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How to attract clients to your salon without running discounts

Introduction: ideas for attracting customers

The beauty market has survived through many issues during the last few years. It all started with the global pandemic and finished with the world crisis. Well, we have what we have. So let's work out the situation.

So, we have a beauty salon whose aim is to attract clients. First and foremost, we create the strategy. There are two ways to attract customers:

  • highlight quality and uniqueness;

  • offer a discount.

Both options are fine, but we barely want to sell for less, right? That's why it's wiser to accent your offer than the price.

Today, we will look at marketing sales strategies you may use in your beauty salon. The EasyWeek creative department has found some plusses and minuses of discounts and many options to replace the sales with something even better. So let's start the marketing beauty journey!

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It is a special program, that allows your customers to book services online, selecting a time, date and employee.

Attracting customers to your business

Customers are the heart of your business. You have to understand them well to sell at least something. In the case of a beauty salon, you work with women aged 16-55. They enjoy beauty and aesthetics together with unique offers. The best for this audience is the expert beauty salon with professional cosmetics and an outstanding reputation. Think well before deciding on your marketing campaign: it has to be attractive and practical. We advise the combination of good marketing and quality. It always works!

Sure, they do. Discounts are the easiest way to sell, but they have too many minuses, such as financial losses and a 'cheap' brand image. You can use the sales, but only when you 100% understand how to use them well. There is no point in running discounts all year round because it'll damage your reputation.

It all starts with your marketing campaign. Understand your clients' requests and start doing! You can stand out with flawless expertise or intelligent marketing in the beauty business case. Sure, the combination of these factors leads to the best results.

Methods of attracting customers

Beauty market and sales

We have already got that the market is in trouble. Does it mean it's harder to sell? Indeed. Harder, but possible. The beauty industry has easily understood how to sell even during the pandemic. Do you still remember the boom of attractive, stylish facemasks together with caring antiseptics and hand creams? That's pure marketing.

2022 is the high time to master marketing to sell. And here we are to help you.

Do discounts still sell beauty?

How many women want to look on budget? Well, not many or none at all. That's the point. Your audience differs from many others. Females are rational, but not when we are talking about beauty. They are ready to overpay for quality because it is worth the money.

The beauty salon's task is to highlight the professional expertise and unique offer, not sell for less. You can offer a nice discount, but only for special occasions. Then, yes, it'll work.

NB! Make your audience feel unique. Then you will sell more even without any discount.

Best 9 ways to create the selling offer

The best-selling beauty offer always starts with quality. There is no point in offering expertise with a discount. Any ideas why? Simply because your clients will hardly understand the benefit.

The issue with the discounts & sales is that they ruin your reputation. Yes, the offer may look very attractive, but why would someone offer quality service for less. There is no reason that the customer may look for some 'better' and more expensive services.

Here are the top ways to attract clients smartly without any discounts and losses from your side.

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TOP-9 ways to create the selling offer

  1. Create the image. Your reputation will always sell better than any discount. Invest in your expertise first, and then you will be able to make a profit on it.

    You often need a dash of SMM and Copywrite to spice up your audience and make them buy from you.

  2. Consult your clients. Share your wisdom with your customers. They will love it! Free and paid consultations are a perfect hack to catch your audiences gently.

    The main rule is to stay professional. Do not be pushy or sell from the beginning. Instead, listen to your guest carefully, understand them well and offer the product/service the customer will find helpful. Then, you get not only a 1-time sale but also a loyal client. And we all want loyalty.

  3. Wish for clients' birthday. A lovely birthday wish may lead to a purchase or a beauty salon visit. Write a cheerful letter and send it via the EasyWeek salon service. Why not?

    It is elementary as you can get a ready-made template to use. And it is incredibly effective as your guests will feel unique and appreciated. So easy and so cool!

  4. Remind customers about your salon. Time flies, and clients may forget you. We don't want that. Make sure to send your loyal audience a few messages once.

    Again, it is handy with the EasyWeek software, as we offer instant reminders for such occasions. Just type the message, choose clients, and here you are. You can plan the mailings to send later or write some nice words instantly.

  5. Offer last-minute opportunities. Sometimes, you have some gaps, and you need to fill them in. Reminders can help! Inform guests about the gap to get the service they want without waiting and even booking in advance.

    Do not overuse this feature. It is preferable to send such notifications only to loyal clients who like similar beauty services. Nevertheless, this technique works pretty well when used wisely.

  6. Answer FAQ. Clients often wonder about the same stuff. The best you can do is monitor it and then answer these frequently asked questions. For example, send a message or an email with 3-5 FAQs to read in a snap. Don't make a list too long. Instead, stay laconic and talk with facts. Such FAQs are an excellent way to remind about your salon gently.

  7. Introduce the beauty salon team. Your team is your face. Introduce each member via a short text or a video greeting.

    According to statistics, clients trust salons more if they know their teams. So use this simple hack to get more loyal customers.

  8. Present beauty products. Show guests that you use only the top-quality stuff. Introduce the newest beauty products to stand out.

    The best would be to film some short videos to attract attention and present the beauty products via them.

  9. Rely on quality. Show your expertise and the quality of your services each time you text a client. Do it slightly so that it won't scare away, but do it!

    Big and famous brands are often renowned for their quality, not pricing. So just copy their strategy till you find yours. Anyway, good quality as a strategy may always work.

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Pro-tip: accent your quality & personalize the offer

The ultimate tip to stand out is quality and personal offer. Do you have both? Well done, now show it!

It would be great to showcase your expertise on your website. You can use the EasyWeek one and fill it with your data. The information should include all the primary 9 tips we have just mentioned. Plus, you can always add a dash of creativity.

Grab some inspiration

Take a look at famous brands. Many of them do not claim to be budget, they have no discounts, but they still sell. That is what we call good marketing.

The brands you may find inspiring are:

  • Kérastase;

  • L'Oréal;

  • Elf;

  • CeraVe;

  • NUX.

We have collected some middle-up market brands to illustrate the case. These brands have never been promoted as affordable, but they are still popular. They never have overused discounts, but they sell. So don't be afraid to grab some inspiration from these famous names, but never copy.

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Discounts & Sales: why do they hurt?

Use discounts wisely, and they'll never hurt your business. The main rule is to accent your beauty salon expertise, then dwell on the unique service you offer.

Make sure to test some of the hacks we have collected. They will help to get the best results effortlessly. If you need a handy helper to connect with your audiences, check the EasyWeek software. It offers innovative tools for client attraction and a set of reminders to use daily. Online appointment booking is also a big helper in your salon business. Try EasyWeek for free!

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