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7 EasyWeek Software functions for the Christmas season


Christmas is just around the corner. The "peak season" starts earlier every year: it has already been proven that consumers start looking for gifts and attractive service offers already at the beginning of November. First and foremost, it is related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but they only reflect the beginning of the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

This article is about how you can use the EasyWeek scheduler's power to ensure you get everything and create a better relationship with your customers.

Thanks to automation, business owners can hand over many routine tasks to the program instead of doing everything manually, thus devoting their effort to a time-consuming activity. As a result, you can minimize human errors. Consequently, the company's resources are also optimized.

Many business automation software is available in the modern IT solutions market for companies in the service industry. However, when choosing, among other things, data storage is significant. In our blog, you can read about the two possible options – cloud & on-premises CRMs.

After the appointment software installation, you will get more marketing opportunities that will help save you time and money. And for your potential investors, this could be incredibly important to see evidence that the business development is taken seriously. Therefore, giving the selected CRM system a place in your business plan is worth sharing.

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First feature – online appointment booking

In times of high demand, appointment booking must run smoothly, or you will lose your regular customers. The various beauty salons need more booking times because everyone is preparing for Christmas parties and company celebrations, and the demand for beauty services is enormous.

Creating a booking widget allows you to integrate the digital appointment booking feature into your existing website. You can also post a specially generated link to collect booking source information in the EasyWeek system automatically.

Our appointment calendar has individual elements that you can easily customize to your company's needs. For example, to get a better overview of the rosters, salon managers can group and highlight certain services by color and link EasyWeek's calendar with Google Calendar.

Second feature – notifications

Most people remain in a buying mood in the run-up to Christmas, despite everything: this means demand not only for products and gift certificates but also for services. If you prefer to avoid the extra hustle and bustle, use automatic notifications from EasyWeek.

In total, there are three main types of automatic notifications:

  • First, appointment confirmations – are sent in connection with the booking.

  • Appointment notifications – are sent in case of postponement/cancellation

  • Appointment reminders – are sent shortly before the appointment.

EasyWeek notifications are easy to send by SMS, mail, or via a messenger (Telegram, Whatsapp). For this purpose, you can choose both the sending method and the sending time (time zone detection is available).

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The third feature – resource management

You certainly use various resources to provide your services, from equipment to consumables and products. However, it also matters if you keep track of items before Christmas and order everything you need in time – you must initiate countermeasures in case of shortages as soon as possible.

EasyWeek software enables effective warehouse and item management: you improve your picking, and your customer orders can then be processed and ready for shipment more quickly. Moreover, setting up the EasyWeek system does not incur any costs for additional applications.

Fourth feature – customer data management

High-quality analysis and customer statistics are crucial for your business development. The Christmas season and the associated rush of customers is the best time to collect and analyze information about customers and prospects and your purchasing behavior, thus expanding your database.

The information about booking cancellations will help you identify customers who regularly fail to keep appointments and thus cause you losses. Your company can blacklist such customers.

Fifth feature – newsletter function

Around Christmas time, competition is more remarkable than usual, so it pays to think in advance about how you want to draw attention to yourself and your services. Christmas is a typical use case for newsletter automation.

Themed newsletters are best for reminding many customers about you while catering to the interests of specific customer groups predefined by the tagging system.

Customer segmentation has become a powerful tool for targeting. Through it, you determine, for example, who can see your Facebook or Instagram ads. Mostly, the following points are relevant:

  • Age, date of birth, and gender

  • Place of residence and language

  • Education level and profession

  • Income level

  • Interests

Newsletters can serve as a sign of thanks when you wish your customers Merry Christmas and send coupons and an advertisement when you share your Christmas offer.

Sixth feature – voucher management

At Christmas, people often give coupons as gifts. Thanks to EasyWeek, you can develop coupon marketing strategies by customizing the templates for your services and creating your coupons. You can additionally welcome new customers with a welcome discount.

Discount coupons (usually divided into product and service coupons) can be created both as a percentage and as a fixed amount in any currency. Besides, in EasyWeek software, you can design loyalty cards with points for purchased services and goods. Also, you can easily add such cards to Apple or Google Wallet.

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Seventh feature – business website

A free EasyWeek website can be your one-stop shop - it contains your contact details and essential information and is linked to your other social media channels. And while it's easy for your customers to miss the news and lose posts on social media, such as information about how you're working over the Christmas vacations, everything on your company website remains clear and concise.

The following contribute to an effective web presence:

  • Video or photo Logo

  • Detailed company description with hours and locations

  • Social media

  • Services and price list

  • Built-in booking widget

In addition, your website will automatically be listed in EasyWeek's catalogs, increasing your brand awareness. To schedule your EasyWeek appointment calendar from any browser window, use our EasyWeek extension for Google Chrome.


You must make great preparations to ensure you get all the customers this holiday season and boost sales. And EasyWeek can make your work easier in all planning tasks and improve communication with your new and regular customers. In addition, you can try the software for 14 days free of charge and without any obligations to get a clear overview of its possibilities.

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