1. What is VR

  2. Relevance of VR business

  3. Starting VR business from scratch

  4. How much does it cost to open a VR club

  5. Secrets of a VR club profitability

  6. Covid-19 influence on VR market

#1 What is VR

VR aka virtual reality is a part of 21st-century daily life. 3D-cinema, computer games, concerts are done with the help of VR. This innovation created a whole ecosystem that works very well, bringing profit to its owners.

VR clubs are starting to open all around the country, attracting more and more visitors. Especially popular are VR attractions. The main reason is that they help people to relax and have fun without any risks. It is very important in the Coronavirus era.

This article is aimed to explain the key notions you have to know when starting a VR business in 2021.

The average price of a 30 minute VR game is about $50.

The game in VR equipment lasts up to an hour.

#2 Relevance of VR business

The virtue of VR is in a unique combination of the real world and artificial environment. This type of reality has a great advantage as it immerses players into the built world. Users can smell, hear, and act in this new reality. All the sensations are stimulated by VR equipment. For instance, having a fire in virtual reality will make you feel the real fire: its temperature, color, size. Same with driving or flying. Exciting, isn't it?

VR has many business advantages:

  • It is possible to create many gaming environments and games, for example, virtual reality quests, massive fights, challenges, etc.

  • VR can be used for cutting-edge research, such as creating a 3D image of a child's heart, allowing researchers and doctors to understand how organs work. It brings medicine to a new level of development.

Statistics show that we tend to increase the popularity of VR businesses, so soon this niche will be in extremely high demand. And the best thing is that now it is relatively free! Entrepreneurs who are fast enough to create quality VR services will get a fortune, so why not try?

Ok, we've got VR is cool and fun, but what about its target audience?

The target audience of VR clubs are:

More than 80% are men of 15-35 years old.

Among them there are:

  • pupils,

  • students,

  • gamers,

  • IT staff,

  • those who are passionate about computer technologies.

The rests are women and couples who want to have fun and find an interesting hobby or activity to relax. Nowadays, VR is a perfect gift. Certificates for VR games are often presented for birthdays, weddings, dates, and much more.

A separate group of clients from the B2B segment consists of companies that are interested in staff motivation. A good team builds a successful company, that is why HRs do all they can to create the legendary team spirit. VR attractions come to the rescue. They are in demand when planning corporate events and fests.

The two main types of VR businesses

There are many ways of classification VR businesses. The main are:

  • VR entertainment companies build up from scratch. This means that the company has an office, staff, booking system, and mini-website. It can be a VR quest room, a VR game arcade, or a VR group event venue.

  • Provider of products and services for VR clubs. For instance, VR content creators or companies which deal with VR equipment.

Let's consider the VR business as the one that deals with entertainment.

#3 Starting VR business from scratch

Opening a VR club is similar to opening any other business. You have to:

  • write a business plan,

  • decide on funding and find investors,

  • rent or buy premises,

  • promote the company on social media, invest in advertising,

  • open doors for clients!

Costs for starting and running VR business

Expenses before opening

  • rent or purchasing premises,

  • costs for opening LCC or sole proprietorship,

  • overhaul or cosmetic repairs,

  • safety and fire system,

  • VR equipment,

  • creating a website, selecting scheduling software (CRM).

Regular expenses of a VR club

  • rent,

  • utilities,

  • staff commission,

  • repair and maintenance of equipment,

  • marketing and advertising.

VR club does not require a complicated website, a mini-website will work well. The best idea is to select a booking software that creates the landing automatically and offers 24/7 online booking. Just like EasyWeek does :)

EasyWeek offers:

  • handy scheduling,

  • 24/7 online booking,

  • widget for online booking,

  • a personal page that works like a mini-website,

  • notifications: email, Push and SMS,

  • QR codes for attracting more visitors,

  • stylish and customizable design.

Using a good CRM system, you can also keep track of visitors, send mailings and manage staff salaries. Choose the one that suits your business best and be sure both staff and clients will love it!

#4 How much does it cost to open a VR club

It is possible to open a VR club from scratch or with a franchise. The minimum investment when using a franchise is about $70 000. If you want to open a bigger company, the investment is up to a few thousand and even more! VR self-efficiency is pretty good – 5-6 months.

You can also start a VR club from scratch. The main expenses will include:

  • renting or purchasing premises,

  • advertising strategy and promotion campaign,

  • equipment.

  • VR equipment

To stand out among the nearest competitors and get a constant profit, it is essential to invest in equipment. To get a quality VR club, you have to get:

  • VR headsets,

  • VR glasses,

  • replacement lenses for VR glasses and headsets,

  • computer monitors with mouse and keyboard,

  • powerful laptop with discrete graphics,

  • VR motion chairs.

When selecting the equipment, pay attention to:

  • brand, functionality, and novelty of equipment,

  • the warranty period and maintenance conditions for equipment.

#5 Secrets of a VR club profitability


  1. Select the right location and promote your brand.

  2. Cooperate with similar businesses.

  3. Set up a booking software.

Where to open a VR club

The best idea is to open a new VR club in a shopping mall with a big flow of customers, so they will automatically notice you. Do not try to drive traffic from the whole city, it's better to concentrate on the location and promote a VR club in your area. Later, you can expand, but first, make sure you attract local customers to form a client base.

VR club is better to place near the university as this place is visited by many young people (means your target audience). A sleeping district is also an option. Work with potential clients both online and offline: promote it on social media, hand out leaflets and think about out-of-home ads.


If you want to get a better profit, we know, you want, think about selling affordable VR equipment (glasses, headsets) or customized clothing – merch. Once you have decided to start, do not hesitate to send mails to the nearest IT-companies. The main idea is to tell everyone that you are here and ready to welcome visitors.

Expand your content, motivate HRs with bonuses and free services to book team sessions for team building, pay attention to the IT sector. You can also collaborate with celebrities or offer your services via websites that give coupons.

Games in VR clubs can be in the genre of:

  • horror,

  • adventure,

  • fantasy,

  • shooters (for those who like to shoot),

  • sport,

  • quests.

More variants you offer – more visitors will come to try! Do not be afraid to risk and, of course, stay creative. Offer unique services and attract guests from all around. You will have no chance to fail if your services are original and can be provided only in your VR club.

Handy 24/7 online booking for VR clubs

Gamers will not even think about calling and arranging appointment time, they are already in the virtual world of online booking, so offer it to them! CRM is a must-have for VR clubs. EasyWeek offers you to try the booking system for free and decide whether it works well for your business. From our side, we guarantee that it works better than similar systems + costs less.

#6 Covid-19 influence on VR market

Quarantine and total restrictions killed many businesses. However, not everything is that bad! Companies that work in the IT industry have a great privilege. VR is getting even more popular and profitable, mostly because it allows you to feel alive without any risks.

Another advantage of VR is that work routines now are more fun. Statistics demonstrate that zoom calls are more effective when virtual reality is used in them.

And, of course, entertainment. Various games and quests online are the trend. VR has a positive influence both on children and adults. The main target audience is still young adults, interested in IT and modern solutions. Nowadays, VR business has a huge advantage – just use it!

EasyWeek will be glad to help you and grow together. Try EasyWeek scheduling software for free and be sure you will not lose any client.

Stay trendy - stay with EasyWeek!

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