website. This article will be helpful for those who want to find an easy and effective solution for business optimization. Keep reading if you're going to improve your website or get a free one. We will also talk about the EasyWeek free website solution. Let's start!

It is a part of code you can add to your website to track visitors and optimize performance. This code is provided by Meta and tracks traffic from Meta services.

Yes, Facebook Pixel is a 100% free-to-use solution.

Go to the Facebook event manager and look for a long string of numbers. That is your FB pixel. Select it and click "Continue Pixel setup". You will see the "Use a partner" field. Choose it and select your website from the list. Check out the article in EasyWeek Help Center if you are connecting FB Pixel to the EasyWeek website.

About Facebook Pixel

FB or Meta Pixel is a string of numbers that allow tracking cookies on your website. It gives you many options for business development as this data can optimize your performance.

It works very efficiently. Meta Pixel tracks your website guests' actions, and then you can analyze them to achieve better results.

For example, Instagram or Facebook user scrolls through your website. (S)He likes a product and then places it into the card. Something happens, and the customer did not finish purchase. Later, this user will see the same product while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. It is a highly effective tool to sell more.

Such retargeting will help you to make more without any effort. Of course, first, you must set up the this Tool. It is easy and free. So why not?

Why do I need Facebook code

"Okay, it all sounds great, but why do I need this Pixel?" – you may think. Well, let's see and find out. Please, take a look at the following questions.

  • Do you sell services or products?

  • Do you have a website?

  • Would you like to optimize your website performance?

  • Would you like to sell more services/products?

  • Are you looking for a free solution for sales growth?

If you have at least 1 YES, you need Meta Pixel. This handy tool will natively sell for you. Its colossal benefit is a retargeting option. Using FB Pixel, you can retarget users to the needed product. It often leads to purchase.

According to statistics, websites with embedded Meta Pixel show better sales results than their competitors without this feature.

Meta Pixel events

Facebook Pixel reacts to particular events made on your website. We have collected the main.

  • Purchase. A client buys something via your website.

  • Lead. A user signs up for a trial.

  • Subscription. A guest buys the subscription for your service by completing the registration form online.

  • Payment details. A customer enters his card details on your website.

  • Product in the cart. A guest adds a product to his cart.

  • Product in the wishlist. A user adds a product to his wishlist.

  • Initiate checkout. A customer starts checkout.

  • Search. A visitor uses the search option on your website.

  • Content. A guest is looking for some specific product/service and opens a separate page.

  • Contact. A client contacts you.

  • Customization. A client chooses specific product characteristics, for example, red colour for lipstick.

  • Donation. A user donates your website.

  • Location. A guest is looking for your business location.

  • Schedule. A client makes an appointment via your website.

These are the main Facebook pixel events to track. They will be enough to boost your sales and improve website performance.

How to connect FB Pixel to the website

First, your website must be an open code to place the FB Pixel. Then, follow this shortlist.

  1. Go to the event manager on your FB.

  2. Select Pixel. It is a long string of numbers. If you can't find it, there is an option to create it.

  3. Look for the verification code. Copy it.

  4. Go to your website and place the Pixel above the </head> tag in the header. You have to do it on every page of your website.

  5. Enjoy your improved website.

EasyWeek & Facebook Pixel

Connecting Meta Pixel to a website in the EasyWeek system is even easier. We have set up the fast integration between all the most popular social media tools, including FB Pixel.

EasyWeek is a handy optimization tool for your business. Together with FB pixel connection, it is almost a guarantee of success. So feel free to try the EasyWeek appointment software to see the results as fast as possible.

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